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April 18, 2024
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Geri Halliwell was born on 6 August 1972, in Watford, Hertfordshire England, of English, Swedish and Spanish descent. She is a singer, author and actress, who achieved recognition being a member of the legendary girl group “Spice Girls”, which had a huge influence on modern pop culture and even the feminist movement, as “Spice Girls” massively popularised the term “girl power”, which encouraged women to stick together, be ambitious and assertive.

So just how rich is Geri Halliwell? Authoritative sources estimate that Geri has a net worth of over $25 million, the majority of her money earned in “Spice Girls” times, formed in 1994 with Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton. They disbanded in 1998, but Geri’s career now spans more than 20 years.

Geri Halliwell Net Worth $25 Million

Geri was educated at Camden School for Girls and Watford Grammar School for Girls. Halliwell had various jobs before she found fame – in Majorca as a nightclub dancer, a presenter of “Let’s Make a Deal” – but the Turkish version, and as a model, even appearing as a ‘Page 3 girl’. Following her rise to fame, revealing photos of Geri Halliwell were republished in magazines including Penthouse and Playboy.

The five Spice-Girls-to-be auditioned for the group replying to an ad in “The Stage” magazine, and the rest is now history. However, their management wasn’t as eager to take off as the ambitious girls and didn’t hurry to sign the contract, so later that year, Halliwell, Chisholm, Brown, Beckham and Bunton started visiting management companies with their demos and dance routines and soon they signed with Simon Fuller as their manager, who took them to management companies touring stateside. In 1995, “The Spice Girls” signed with the internationally known record label “Virgin Records”, who had given the platform to stardom to such artists as David Bowie, Lennie Kravitz and Janet Jackson. “The Spice Girls” continued writing material for their debut album and in June 1996 they released their debut single “Wannabe”, which was an instant hit, reaching number one in 29 countries and becoming the unofficial anthem of the “Girl Power” movement. “Wannabe” was followed by singles “Say You’ll Be There” and “2 Become 1” which were huge successes too. In November they released their debut album “Spice” which exceeded all expectations, in seven weeks selling over 1.8 million copies in Great Britain alone, the fastest selling British act since “The Beatles”. The album was certified 10x platinum and peaked at number one for fifteen non-consecutive weeks. In Europe the album was certified 8x platinum and became the biggest selling album of the year. Geri and the other girls’ networth was certainly rising.

However, Halliwell’s biggest income started flowing in when “Spice Girls’” manager Simon Fuller started setting up million pound sponsorship deals with such companies as Pepsi, Walkers, Impulse, Cadbury’s and Polaroid.

Meantime, “Wannabe” was released in USA, and proved just as successful, debuting on the Hot 100 Chart at number 11, again beating the previous record of “The Beatles”, and remaining at number one for four weeks. “Spice” was released in the US too, and became the biggest selling album of 1997, peaking at number 1 and being certified 7x platinum. “Spice Girls” received numerous awards, and performed at many famous shows.

In 1997 , “The Spice Girls” opened “BRIT Awards”, with Halliwell wearing a Union Jack dress, which soon became one of the most iconic outfits in music history. The group also released their book “Girl Power!” which sold over 200,000 copies the first day, and was translated into 20 languages.”The Spice Girls’” second album – “Spiceworld” – was even more successful than “Spice”, making the girl group even more internationally famous, but they started gaining criticism for having too manysponsorship deals, and started dropping in charts. In May 1998 Halliwell announced her departure from the group due to internal arguments, depression and exhaustion.

It was rumoured that Geri was in a fight with Melanie Brown, so departure from group didn’t help the rumours. After some time, Halliwell continued her career as a solo act; she released her debut album “Schizophonic” and three number one singles – “Lift Me Up”, “Mi Chico Latino” and “Bag It Up”. Her second album “Scream If You Wanna Go Faster” was released in 2001 with it’s number one single “It’s Raining Men” which became a world wide hit, peaking at number 1 in the UK and in the Top 10 in over 27 countries, becoming Halliwell’s biggest solo hit. Her next album “Passion” wasn’t as much of a success as the previous albums, so Halliwell slowed down her music career, and became a judge on “Australia’s Got Talent”.

In her personal life, Halliwell has a daughter with screenwriter Sacha Gervasi, born in May 2006. Geri married Christian Horner, boss of the Red Bukll Formulas One racing team, in 2015. In the past Halliwell suffered from bulimia, but is now apparently healthy and well.

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