Doug Williams Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Douglas Lee Williams, born on 9 August 1955, is an American Football coach and a former American Football player who became famous for his outstanding career at the National Football League and for becoming the first African American to win a Super Bowl and also take home the Most Valuable Player Award.

So how much is Williams’ net worth? As of late 2016, based on authoritative sources it is reported to be $10 million, acquired from his years in world of American Football, from being a player to a coach.

Doug Williams Net Worth $10 million

Born in Zachary, Louisiana, Williams has seven other siblings and is the son of Robert, who was a construction worker, and Laura, who was a school cook. Even at a young age, he was always fond of playing American Football, so during his high school years at Chaneyville High School, he joined the school’s team.

Although Williams performed well during his high school years, right before graduation only two colleges showed interests in wanting to recruit him. Southern University and Grambling State University both offered to recruit him but he opted to the latter because of his desire to work with Coach Eddie Robinson.

Williams had a difficult time juggling school and sports during his earlier years in the university. But eventually, he got his big break when he got included into a starting role for the team. His performance led him to win first-team All-American by the Associated Press and also bagged the fourth spot in voting for the Heisman Trophy. He was also named Black College Player of the Year twice. He finished college with a degree in health and physical education and got signed with National Football League team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Williams signed a 5-year deal with the Buccaneers as their quarterback. His inclusion in the team began his professional career in the sport and also started his net worth. He led the team to great heights including making it to the NFC Championships. Unfortunately, Williams discovered that he was getting paid less compared to the other quarterbacks in other teams. He tried to negotiate and asked for an equal pay but he failed to no avail. Because of this, Williams decided to leave the NFL.

In 1984, Williams decided to join the United States Football League and appeared with the Oklahoma Outlaws. Later on the team join forces with Arizona Wranglers and became the Arizona Outlaws. He played with the team until the USFL was shut down in 1986. His stint in the USFL also helped in his career in net worth.

In 1986, Williams went back at the NFL and one of his former coaches hired him to be part of the Washington Redskins. One of the highlights in his career was when his team made it to the Super Bowl in 1988. Despite experiencing tooth ache and undergoing a root canal a day before the championship, Williams still played well and brought victory to his team. Aside from winning the championship he also won the Most Valuable Player award. Due to certain injuries, Williams decided to retire in 1989.

Today, Williams is still active in the world of sports but is now working as a coach to his former college, the Grambling State University. His career as a coach is what keeps him busy and also helps in his net worth.

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