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Hazel E Net Worth



Hazel E's Net Worth as of 2024

Hazel E, born Erica Adams on 25 April 1980, in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, is a publicist, pop-rapper and reality television star. She is best known for being one of the cast members of the popular reality television series “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood”, a show about the relationships of Hollywood hip-hop artists and their significant others, with Hazel E being the girlfriend of the rapper and producer Yung Berg.

So just how rich is Hazel-E? Being a member of the hit show has brought her a considerable amount of money. It has been estimated by sources that the overall amount of Hazel’s net worth reaches $400,000, as of early 2016. Her work as a publicist and rapper has also contributed to her wealth.

Hazel-E Net Worth $400,000

During her childhood, Hazel had to move around the USA frequently as she was part of a military family. After high school graduation, she attended the Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. Eventually, she settled in Los Angeles, CA.

At first, Hazel was interested in pursuing an acting career, but soon entered the world of entertainment publicity, working for top musicians such as Tank, Soulja Boy, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and Gnarls Barkley. This led her to a growing interest in music, her influences being the pop icons such as Madonna, TLC, Salt-N-Pepa and Prince. Hazel launched her music career in 2008, and released her first mixtape “Shoe Fetish” in 2009. Her hit single “Valley Girl” was released the following year. It became insanely popular, especially after the video featuring the actress Meagan Good and her sister La’Myia Good had been shot. Hazel’s second mixtape “The Diary of a Valley Girl”, was released in 2011. Her popularity grew quickly and her next album “The Girl Code” was released in 2012. It was an instant success which added considerably to her net worth.

In 2014, Hazel became a member of the VH1’s reality television series “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood”, which premiered on September, 2014. The second season premiered on September, 2015. Hazel became extremely popular with the show, taking her career to the next level, as the number of viewers following her, as well as her controversial relationship with Yung Berg, grew rapidly. Her single “Everything” was premiered on the show, with an incredible 3.2 million views in the first 48 hours. “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood” was renewed for a third season which will premiere in the mid-2016. However, in the midst of filming the second season, Hazel had announced that she was leaving the show. She has chosen not to reveal the reasons for this decision yet. Nevertheless, the show has definitely made her a rising star, significantly intensifying her net worth.

Meanwhile, Hazel has been running her company Girl Code Inc.. In 2015 she joined the KT Music Group and released the single “Na U Kno” and then another one named “No Chill” later that year. She has continued working on her music since and intensifying her wealth.

Hazel has made headlines for her former controversial relationships with Yung Berg, the comedian Katt Williams as well as with the singer and actor Ray J. However, no facts are known regarding her current love life.

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Ben Stein Net Worth



Benjamin Jeremy Stein is an American lawyer, speechwriter, actor, writer and commentator on economic and political issues, but he is also known for participating in many other activities. For example, Ben Stein has even tried himself as a game show host. This famous person in American economics and politics was born on November 25 in 1944 in Washington, D.C., United States during World War II. He attended Columbia College and later Yale Law School. After graduation Ben Stein started to write columns and articles for different US magazines such as Newsmax, Los Angeles Magazine, Penthouse, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Magazine, The American Spectator and even for The New York Times.

Ben Stein Net Worth $20 Million

In his writings Stein usually speaks about the economic situation and political issues, and even gives financial advices to individual investors. However, in the mid-60s he also got the job of a poverty lawyer and later continued  as a lawyer for the Federal Trade Comission. After few years of hard work, Ben Stein decided to try himself in acting too, but before starting to get roles he became a Hollywood consultant. Stein got his first comedy role and had to play a boring and monotonous economics teacher in the movie called Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which was released in 1986. As an actor Ben Stein has since appeared in many other movies, such as The Mask, No Intelligence Allowed, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Emperor’s New School, Full House, Casper: A Spirited Beginning, The O’Reilly Factor, Maried… with Children, Duckman, The Emperor’s New Schol, Earthworm Jim, Casper Meets Wendy, Family Guy and Richie Rich.

