Rico Recklezz Net Worth

March 16, 2023
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Ronnie Ramsay was born on 21 June 1991, in Chicago, Illinois USA, and is best known as a rapper who has released mixtapes such as ‘’Battlefield’’ and ‘’Realer than Wordz’’.

So just how rich is Rico Recklezz as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this rapper has a net worth of over $250,000, with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned field, which began less than 10 years ago.

Rico Recklezz Net Worth $250,000

Rico is a gang member who is affiliated with the Black P Stone Nation, and also with 075 Wuga World, which is also related to Bricksquad, Lil Jojo’s gang. In one interview, Rico stated that Lil Jojo was one of his influences, and that he persuaded him to join the rap world. In 2012, Rico released the mixtape entitled ‘’Rico Don’t Shoot ‘Em’’’, which consisted of 17 tracks such as ‘’Slow Me Up’’ and ‘’Better Day’’, and followed by releasing another in 2013, which was entitled ‘’Realer than Wordz’’. Continuing to work hard, Recklezz made two more mixtapes in 2015, most notably ‘’What I Was Finna Say’’, which included songs like ‘’Alotta That’’ and ‘’Money Up’’ and being active in business, he started gaining more attention, and raising his net worth.

In the following year, Rico made four more mixtapes such as ‘’Koolin’ N Hell’’ and ‘’Realer Than Wordz 2’’, with the latter being a follow up to the first part, ‘’Realer Than Wordz’’ and consisted of 26 songs. On that mixtape, Recklezz included ‘’No Education’’ and ‘’Love Song’’.

Besides his music, Rico is also known for feuds he has with his fellow rappers such as Soulja Boy, which began when Soulja Boy dissed one of Rico’s favorite rappers, Lil Yachty, whom Recklezz respects a lot. After that, Rico showed up at one of Soulja’s shows, intending to speak with him in person, wh0.ich Soulja Boy, however, refused. In the aftermath of that event, Rico released the song ‘’No Talking’’ in which he spoke about the incident, however, the whole story doesn’t end there as Soulja Boy put $100,000 on Rico’s head which lead to Rico flying to Los Angeles alongside one of his friends to find Soulja Boy, which he also documented and shared on social media. Eventually, during their ‘phone call, the rapper confessed that he did it all for the show, and didn’t mean any of the things he said. As of the most recent past, he has released ‘’Recklezz Scissorhandz’’ and ‘’Big Recklezz’’, with the latter being distributed by the King Stays King label in the early December 2017. His net worth is still rising.

When it comes to Rico’s private life, he has a girlfriend named Doll Recklezz. Explaining the origin of his nickname ‘’Recklezz’’, he has simply stated that he is reckless and wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone if he had to. He is active on social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram, on which he is followed by more than 48,000 and 282,000 people respectively.

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