Amber Smith Net Worth


Amber Smith's Net Worth as of 2024
$13 Million

Amber Smith is an American actress and model, who at the peak of her career in the 1990s, appeared regularly on the European catwalk, and featured on the covers of fashion magazines including French “Vogue” and “Cosmopolitan”. She was born in Tampa, Florida, on the 2nd of March, 1971, to American football player Russ Smith, and his wife, model Carol Smith.

An internationally recognised model, how rich is Amber Smith? Sources estimate her net worth at $13 million, accumulated from modelling, and her various television appearances.

Amber Smith Net Worth $13 million

Smith began her modelling career at the age of sixteen, working in Europe for four years, whilst represented by the agency “Irene Marie Models”. Her career received a major boost in 1992, when she dyed her naturally blonde hair, red. Many people noted her resemblance to Hollywood golden age film star, Rita Hayworth, and offers for work soon increased.

In 1993 and 1994, she appeared in the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition”. She also appeared in “Playboy”, and in fashion magazines including “Vogue”, “Cosmopolitan”, and “Elle”. She was named “Esquire” magazine’s first Vargas Girl of the 1990s. She has also been used as a model for cosmetics companies such as “L’Oréal”, and for fashion designers “Jean Paul Gautier” and “Chanel”. Perhaps most famously during this period, she was the first model selected for “Wonderbra”, which was, at the time, being reintroduced to the public with a new, racier image.

In addition to her modelling career, Smith has acted on television, and in movies. Her first role was in 1992’s “Inferno”, which also features other 90s supermodels including Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, and Helena Christensen. Some of her other credits include “Lowball” (1996), “Faithful” (1996), “L.A. Confidential” (1997), and “Reasonable Doubt” (2001). She has, therefore, starred alongside such high-profile actors and performers as Barbra Streisand, Kevin Spacey, and Cher. Her television appearances include a role in popular sitcom “Friends”, in 1997, and in “Pacific Blue”. She also appeared for two episodes in the erotic drama “Red Shoe Diaries”, alongside David Duchovny. Her most extensive part to date was in “Sin City Diaries”, an erotic show set in glamorous Las Vegas. All these appearances have contributed to her overall net worth of $13 million.

In 2005, Smith featured in a reality show pilot called “The Amber Smith Project”, but the show never received a full television run. A year later, she became the face of beer company Anheuser Busch’s Ultra Amber Light Beer. In 2008, Smith took part in the show “Celebrity Rehab”, publicly dealing with her dependency on prescription drugs.

In her personal life, she has discussed her troubled years as a teenager, first starting out in the modelling business, which lead to her dependency on drugs and alcohol. She is a very private individual and is currently single. In the past, she has dated celebrities including Bill Maher, Russell Simmons, and Jack Nicholson. It was claimed in 2010 that she was living with her mother in Los Angeles. Sources also claim she has an IQ of 155.

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