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April 18, 2024
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Gillie Da Kid was born on 1 January 1984, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States as Sar’d Nasir. Nasir’s ethnicity is unconfirmed, but he is believed to have Ethiopian heritage. He’s a famous veteran rapper and actor who first appeared in the national spotlight in 2006.

So how rich is this rebel rapper? According to various sources, his net worth is estimated to be over $2 million and he can associate it with his successful career (or maybe many scandals) spanning up to the present day.

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth $2 Million

Gillie Da Kid was a member and co-founder of the underground band called Major Figgas. However, the band wasn’t very successful and he wasn’t popular until the conflict with Cash Money Records and its biggest star Lil Wayne. Nasir has claimed that he was a ghostwriter for some Cash Money Records’ artists, especially for Lil Wayne, which the company still denies, but it was a breakthrough to Gillie’s band and Major Figgas ultimately signed to Suave House Records.

When the record company was having some troubles, the rapper decided to leave the group and begin his solo career. An unexpected meeting with Cash Money’s CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams backstage at a concert was crucial, and it took less than a week to sign with the New Orleans Label, but his solo album was never released. However, later Gillie Da Kid signed with ascending label BabyGrande records, and The Best of the GDK Mixtapes compilation was released in 2007. Not only did he start independent projects but he also collaborated with other celebrities, for example, , Beanie Sigel, Lid Buxs, Mr. Papers, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, J Son, Pusha T, DeSean Jackson and many more. His net worth was growing steadily.

CDK was involved in the conflict not only with Lil Wayne, but also with Soulja Boy, another rapper. It all started after Gillie had mocked Soulja on Twitter, where he posted pictures with fake money referring to Soulja‘s picture – no wonder that this post led to the Twitter war. In 2014, these two artists were supposed to end the argument in the celebrity-boxing match, but Soulja canceled out. One year later, the rappers renewed their conflict after attending a concert in Dubai together. Soulja stated that he had slapped Gillie, while CDK claims that they hadn‘t even met there.

CDK is also known as an actor. He has starred in various movies such as “Force of Execution”, “Wrath of Cain”, “King of the Avenue”, “Pimp Bully”, “Mafia” and others. No doubt that Gillie‘s acting career has allowed him to accumulate a big part of his net worth.

In 2013, Gillie da Kid was nominated for and won an independent Music Award for Best Song – Rap or Hip-Hop for the Best Song (I Get It), and Best Mixtape (King of Philly mixtape) and stated that “There’s only one King of Philly”.

There‘s not much information about Kid‘s personal life. He‘s never been married or engaged and he doesn‘t have any children. His dating history remains a secret but he has denied rumors of being gay.

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