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July 12, 2023
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Daryl Christine Hannah, simply known as Daryl Hannah, is a famous American businessperson, actress, as well as an activist. To the audience, Daryl Hannah is perhaps best known for her roles in such films as “Blade Runner” with Harrison Ford, “Wall Street” directed by Oliver Stone, where the main characters are portrayed by Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas, “Steel Magnolias” with Julia Roberts, and, most importantly, a famous martial arts film directed by Quentin Tarantino entitled “Kill Bill”. Daryl Hannah starred in “Kill Bill: Volume 1”, released in 2003 and “Kill Bill: Volume 2”, alongside Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox and Michael Madsen. Both of the movies were largely successful, as the first film grossed more than $180 million, while the second one made a total of $152 million in the box office.

Daryl Hannah Net Worth $20 Million

In addition to being an actress, Daryl Hannah is a well-known environmentalist, who runs a video blog entitled “DHLoveLife”, dedicated to preserving the environment. Daryl Hannah not only preaches for the cause but also lives it. Her entire house is built with green materials and runs solely on solar power, while she uses a car run on biodiesel as a means of transportation.

A famous actress and an activist, how rich is Daryl Hannah? According to sources, Daryl Hannah’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. Undoubtedly, the majority of Daryl Hannah’s net worth and wealth has come from her career as an actress.

Daryl Hannah was born in 1960, in Chicago, Illinois, where she attended Francis W. Parker School and later studied at the University of Southern California. Ever since childhood, Daryl Hannah was interested in movies, hence it is not a surprise she chose a career in the film industry later in her life. Soon enough, Daryl Hannah made her acting debut in a horror film directed by Brian De Palma called “The Fury”, where she appeared alongside Kirk Douglas and Amy Irving. During the early stages of her career, Hannah turned down many acting opportunities, yet in the 1980s she still established herself as a well-known actress in the industry. Her major role came in 1982 when she starred in “Blade Runner”, a film directed by Ridley Scott, which was followed by an appearance in “Summer Lovers” that same year. Several years later, Hannah starred in “Wall Street”, for which she received The Golden Raspberry Award. More recently, Daryl Hanna portrayed a character in a zombie film called “Zombie Night” with Anthony Michael Hall, and that same year in 2013 she starred in “Skin Traffik”. Hannah is also scheduled to appear in an upcoming science fiction series with Alfonso Herrera and Naveen Andrews entitled “Sense8”.

In addition to her on screen appearances, Daryl Hannah produced and directed several films such as “The Last Supper” and “Strip Notes”, and in 2005 co-created two popular board games called “LIEbrary” and “Love It or Hate It” with a fellow actress, Hilary Turner.

A famous actress, activist and a businessperson, Daryl Hannah has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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