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March 9, 2023
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Jacob George Roloff was born on 21 January 1997, in Oregon, USA. He is a television personality, best known for being part of the Roloff family in the TLC reality series “Little People, Big World”. Being part of the series from his childhood has enabled him to acquire significant amounts of money which have increased his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Jacob Roloff? Sources inform us of his net worth that is at $300,000 as of early 2016, mostly accumulated through the long run of “Little People, Big World”. Much like the rest of the Roloff family, he has a part in the large Roloff Farm which was the setting of the series and is also a tourist attraction for some parts of the year.

Jacob Roloff Net Worth $300,000

Jacob was put into a reality television setting at a young age because of “Little People, Big World”. He was part of most episodes and is seen in interviews as well as when filming various segments of the show. Fans of the series watched him grow up as he went on to film almost 200 episodes which helped him raise his net worth. His popularity also earned him a few appearances in the “Oprah Winfrey Show”, and he then became part of the spinoff series “Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm”. The show is entitled as such because of how Jacob’s parents, Matt and Amy Roloff have forms of dwarfism which also affected one of his brothers, Zach. Unlike his parents, Jacob has normal height along with his two other siblings, Jeremy and Molly. He is the youngest of the four children.

Around 2006, in an effort to promote the Roloff Farm, Matt Roloff’s business partner, Mike Detchen and Jacob were working on a pumpkin trebuchet. The medieval catapult malfunctioned and misfired, causing the large catapult weight to crash into the two. Mike was sent to the hospital and received 200 stitches, while Jacob had emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain due to a small dent in his skull. These events were not shown on television. Jacob also broke a wrist in 2008 after an incident in school.

In 2015, it was reported that Jacob felt he was being cheated out of his earnings from the TLC show. He went out to state on Twitter how he felt, which had become the base of speculation. While he didn’t point out whether it was TLC or his parents who are giving him the money problems, TLC has stated that for every minor in their show have make bank accounts and deposit the money there. Jacob had been noticeably absent for many parts of the later seasons, and claimed that he was anticipating turning 18, so that he could leave the farm. During the series wrap-up, he was nowhere to be found, in any part of the episode.

Aside from the recent social media lash-out, not much is known about the current status of Jacob Roloff’s life. While many know about his childhood history due to the series, he’s kept mostly to himself. Whatever he’s doing in his life now is something that has been kept private.

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