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May 15, 2023
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John David Jackson was born on 18 November 1977,  in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, of part-Dominican ancestry. As a successful hip hop recording artist, he is far better known by his stage name – Fabolous,  and is also a rapper, disc jockey and songwriter both as a solo performer and in collaborations with other acclaimed rappers and musicians – including Joe Budden, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy.

So just how rich is Fabolous? Authoritative sources have estimated that he has accrued a net worth of over $20 million as of mid-2016, during a career in the entertainment industry which began in the late ’90s. Between a number of successful albums and his forays into business it’s not hard to see where Fabolous takes his impressive net worth from.

Fabolous Net Worth $20 Million

Fabolous had a fairly difficult childhood; his family certainly couldn’t afford to lead a luxurious lifestyle, and Fabolous himself has been quoted attributing this shortage of money with the beginnings of his rapping career – according to the hip hop star, he did not originally wish to become a celebrity, only to earn enough money to make ends meet. As it happens, while still at school, after a successful live performance on a local radio show, Fabolous would be noticed by the recording label “Desert Storm Records” – and in the years to follow, he’d make more than enough, as Fabolous’s significant net worth amply shows. Releasing his debut studio album, “Ghetto Fabolous”, in 2001, Fabolous instantly earned himself a place on the charts. The album was an immediate commercial success, with 143,000 reported sales in its first week alone. By 2003, Fabolous had already moved on to sign with the label “Elektra” in a deal that would turn out to be more profitable for the budding hip hop star than his first.

Since then, Fabolous has skyrocketed to success with his subsequent releases. By 2006, Fabolous – having released two more albums, “Street Dreams” and “Real Talk” – was confident enough in his abilities to expand into opening his own recording label, “Street Family Records”; it was confidence well-founded as just two years earlier, Fabolous’ collaboration remix with the singer Christina Milian, entitled “Dip It Low”, had been nominated for a Grammy. Fabolous has now released six albums, which have been met with considerable success – with one particular album, “Loso’s Way”, taking the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart in the week straight after its release; most of his albums have sold over 100,000 copies in their first week of release alone.

Most recently, in April 2016 Fabolous and fellow rapper Jadakiss released a freestyle to Future’s “Wicked”, the prelude to his next album. Also in April 2016, Fabolous moved into the K-pop sphere as a featured artist and co-writer for K-pop singer Jessica Jung‘s first mini album, “With Love, J”.

Not content with his involvement in the music industry, Fabolous’ success encouraged him to  branch out and launch his own clothing line. called “Rich Yung Society”, which has had moderate effects on the continuing rise of his net worth.

In his personal life, Fabolous has been in a relationship with Emily Bustamante, a stylist since 2002, and they have two sons.

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