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March 22, 2024
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Early life, family, educational background

American sports commentator Colleen Wolfe was born on 2 January 1985, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, making her a Capricorn. She was raised in Horsham, Pennsylvania, by her parents – her mother was a stay-at-home mom, and her father, Ed Wolfe, was a flight instructor. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she spent the rest of her childhood living with her mother. She went to Hatboro-Horsham Senior High School and then attended Drexel University where she earned her Corporate Communications degree.

She didn’t grow up in a household of sports fans – when she interviewed Dr. J, her dad didn’t know who he is. Her passion for sports grew over time, through her own exploration.

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Colleen’s work experience is quite impressive and varied – she’s worked as a booking producer, show producer, line producer, associate producer, production assistant, editor, photographer, host, reporter and writer. She has worked for regional sports networks, national sports networks, local news, and production companies. She hosts “Thursday Night Football Kick-off,” “Good Morning Football,” over the weekends, and “NFL GameDay Kick-off.”

After graduating from university, she was hired by CN8 for Lynn Doyle’s nightly talk show before working as a booking producer for Comcast SportsNet. She then went on-air at a local production company, joining Drexel’s CCI undergraduate program as a host of a show they produced. She worked with the former baseball player, Charlie Manuel who had a show with CCI – ‘I can’t speak highly enough of Charlie Manuel,’ she gushed, and shared how smart and down-to-earth he is; his extensive knowledge and experience in baseball didn’t make him snobbish. Colleen once left her bag in his office and instead of sending an assistant, Charlie took the bag to her himself.


She started working for Fox 29 in January 2012 as part of their newscast team. She started off by covering Philadelphia sports events, before moving to NBCs sports channel, where she covered stories about the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Philadelphia 76ers. She co-hosted the Sunday night half-hour sports shows, and was the main anchor for the Friday and Saturday sports segments on the evening news, while on Wednesdays and Thursdays, she worked as a sports reporter for their department.

Colleen also worked for WIP, a home-based radio station, covering sports during their morning shows on her off days. She then joined WPHL17’s Phillies PostGame program as a producer, and on a golf show for CSN. FOX 29 rehired her as a sports reporter in 2012, and after that job, she worked for the National Football League Network.

Colleen’s career began in Philadelphia at Comcast SportsNet and WTXF-TV. In 2014, she joined NFL Network, and frequents Around the NFL Podcast as a guest. In 2019, Colleen was ranked number 33 in The Big Lead’s list of 40 under-40 Sports Media Talent – September 2022 marked her ninth season working with the NFL Network.

Personal life

When Colleen was six-years-old, she developed a love for figure skating, and while attending Hatboro-Horsham High School, she also joined their track team. In fact, her high school gave her permission to skip her gym classes to instead practice her figure skating – she would skate over the weekends, and before and after school during the week, ‘I had no life at all.’ She spent one season as a sprinter on St. Katherine of Siena’s CYO team; then left so she could focus on her skating. She was a competitive skater in competitions all around the East Coast.

After a serious back injury that caused sciatica, Colleen could no longer participate in either sport, ‘It was pretty devastating when it happened. I had just picked up a partner and was going to go into pairs,’ she shared with The Intelligencer in 2012. Colleen said that whenever she watches figure skating, she feels inspired to return to the sport, but when she attempts the tricks, her back works against her and she is unable to complete them, ‘It’s like an ex-boyfriend,’ she equated.


Once becoming a professional figure skater was no longer an option, she decided that arts were the path for her. Colleen initially enrolled as an art major at Drexel University; when she saw that WIP was advertising an intern position for their morning sports show, she thought it would be fun, but didn’t plan on making it her career. ‘I wasn’t planning on doing anything in communications or sports… but as soon as I walked into that studio, I knew what I wanted to do.’ Listeners loved her, so the station created a weekly segment entitled “Wolfe Call,” for which Colleen had to complete interesting tasks. For one of them, she had to wear a sandwich board while walking around Center City Philadelphia asking for money. She shared that some people did give her money, and some even gave her their lunches for the day. She gained a lot of confidence from that job, and stated that ‘After doing the morning show, you can do anything.’

