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April 29, 2023
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Benjy Bronk is a South Carolina-born American writer, comedian as well as radio and television personality. Born on 4 September 1967, Benjy is probably best known for being the writer of the television show “The Howard Stern Show”. A well-known television personality famous for his witty and on the spot jokes, Benjy has been active in his profession since 1998.

One of the most famous writers in a show that has been on air for more than four decades, how rich is Benjy Bronk? As estimated by sources, Benjy counts his net worth at an amount of $3 million in early 2016. He has managed to amass the majority of his wealth by being a part of “The Howard Stern Show”.

Benjy Bronk Net Worth $3 Million

South Carolina-raised Benjy was a competitive hula-hooper as a child, according to his biography; he also performed in a band, and claims to have turned down several modelling projects to pursue his career in writing. It is worth noting that Benji is a known prankster, so many of his claims remain unverified. He was interested in radio shows from an early age due to his mother’s influence. Benjy attended Pennsylvania State University in 1993, then started his career as an intern in “The Howard Stern Show” at the age of 31 in year 1998. At the time, his enthusiasm and ability to write satirical and witty jokes during the show’s airing time was widely appreciated. He later earned a compensated position at the show and began writing for Howard while also pre-interviewing the guests of the show. He also wrote Robin Quiver’s news as he attained a position on the show’s staff.

In 2000, Benjy came across yet another work promotion as he was offered an in-studio seat with other writers of the show. Fred Norris and Jackie Martling. As an in-studio writer, he provided the show hosts with his humor-filled writings that he composed as the show aired. A year later, Jackie Martling left the show so that Benjy and Fred Norris were the two in-studio writers for the show. The show shifted to satellite in 2000, but has been filmed for television broadcast since 1994. Benjy still remains the humor writer of the show as it has already aired in networks like CBS, E! and others.

Apart from his writing skills, Bronk is also noted for his infamous disruption in a press conference where Anthony Weiner was announcing his resignation from “The Howard Stern Show”. Bronk was removed from the meeting by a policeman when the meeting took place in June 2011.

As for his personal life, 48 year-old Benjy is romantically involved with puppeteer Elisa Jordana. He and Elisa have performed in several events and have also been featured on channels like MTV, VH1, E! and several more. The couple is also aspiring to be cast together on the show “Real Housewives of NYC” as housewives. For now, Benjy enjoys his career as a notable and successful humor writer, while his present net worth of $3 million caters to his daily life in every possible way.

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