Simon Whistler (TopTenz) Net Worth

March 18, 2023
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Simon Whistler was born on 15 May 1987, in England, and is a social media personality and YouTuber, best known for his YouTube channel focused on creating personal travel vlogs, and documenting his time travelling the world. He’s been active on YouTube since 2015 and all of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Simon Whistler (TopTenz)? As of late-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at , mostly earned through a successful career on YouTube. He’s since expanded to have several other YouTube channels with their associated websites. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Simon Whistler (TopTenz) Net Worth is Under Review

Simon grew up in England, and in 2015 decided to try his hand at becoming a full-time YouTuber; he created his own channel called “Simon Whistler” which would find popularity thanks to him compiling and uploading vlogs about his travels and daily endeavors. The channel would grow to gain over 10,000 subscribers, and his net worth started to increase. He soon opened two more channels to dedicate his time on them; he launched the YouTube channel “TopTenz” which focuses on creating various top 10 videos covering a variety of topics. The channel became really popular, and now has at least 850,000 subscribers.

Whistler also increased his net worth through another channel entitled “Today I Found Out”, which deals with various facts that are not widely known about things that we commonly encounter in our daily life. It also deals with various knowledge and science topics to help inform his audience – this has become his most popular channel with over 1.1 million subscribers, certainly boosting his net worth.

Due to the success of these two channels, he decided to leave behind his vlogging channel to focus on making content for them. The two channels upload content every day, and are growing at a rapid pace. The success of “Today I Found Out” also prompted the creation of a website with the same name, which features his videos, as well as several articles on various topics. He also created another new channel entitled “Biographics”, which focuses on creating video biographies on a variety of people. He has also started a podcast called “Working Class Creatives”, which discusses the creative lifestyle. The podcast has released at least five episodes and has its own personal website compiling the episodes with some show notes; some bonus episodes are also available through the website.

Thanks to his popularity, he’s been featured by several online publications including “Daily Mail”, and “Odyssey”.

For his personal life, nothing is known of Simon’s romantic relationships, if any. He’s also very active on social media, having more than 2000 followers on his Twitter account; he posts on his page regularly often detailing recent projects. He also has a private Facebook page and a personal website which details some of his projects – there is also a way to contact him through the website. He now resides in Prague, Czech Republic.

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