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March 31, 2023
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Robert Earl Davis, Jr. was born on 20th July 1971, in Bastrop, Texas USA, and was a DJ and rapper who was active between 1990 and his death in 2000. Under his professional name of DJ Screw, he was best known as the creator of Chopped and Screwed technology, which means slowing down songs while also chopping them up. DJ Screw became famous for his many mixtapes and albums, primarily at a regional level, in order to eventually gain an international impact in the 21st century.

How rich was DJ Screw? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth was equal to $6 million, converted to the present day. Music was the main source of DJ Screw’s net worth.

DJ Screw Net Worth $6 million

To begin with, DJ Screw moved around with his mother after she divorced his father, including to Los Angeles, California, before settling in Smithville, Texas when he was nine, and where presumably he was educated.

DJ Screw started DJing at the age of 12, and apparently later moved to Houston after he finished high school, to continue his music career there. Concerning his musical career, he worked with a number of Houston rappers on his screwtapes, which were popular throughout the southern US in the 1990s, and then formed the band Screwed Up Click. Initially, DJ Screw sold his works from his car, but eventually due to high demand, opened his own store, Screwed Up Records and Tapes in Houston on Cullen Bullevard, clearly boosting his net worth.

He was considered a pioneer of the Indie models for the hip-hop, and released five albums: “All Screwed Up, Vol. 1” (1995), “3 ‘N the Mornin Part 1” (1995), “3’ N the Mornin Part 2 Red” (1996) “3″ N the Mornin Part 2 Blue”(1996), and “All Work, No Play” (1999). Screw also released hundreds of Mixtapes on his own labeled Screwed Up Records and Dead End Records. In addition to these official releases, he also brought out many of his mixtapes on cassette, which were subsequently digitized and re-released on double CDs under the serial name “Diary Of The Originator”, adding further to his net worth.

Today, Screwed Up Records and Tapes continues to exist, and enjoys great popularity, with more stores having opened throughout Texas, run by DJ Screws family members and friends. In addition to direct sales, the music of DJ Screw gained in the hip-hop scene, especially on the then emerging nternet file exchanges. DJ Screws legacy lives on in the work of many current DJs, including DJ Michael 5000 Watts, OG Ron C and DJ Lil Randy, who not only perform rap songs, but also updates from rock, metal, R & B, soul, pop and reggae mix.

Finally, in the personal life of the DJ, he remained single. DJ Screw was found lifeless on 16th November 2000, in his Houston home. The circumstances of his death have never been fully established. The forensic examination found a high, possibly death-related concentration of codeine in his blood, presumably due to the excessive consumption of cocaine. Acute myocardial insufficiency or a combination of both factors was also discussed.

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