The famous actor and commentator is also recognized thanks to the Comedy Central channel where he was the main face of the show called “Win Ben Stein’s Money” for which he has even received an Emmy award. Ben Stein was earning $5,000 per episode, but money that contestants won was subtracted from actor’s salary. However, these earnings are just nothing if we compare them with Stein’s net worth, which reached $20 million in 2012.

Ben Stein is well known thanks to his ability to harmonize all his activities and show himself as a talented person in every job he does. But maybe one of his most successful, but not so well-known activities is writing speeches for American presidents. Ben Stein was a speechwriter for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Until now Ben Stein has published 15 books, the first written together with Herbert Stein and released in 1978. In 2012   his last book appeared in stores – “How To Really Ruin Your Financial Life and Portfolio”.

Nowadays Ben Stein lives with his wife Alexandra Denman in Beverly Hills and Malibu, California. The couple married in 1968 and divorced after 6 years, but in 1977 they got back together again. With his wife Ben Stein adopted their son Tom in 1987. As well as his property in Beverly Hills, Ben Stein also owns a summer home in Sandpoint, Idaho and an apartment in the Watergate complex in Washingtton, D.C., which was inherited from his parents.

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Mikey Teutul Net Worth



Michael Joseph was born 26 November 1978, in Montgomery, New York State USA, and widely known as Mikey Teutul, is a reality television personality, the youngest son of Orange County Choppers founder Paul Teutul, Sr. Mikey began his working life at 14, in the family business.

So just how rich is Mikey Teutul, as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Mikey has a net worth of over $3 million dollars, largely earned  by working at his father’s and older brother Paul Jr,’s company Orange County Choppers (OCC), and Orange County Iron Works, and through his TV appearances.

Mikey Teutul Net Worth $3 Million

Little is known of Mikey’s early life or education – it seems to have always revolved around the family business. Helping out his family in his teens, theoretically he worked as Assistant General Manager. but his main duties were to answer ‘phones, and clear-up and take out the trash. He was on rare occasions given the chance to build bikes, until he was competent to build his own. He also attended events for promoting OCC.

In 2002, the family was invited to take part in a reality show, Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper”, and subsequently “American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior”, in the course of which the youngest son was thrown out of the business – the middle son is Daniel, and younger sister Cristin. The reason for Mikey’s exclusion was  that Mikey tried to be a mediator between his father and his brother, but his father seemed to be offended that his younger son did not take his side, and so threw him out of the business. During the filming of the show, Mikey was somethoing of a comedy relief to his father’s workers, and that comedy streak helped gain him popularity in TV shows. Mikey then joined his brother’s post-OCC venture, -Paul Jr  Designs – along with most of their father’s employees; obviously the work atmosphere with Paul Teutul, Sr. was not a particularly happy one. Mikey’s eldest brother Paul  Jr. was the former chief fabricator of OCC.

So actually the main source of Mikey Teutul’s wealth is not his father’s business, but the shows he eventually took part in. These have included ‘The Late Show with David Letterman”, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, and also “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. The shows became very popular and Mikey’s appearances earned him a significant amount of money. To say the least, the family drama did not go without consequences – according to rumours, Mikey Teutul was suffering from an addiction problem, and consequently admitted himself to rehab, and managed to overcome the bad habits which were apparently hindering his progress in life, obviously including business.

In his life away from the businesses already referred to and the limelight of TV, Michael loves to paint, and is apparently respected for his productions, as he opened “The Wolfgang Gallery” gallery in Montgomery, New York, where he has sold or auctioned his paintings, adding somewhat to is net worth, although rumours suggest that the gallery may now be closed. Most recently, Mikey is now trying to enter the market under the moniker LLC FarQueue Products with his line of gourmet pasta sauces. Good luck, Mikey!

In his less-than-private personal life, Mikey is apparently still single – there aren’t even any rumours of romantic liaisons.

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