Emilio Estevez Net Worth

July 12, 2023
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Emilio Estevez was born on 12 May 1962 in Staten Island, New York USA of Irish and Spanish descent. He is an actor, producer, director, screen writer and voice actor. He is perhaps best recognised as a part of 1980s actors group called the Brat Pack, and for his appearances in various successful movies such as “The Breakfast Club”, “The Outsiders”, “Repo Man” and many others.

Emilio Estevez Net Worth $15 Million

So how rich is the famous Emilio Estevez? Sources estimate his current net worth to be $15 million. Most of it has been accumulated for his work as a famous Hollywood actor and director.

It is no secret that Emilio has been involved in filmmaking industry from a very young age. His parents bought him his first camera when he was nine years old. He started shooting short films with his brother Charlie Sheen and his friends. Seeing his teenage son’s interest in movie making, Emilio’s father Martin Sheen took him to the shooting of “Apocalypse Now”, where Emilio even appeared in a few scenes as an extra. The 1980s have probably been the most successful decade in Emilio’s acting career and have definitely contributed to his net worth. He was one of the creators and leaders of a popular young actors group “Brat Pack”. Whilst a part of this group, he appeared in the drama film “Tex” in 1982, the drama “The Outsiders” and the horror film “Nightmares” in 1983. During this period he also appeared in such cult classics as “Repo Man” and “The Breakfast Club”.

In the 1990s, already being an acknowledged actor, Emilio starred in a few comedies: “Men at Work”, “Loaded Weapon 1” and “Another Steakout”. He has also appeared in more serious films like the war movie “The War at Home”, and “Mission: Impossible”. Directing is another important aspect of Emilio Estevez’s career and net worth. Over the years, Emilio has directed a number of films and television shows, including episodes for the popular TV series’ “The Guardian”, “CSI: NY” and “Numb3rs”. In 2006, he directed the drama “Bobby” which has earned him a Hollywood Film Festival Award for the “Ensemble of the Year”, Venice Film Festival “Biografilm Award” and has been nominated for the Golden Globe Award in “Best Film” category. Because of being friends with the famous singer Bon Jovi, Emilio has appeared in a couple of his music videos: “Blaze of Glory” and “Say it isn’t So”.

In his personal life, Emilio is engaged to the writer Sonja Magdevski. Previously, he was married to singer Paula Abdul for two years; it is known that the main reason for their divorce was Emilio’s unwillingness to have any more children. Before marrying Paula Abdul, he had been dating model Carey Salley with whom he has two children – a daughter Paloma Rae Estevez (born in 1986) and a son Taylor Levi Estevez (born in 1984). Emilio is a fairly private person and does not like to reveal much about his personal life or attract public attention.

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