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August 14, 2023
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Fred Leo Nukis, was born on the 9th July 1955, in Manchester, Connecticut, USA of Latvian descent. He is a radio personality known under the name of Eric Fred Norris. He has acknowledged that he changed his name illegally, taking the surname of his beloved stepfather, and adding the name Eric which his mother wanted to give him at birth. He is best known for starring in the radio talk show “The Howard Stern Show” (1981 – present). In fact, radio is the main source of Fred Norris’ net worth. He has been active in the entertainment industry since 1979.

How rich is Eric Fred Norris? It has been reported that during his long-spanned career. Fred Norris has accumulated a net worth which is over $16 million. Currently, his annual salary is as much as $6 million, so his wealth seems sure to increase.

Fred Norris Net Worth $16 Million

To begin with, Fred was born into a family of Latvian immigrants. Unfortunately, his father had problems related to alcohol abuse, so the boy spent days on his own, and his parents divorced when the boy was only five. Fred’s mother remarried when he was thirteen., and his stepfather, Lewis Norris, whose surname Fred has illegally taken, treated him with respect. At that time, Fred Norris took up a new hobby – playing the guitar. While studying at college Norris started working at WCCC-FM radio station which served central Connecticut. There he was introduced to Howard Stern, and after Stern moved to WWDC station located in Washington D.C. and managed to hit high ratings, he convinced the staff to hire Fred Norris. At the beginning he served as a producer of the show, then later he became the star of the show and successfully continues his work up to now. To tell the truth, “The Howard Stern Show” (1981 – present) is one of the most important sources concerning the net worth of Fred Norris. It should be noted that while working in the show, Norris has had a number of nicknames, including Earth Dog, King of Mars, Frightening Fred, Fred the Martian and many others.

Additionally, Fred Norris has increased his net worth as an actor. He played himself in the biographical comedy film “Private Parts” (1997) directed by Betty Thomas, which was a film about Howard Stern based on the same-titled best selling book, written by Stern himself. The film received positive reviews from critics, and the box office grossed $41.2 million. More, Fred Norris had a minor role in the drama film “Cruel Intentions” (1999) directed by Roger Kumble, which was also a commercial success with the box office, taking $75.9 million. Later, he landed the episodic role of Loen, the pawn shop owner, in the legal drama series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (2013) created by Dick Wolf which is known for its high ratings and huge popularity.

Concerning his private life, Fred Norris has been married to Allison Furman since 1994. The family has one daughter named Tess.

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