Leah Messer Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Leah Dawn Messer was born on the 24th April 1992 in Elkview, West Virginia USA. She emerged as a TV personality in 2011, when she was featured in the MTV reality show “Teen Mom 2” (2011-2014), making it the main source of Leah`s net worth.

Have you ever wondered how rich Leah Messer is? According to sources, it is estimated that Leah Messer`s overall net worth is $50.000, an amount acquired through her career in reality programs “Teen Mom 2” and “16 & Pregnant”, both aired on MTV.

Leah Messer Net Worth $50,000

Leah grew up in small city of West Virginia in a home that isn`t just quite suitable for girls. Leah has stated in numerous interviews that she had problems with her parents since she could remember. She attended the Herbert Hoover High School; however she got pregnant at 17, which changed her life forever. When she got pregnant, Leah and her boyfriend, Corey Simms, were only a month together. Nevertheless, he stayed with her through the birth and eventually they crowned their relationship with marriage. Because of her early pregnancy, and their bad financial situation overall, Leah was featured in the MTV reality TV show entitled “16 & Pregnant” (2009), which followed her life through pregnancy. However, she had a few health problems during, which caused her to give birth at the 8th month of pregnancy. Leah eventually brought to the world twin daughters, Aleah and Allanah Simms in December 2009. Leah and her boyfriend married in 2010, but divorced on 21st June 2011, after only six months of marriage. Following the birth, and the divorce, she entered another reality TV show “Teen Mom 2” which also benefited to her net worth as she was featured for full six seasons of the show. The cameras followed Leah and the development of her children. During the series, she enrolled the nursing school, as she wanted to become a better mother for her children.

While being on the show, she started dating Jeremy Calvert, with whom she married on the 4th April 2012. In December 2011, during the show Leah announced that she was pregnant again; however she suffered a miscarriage in January 2012. Nevertheless, couple married in April. In June 2012, Messer announced another pregnancy and eventually she gave birth to another daughter, Adalynn Faith on the 4th January 2013, one month earlier.

After the birth, Leah faced numerous problems and arguments with her husband, which eventually led to Leah`s prescription drug addiction and their divorce on the 8th June 2015.

Nevertheless, Leah managed to overcome all those problems and emerged as a winner. Today, Leah is a proud mother of three daughters and an independent woman with a diploma in nursing.

Ever since her high school years, her personal life has become the main source of her net worth, featuring in the MTV reality shows, proving herself as a strong personality, after all problems she had.

As of 2015, it is reported that Leah is in a romantic relationship with Theodore T.R Dues.

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