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February 4, 2023
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Born Tessa Charlotte Rampling on the 5th February 1946 in Strummer, Essex, England, Charlotte is an actress, singer and former model, best known to the world for starring in European art house film, such as “The Damned” and “The Night Porter”, while also having success in USA films, such as “Stardust Memories” (1980), among many other differing appearances.

Have you ever wondered how rich Charlotte Rampling is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Rampling’s net worth is as high as $15 million, an amount earned through her long career that has been active since the early ‘60s. During her career, Charlotte has recorded more than 120 film and TV roles.

Charlotte Rampling Net Worth $15 Million

Charlotte is the daughter of Isabel Anne and her husband Godfrey Rampling, who was a British Army officer, and later became NATO Commander.

Charlotte’s childhood was marked by constant moves, as she lived in France, Spain, and Gibraltar before returning to Britain in 1964. She wwas educated at Académie Jeanne d’Arc in Versailles, and St. Hilda’s School, a boarding school in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England.

Before she marched the streets of London and other great cities of Europe, Charlotte started off from nothing; she was spotted by a casting agent who managed to land her a modeling job at a British multi-national confectionery company, Cadbury. After that, she transitioned into acting with a few uncredited roles, including in the Beatles film “A Hard Day’s Night” (1964). She was then cast in her first notable role as Meredith in the film “Georgy Girl” (1966), and in 1968 appeared in her first Italian film – “Sardinia Kidnapped”. Her net worth was established.

Throughout the ‘70s she would feature in a number of Italian and French films, which would increase her wealth and garner her numerous awards and recognitions. Aside from European films, she had success overseas, appearing in “Zardoz” (1974) next to Sean Connery, then “Farewell, My Lovely” (1975). She divided her time between Europe and USA in the early and mid- ‘80s, recording notable roles in such films as “The Verdict” (1982), “Viva la Vie” (1984), and “Angel Heart” (1987), before taking a break from public life after she being caught in a depression. However, she returned to the world of entertainment in the ‘90s, with the successful film “The Wings of the Dove” (1997) that added a considerable amount to her wealth. She continued with successful and sometimes controversial roles in such films as “Under the Sand” (2000), which earned her the César Award nomination, followed by “Swimming Pool” (2003), and “Lemming” (2005) was also a hit. Having brought attention to herself for her sexual roles, she played Ellen in the film about sexual tourism “Heading South”, and then in 2006 featured in the romantic thriller “Basic Instinct 2”.

Proving she is ageless, in 2009 Charlotte posed nude in front of the Mona Lisa for Juergen Teller, and was used on the cover pages of such magazines as Interview, Elle and Vogue. Since 2010 her career has begun to slow down, though she did manage to acquire several more notable roles that added further to her wealth; some of those appearances include Miss Emily in “Never Let Me Go” (2010), a sci-fi drama directed by Mark Romanek, then the drama “Melancholia”, starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland, the lead role in the thriller drama “I, Anna” (2012), and the lead role in the Academy Award- nominated romantic drama “45 Years” (2015).

Most recently, Charlotte featured in the action adventure “Assasin’s Creed” (2016), and the drama “Hannah” (2017), while she is also working on the films “Valley of the Gods” (2017), and “Waiting for the Miracle to Come”, both scheduled for release late in 2017.

Regarding her personal life, Charlotte has two marriages behind her, and two children out of those relationships. Her first husband was New Zealand actor and publicist Bryan Southcombe, with whom she has a son Barnaby; the two were married from 1972 until 1976.

Two years later she married French composer Jean-Michael Jarre, but divorced him in 1997, after finding out of his extramarital affairs from tabloid newspapers. She has a son with him, David.

A year later, Charlotte became engaged to Jean-Noël Tassez and the two stayed that way until the death of her male companion in 2015.

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