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December 9, 2023
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Aidan Quinn was born on the 8th March 1959 in Rockford, Illinois USA, and is an Irish-American actor, best known for his roles in such movies as “Desperately Seeking Susan” (1985), “The Mission” (1986), “Avalon” (1990), and “Legends of the Fall” (1994), among others. Quinn has received two Prime time Emmy nominations during a career which started in 1984, and now has over 80 on-screen credits to his name.

Have you ever wondered how rich Aidan Quinn is, as of late 2016? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Quinn’s net worth is as high as $9 million, an amount earned through his successful acting career. In addition to appearing in the movies, Quinn has also had some notable roles in TV series, which have improved his wealth too.

Aidan Quinn Net Worth $9 Million

Aidan Quinn was born a son of Michael and Teresa Quinn and grew up in Chicago and Ireland with his four siblings. He went to Rockford West High School from where he matriculated in 1977.

Quinn’s debut role came in 1984 when he starred as Johnny Rourke in James Foley’s “Reckless” with Daryl Hannah. 1985 was an important year for Aidan, as he played alongside Rosanna Arquette and Madonna in Susan Seidelman’s Golden Globe-nominated “Desperately Seeking Susan”, starred in the Golden Globe-winning drama called “An Early Frost”, and then appeared in the Oscar-winning drama “The Mission” (1986) starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons. By the end of the ‘80s, Aidan had also appeared in “Stakeout” (1987) with Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez, and Madeleine Stowe, and portrayed Robinson Crusoe in “Crusoe” (1988). His net worth was certainly well established.
In 1990, Quinn had a lead role in Barry Levinson’s Oscar-nominated drama “Avalon”, and then he played in “At Play in the Fields of the Lord” (1991) alongside Tom Berenger, John Lithgow, Daryl Hannah, Kathy Bates, and Tom Waits. In 1993, he had a role in “Benny & Joon” with Johnny Depp, while the next year, he had a smaller part in Kenneth Branagh’s “Frankenstein” starring Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh, and Helena Bonham Carter. In 1994, Quinn worked with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins in the Oscar-winning drama called “Legends of the Fall”, which grossed over $160 million, helping Quinn to increase his net worth significantly.

In the mid-‘90s, Quinn appeared in “Haunted” (1995) with Kate Beckinsale, and in Neil Jordan’s Oscar-nominated biography “Michael Collins” (1996) starring Liam Neeson. By the end of the decade, Aidan had also filmed several notable movies including “The Assignment” (1997) with Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley, “This Is My Father” (1998) with James Caan, and “Music of the Heart” (1999) starring Meryl Streep. His net worth was rising steadily.

In 2000, Aidan had a lead role in “Songcatcher”, while in 2002 he played alongside Pierce Brosnan and Julianna Margulies in the drama “Evelyn”. In the mid-2000’s, Quinn appeared in “Song for a Raggy Boy” (2003) and “Miracle Run” (2004) and then starred in the Golden Globe-nominated “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” (2007). By the end of the decade, he had played in “Wild Child” (2008) and “A Shine of Rainbows” (2009), adding further to his et worth.

In 2010, Aidan had parts in Rob Reiner’s “Flipped” and in “Sarah’s Key” starring Kristin Scott Thomas. A year later, he played alongside Liam Neeson in “Unknown”, and then with Marcia Gay Harden in “If I Were You”. Quinn also has series credits to his name, as he played Lieutenant Kevin Sweeney in 13 episodes of “Prime Suspect”. Most recently, he is working with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in the CBS series “Elementary”, appearing in 103 episodes since 2012, with the show is still running.

Regarding his personal life, Aidan Quinn married Elizabeth Bracco in 1987 and has two daughters with her. He and his family currently live in New York. Quinn is a big fan of the Chicago Cubs and the Green Bay Packers, while his favourite sportsman is Michael Jordan.

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