Jacob Landry Net Worth

July 8, 2023
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Jacob Landry was born on the 27th December 1983, in Pierre Part, Louisiana, USA, and is a son of the reality TV star Troy Landry, and a reality personality himself, having appeared in the History Channel show “Swamp People” (2010-present), as an adjunct to his primary job of alligator hunting.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jacob Landry is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Landry’s net worth is as high as $2.5 million, earned through his successful primary career in hunting alligators, and from his appearances in the reality TV series.

Jacob Landry Net Worth $2.5 Million

Jacob is the son of Troy Landry and his wife Bernita; he has two brothers, Brandon, and Chase, who also both later featured in the popular reality TV series.

Jacob joined his brothers and his father in the hunting of alligators, and soon enough he was also on the TV show “Swamp People”. From day one of the series, Jacob can be seen as a deckhand to his father Troy, on their air-boat. Jacob appeared in over 50 episodes of the show, which increased his wealth to a large degree. Furthermore, Jacob became the captain of a second boat, which his father bought once income allowed. Experience is invaluable in this industry, as the alligator season is limited in time to 30 days, and the quota which by law are allowed to be caught, so efficiency is of primary importance.

Aside from alligator hunting, Jacob is interested in the film industry; in 2015 he was lighting gaffer and assistant director on the horror drama film “Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead”, the last film of the famous independent film director Ted Mikels. Jacob also had a minor role in the film as Cemetery Preacher,  which roles also contributed somewhat to his net worth.

As a result of his TV persona becoming well-known, Jacob was invited to appear on “The Queen Latifah Show” hosted by the actress, singer and entertainer Queen Latifah.

Regarding his personal life, Jacob has been married to Lyndsi Landry since 2009, with whom he has two sons.

Thanks to his involvement in the “Swamp People”, Jacob has received attention from people all over the world, and now his Facebook profile has over 300,000 followers, and he is quite popular on Twitter too, with almost 30,000 followers.

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