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March 11, 2023
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Asher Dov Angel was born on 6 September 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona USA into a family of Jewish ancestry to Jody and Coco Angel, and is probably best known as an actor who worked on Disney’s film ‘’Andi Mack’’.

So just how rich is Asher Angel as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this American actor has a net worth of over $200,000, with his wealth being accumulated from his nine years-long career in the previously mentioned field.

Asher Angel Net Worth $200,000

Prior to becoming a television star, Asher acted in several plays such as ‘’The Little Mermaid’’ and ‘’Into The Woods”, partly because his mother promised to take him to Los Angeles if he acted in 30 local shows. Angel made his acting debut with a minor role in ‘’Jolene’’ at the age of five, in which he portrayed Brad Jr. He had his next acting role was in ‘’Hate from a Distance’’, a short drama film in which he had the notable role of Danny, and got the chance to work alongside Brendan Bradley and Rashawn Underdue; the movie received mostly positive responses. Asher went on to act in other movies and series, most importantly in ‘’Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’’, a critically acclaimed TV crime drama series, in which he was a guest star, ‘’De Los Inocentes’’ playing Ryan Wolf in 2016. His net worth was established.

This young actor rose to fame when he was cast to play Jonah Beck in ‘’Andi Mack’’ in 2017, a television series broadcast on the Disney Channel, and focused on the story of a young girl who tries to figure out how to fit in and deal with the discovery of the troubled past of her family. Acting in ‘’Andi Mack’’, Asher stars alongside Peyton Elizabeth Lee, who plays the title character, and Joshua Rush. Angel has appeared in all of the episodes of the series, making his first appearance in March 2017, and the latest episode he filmed will air in 2018. Overall, ‘’Andi Mack’’ received critical acclaim and mostly positive responses from the audience with people calling it ‘’the best show on Disney since ‘’Good Luck Charlie’’ and generally speaking, a lot of people thought of it as a way to bring real problems into a child-friendly environment.

When it comes to Asher’s future projects, he will be starring in ‘’On Pointe’’, alongside Kaitlyn Black; the movie is still is post-production, but besides that, Angel will play Billy Batson in ‘’Shazam!’’, a superhero film which follows the story of a boy who is able to become an adult superhero in times of need. The film is in pre-production and will be released in 2019.

When it comes to Asher’s private life, he is the older brother of Avi and London Angel. He is active on social media websites such as Instagram and Twitter, and is followed by more than half a million people on the former. Angel’s family now resides in Utah, where ‘’Andi Mack’’ is being filmed.

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