Peter Kingsbery Net Worth

April 26, 2023
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Peter Kingsbery was born on the 2nd December 1952 in Phoenix, Arizona USA. Kingsbery is a singer and songwriter, best known for his involvement in the pop rock band Cock Robin with whom he has released six albums, including the latest release “Chinese Driver” (2015). He has been active as musician since 1969.

Have you ever wondered how rich Peter Kingsbery is? According to sources, it is estimated that Peter Kingsbery’s overall net worth is $3 million, an amount earned through his successful career as a musician.

Peter Kingsbery Net Worth $3 Million

Peter grew up in Austin, Texas, as his family moved while he was still a child, and where he earned his degree in classical music. Upon graduation, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in order to pursue a musical career. He soon started performing as a piano player, touring with famous singer Brenda Lee in the late ’60s. This was a good start to his net worth.

With the beginning of the ’70s, Peter moved to Los Angeles so he could further expand his career; he soon began working as a songwriter, striking up a deal with Smokey Robinson, and Stephanie Mills.

In 1982, Peter became tired of the relatively low-paying songwriting job, and decided to form a band, which led to the formation of the band Cock Robin, which featured Anna LaCazio on vocals, Louis Molino III on drums and Clive Wright on guitar. The band released its debut self-titled album in 1985, but the release never met with success in the USA, however, in Europe it became a top 10 album in numerous countries, including England, France and Italy, increasing Peter’s overall net worth.

In 1987, the band released their second album “After Here Through Midland”, repeating their success in Europe as it again reached the top 10 on charts, and spawning their biggest hit “Just Around The Corner”. This again boosted Peter’s net worth.

Their next release came in 1989, entitled “First Love Last Rites”, which reached 11th place on charts in France, and in addition it was certified gold twice, increasing Peter’s overall net worth. However, after the release, the group disbanded, and Peter embarked on a solo career.

His debut solo release was the 1991 album “A Different Man”, spawning the hit “Only The Very Best”. However, his solo career didn’t live up to the previous success he had enjoyed with the band, but he still managed to release four more albums, which includes an album sung in French, “Mon Inconnue” (2002), “Pretty Ballerina” (1997) and his latest release “Much Taller Than On The Internet” (2014).

In 2006, Kingsbery decided to reform Cock Robin, but making it a duo with Anna LaCazio, and since then, they have released three albums, “I Don`t Want To Save The World” (2006), “Songs From A Bell Tower” (2010) and “Chinese Driver” (2014).

Since their 2006s release, the duo is constantly on tour, selling out numerous concert venues throughout France and Germany, additionally, they also enjoyed success in Belgium and Italy, which also increased Kingsbery’s net worth. Clive Wright also decided to rejoin the band, supporting them so far only on tours.

Overall, Peter’s career has been rather successful, enjoying extreme popularity in Europe, he will be remembered for hit songs he wrote and sang as a member of the Cock Robin, such as “The Promise You Made”, “When Your Heart Is Weak” and Thought You Were on My Side”, among many others.

Regarding his personal life, there is little data in the media about Peter, however, it’s known that he has resided in France since the 1990s.

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