Bryshere Y. Gray Net Worth

March 11, 2024
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Bryshere Yashawn Gray was born on the 28 November 1993, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. His stage name is Yazz The Greatest, and he is a rapper and actor, mostly known for his role as Hakeem Lyon in the Fox television series “Empire”, which has probably had the biggest impact on his total net worth.

So, just how rich is Bryshere Gray? Well, as of early 2016, this rapper’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million by sources, the larger part of his wealth having come from his television appearances and music festivals across the country.

Bryshere Gray Net Worth $2 Million

Gray comes from a poor family and his climb to the top was lengthy and full of obstacles. He spent his childhood in Philadelphia, where he finished high school. He was a very talented football player, playing for the local high school team, until he was injured. Then he developed interest for music and realized he had a real talent for it. Before he became famous, he used to work in Pizza Hut, but was eventually fired for writing music on the job. He said that he used the money earned there to finance his first music video. He worked three jobs while growing up to help his family. He started as a street performer, earning money in order to help his mother. While he was performing in the street, he was discovered by the famous manager Charlie Mack. He earned a lot of money by appearing in various music festivals, but a definite breakthrough in his career and a huge impact on his total net worth was a role in “Empire”.

Gray has performed at various music festivals such as Jay-Z’s “Made in America” Festival, and Power 99 FM’s Powerhouse concert. He has also appeared on concerts with the artists such as 2 Chainz and Fabolous. A huge break point in his life was a role in”Empire”, where he got one of the main roles. He was nominated for Teen Choice Awards three times for the role, as well as twice for Image Awards. He has also signed a contract with Columbia Records as solo artist, which has definitely increased his considerable wealth even more.

Concerning his personal life, he is known to be a very reserved person and hardly ever talks about his personal life in his interviews with the media. He has a daughter with his co-star Serayah McNeill. At the moment they live in Los Angeles, California. Because of his childhood and hard earned money and success, he is known to be very thrifty and modest about his money, and even saving to buy his mother a big house. He currently owns a big house in Los Angeles, where his family resides. More exhaustive information about him can be found on social networking websites such as Facebook and Tweeter, since he is known to be a passionate tweeter.

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