She changed her major to communications, and found that because her job at WIP ended at ten in the morning, she had some free time, so filled-up those hours by applying at CN8 for another internship – they hired her after she graduated.

She began dating sportswriter and presenter John Gonzalez in 2006. They became engaged four years later, and married on 4 September the following year. John works for the Inquirer Sports Person; since 2010, he’s been presenting the 97.5 talk show, and he writes for The Ringer. Both Colleen and John can be seen on “Top 10,” an NFL Network program -sometimes separate, or together.

In 2012, Colleen was learning to fly and studying for her pilot’s license; she felt inspired by her father who was working at Northeast Philadelphia Airport as an air traffic manager at the time. The only thing that she needed to obtain her license was flight hours which were a bit difficult to fit into her busy work schedule. There is no update on the current status of her pilot’s license.

On 29 July 2017, Colleen was with Michael Robinson while covering the Training Camp of the Oakland Raiders in Alameda. Michael’s former teammate, Marshawn Lynch approached the table to speak with Colleen and Michael – Colleen asked Marshawn about the AFC standings, but he was more interested in flirting with her. So, she inquired about the soul food restaurant he purchased, Scend’s, and he teased, ‘So that’s our first date? To the soul food (restaurant)…’ but then he noticed the wedding ring on her hand, ‘That is very nice. So we will not be dating.’


On 2 December 2018, she shared four photos with her Instagram followers of a pair of cleats she got customized by Kota Kustoms in support of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The cleats are spray painted in rainbow colors, have red laces, and white glittery angel wings on the back. One shoe says, ‘Hope lives here,’ and has a halo and angel wings painted on the front of the shoe, and the other shoe has a blue butterfly painted with the organization’s logo. Her caption reads, ‘I’ve never loved a pair of shoes like this. #mycausemycleats.’

In August 2021, Colleen was covering a football training session with fellow reporter Mike Garafolo, when coach Parks Frazier couldn’t catch the ball thrown by quarterback Kurt Warner, so Colleen teased him about it. Mike said that she couldn’t talk the talk without walking the walk, so he dared her to catch the ball. She accepted the dare and did catch the ball, but broke a finger in the process.

On the twelfth, she posted a picture of her fractured finger with the report from her doctor to her Twitter account along with the caption, ‘Training camp memories really last a lifetime. I’ll never forget that one time I caught a pass from @kurt13warner.’ Good Morning Football played along with the situation, when on 25 September they posted a Twitter poll, asking their followers whose fault it was that Colleen’s finger was broken, the options were – Mike Garafolo, Colleen Wolfe, and Kurt Warner. The poll closed with 2161 votes, and Colleen won with 44%, Kurt got second place with 34.1% of the followers blaming him, and Mike was almost let off the hook, with 22% votes against him.

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their pets, a dog named Blitzen and a cat named Ernest Hemingway. They enjoy going to the beach together, and posting photos together on their social media accounts.


Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • When she’s not working, Colleen enjoys rescuing animals and even fosters or keeps them.
  • She’s a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles American Football team.
  • She posted a Twitter video of herself rapping to “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B during one of her breaks, which attracted over half a million views.

She is friends with NBA player Matt Carroll; one of her childhood friends, Talia Ramos’ brother, Alex Ramos played with brothers Pat and Matt Carroll. ‘Just seeing someone on TV who you know is kind of weird’. As of 2012, she hadn’t as yet covered a game that Matt played in, but she does want to.


Colleen has blonde hair and dark brown eyes, stands at 5ft 9ins (175cm) tall, weighs about 140 lbs (65kg), with vital statistics of 35-28-34,. She wears US size 5 shoe, and US size 7 dress.

Net worth and salary

As of October 2022, her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, and her salary reputedly averages above  $85,000.

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