Al Davis Net Worth

April 24, 2023
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Allen Davis was born 4 July 1929 in Brockton Massachusetts, USA and died on 8 October 2011. He was an American football coach and executive, best known for being the principal owner and general manager of the National Football League (NFL) team Oakland Raiders for 39 years.

How rich was Al Davis? His net worth was estimated to be $500 million, which he amassed from his ownership of the Raiders and his sixty years of career in football coaching and managing.

Al Davis Net Worth $500 Million

Davis was the son of Louis Davis and Rose and one of three boys. He was raised under a Jewish household and lived in Brooklyn before moving to Atlantic Beach. He attended Erasmus Hall High School where he joined the basketball team, albeit only a benchwarmer. Upon graduating, he went to Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio before transferring to Syracuse University in New York. He tried out for the junior varsity baseball, only to serve as a backup for the team. He then transferred Hartwick College but returned to Sycaruse soon afterwards. Unable to make it on the basketball team, he shifted his interest to football tactics, attending practices and enrolling in football strategy academic courses. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and applied as a football coaching staff at Adelphi University while taking up a master’s degree to avoid getting drafted. However in 1952, he was inducted into the US army upon completion of his master’s degree and served as the head coach of the US army team, which had plenty of drafted college players. In his time in the army, Davis sold player information to the NFL scouts. After serving the army, he became line coach at The Citadel in South Carolina and to the University of Southern California afterwards.

Davis then moved to a coaching career at the American Football League (AFL) in 1960, in which he became the offensive end coach of the Los Angeles Chargers for two years before being promoted to head coach, becoming the youngest at the age of 33. He led the team to a record of 10 wins and four losses and was awarded AFL Coach of the Year. After four years of being head coach, he was named AFL commissioner in 1966. As AFL Commissioner, he tried to recruit NFL players, but lost his post with the merger agreement between the two leagues. He then resigned after only four months instead of finishing his term, and became the managing general partner of the Oakland Raiders. Under his management, the Raiders won 13 divisional championships, one AFL title, and three Super Bowls from 1967-1985. In 1982, Davis set out to move the Raiders to Los Angeles by filing a lawsuit against the NFL, which he won. In 1982, the Raiders became officially known as the Los Angeles Raiders but went to being Oakland Rangers in 1995. Although Davis was a general partner since joining the Raiders, he was only able to acquire the majority shares of the team in 2005. He was enlisted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Team and League Administrator in 1992.

In his time with the Raiders, Davis championed racial diversity in the NFL, recruiting African American players into his team. He was also the first one to hire an African American head coach and a female chief executive as well as being the second to appoint a Latino head coach.

Davis was married to Carol Sagal from 1954 up to his death, whom had a son with, named Mark Davis. He died at the age of 82 due to heart failure but was also diagnosed with skin cancer and had throat surgery days before his death. His son took over his position as managing general partner.

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