About Yaya Mayweather and How She Became a Mother at 21

March 22, 2024
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Who is Yaya Mayweather?

Iyanna ‘Yaya’ Mayweather was born on 20 May 2000, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; she’s best known as the daughter of the former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Although her father’s legacy brought her fame, Yaya has faced her own share of challenges, including legal troubles and motherhood at a young age. Despite the scrutiny that comes with being the child of a celebrity, Yaya has managed to maintain a significant social media presence, and continues to navigate the ups and downs of life in the public eye.

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Family and early life

Yaya is the only daughter of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Brim. She has three half-siblings from her father’s relationships with other women: Koraun, Zion, and Jirah Mayweather.

Being the daughter of one of the richest athletes of all time, Yaya grew up used to a very luxurious lifestyle. On her 14th birthday, she received a Mercedes 550 S-Class, while the famous pop singer, Justin Bieber, sang at her birthday party. Inevitably Yaya was exposed to the world of sports and entertainment from a young age, attending numerous high-profile events alongside various celebrities.

However, despite her father’s fame and fortune, Yaya’s upbringing was not without its challenges. Her parents’ tumultuous relationship played out in the public eye, with allegations of domestic violence and legal battles. Growing up in that spotlight, Yaya has faced difficulties, including having to adjust to the pressure of being a celebrity child, and dealing with near-constant media attention.

Yaya attended a private school in Las Vegas, and was involved in various extracurricular activities. While she hasn’t pursued a career in sports like her father, she’s expressed interest in fashion and entertainment.


Being a mother

In January 2021, Yaya became a mother at the age of 20, giving birth to a boy named Kentrell Jr., whose father is rapper NBA YoungBoy (Kentrell DeSean Gaulden). The two started dating in 2018, and have since been in an on-and-off relationship, with both parties facing their own share of legal issues and controversy.

Yaya’s pregnancy announcement was met with mixed reactions from the public, with some expressing concern about her becoming a mother at such a young age. In the face of criticism, Yaya has remained dedicated to her son, frequently sharing updates and pictures of him on social media. Despite her rocky romantic relationship with NBA YoungBoy, both parties are involved in co-parenting Kentrell Jr., and are on mostly amicable terms.

In March 2023, Yaya announced her second pregnancy on her Instagram account. However, she deleted the post a few hours later, claiming that she was just joking. Her announcement sparked conversation nonetheless, and a lot of people believe that she might actually be pregnant, despite her retraction.

Legal issues

In April 2020, Yaya was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Cypress, Texas, resulting after an alleged altercation with Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, another woman apparently involved with NBA YoungBoy.

According to reports, Yaya attacked Lapattra with two knives after finding her at NBA’s home. Lapattra suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries, and was promptly transported to the nearest hospital, while Yaya was arrested. She later claimed that the altercation was triggered by Lapatta, who apparently pulled her hair and tried physically assaulting her.

In the months following her arrest, Yaya has kept a relatively low profile, focusing her attention on her son and her family. In the meantime, she was offered a plea agreement, which put her on a six-year probation for accepting responsibility for the crime.


Presence on social media

Yaya maintains a significant presence on social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. On the former, Yaya shared glimpses of her life as a young mother, her family, and her experiences growing up in the Mayweather household. She also uses her platform to express her love for fashion, showcasing her unique sense of style and attending high-profile events. Her primary account, ‘@moneyyaya’ numbered more than 1.4 million followers, however, her account was deleted by Instagram for unknown reasons, forcing her to start over.

Yaya launched her TikTok account in 2020, and has since gained more than 30,000 followers on the platform, although she hasn’t been uploading new videos regularly.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Wiki Bio

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is widely rated one of the greatest boxers of all time, known for his quick footwork, exceptional hand speed, and defensive skills. Throughout his career, Floyd has dominated the boxing world, winning multiple world championships and earning millions of dollars in prize money.

Floyd was born on 24 February 1977, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Both his father, Floyd Sr., and his uncle Roger Mayweather were professional boxers, and had a big role in introducing him to the sport. Moreover, he grew up in a tough neighborhood and had to learn how to fight at a young age, to defend himself against bullies.

Floyd’s father recognized his son’s potential early on, and started training him in boxing when he was only seven years old. Floyd’s natural talent and work ethic soon became apparent, and he began competing in amateur boxing tournaments; by the time he turned 16, Floyd had already won three national Golden Gloves championships.


In 1996, at the age of 19, Floyd represented the US at the Atlanta Olympics, and won a bronze medal in the featherweight division. He then turned professional and signed with Top Rank, one of the leading boxing promotion companies in the world.

Floyd’s career got off to a promising start, with the young boxer winning his first 17 fights by knockout. His style was flashy and aggressive, and he quickly gained a reputation as a fighter to watch. In 2000, he won his first world championship, defeating Genaro Hernandez to become the World Boxing Council (WBC) super featherweight champion. Over the next few years, Floyd continued to dominate the boxing world, winning titles in multiple weight divisions and becoming one of the sport’s biggest stars.

One of Floyd’s most high-profile fights came in 2007, when he faced off against Oscar De La Hoya, the holder of 11 world titles. The fight was billed as the ‘Dream Match’ and drew record-breaking pay-per-view numbers. Floyd won the fight by a split decision, so becoming the WBC light middleweight champion.

In 2008, after earning millions of dollars in prize money, Floyd announced his retirement from boxing, citing personal reasons, including a desire to spend more time with his family.

However, Floyd’s retirement was short-lived, as in 2009, he announced that he would return to the ring to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, a Mexican boxer and former world champion. He ended up winning the fight by a unanimous decision, and his comeback was officially underway.

In the following years, Floyd continued to dominate the boxing world, winning fights against some of the sport’s biggest stars, including Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz, and Miguel Cotto. In 2015, after winning all 49 of his professional fights, Floyd announced his retirement from boxing once again. His final fight was against Andre Berto, which he won by unanimous decision.

Outside of the ring, Floyd became known for his flamboyant personality and love of luxury, regularly showing off his expensive cars, jewelry, and clothing, flaunting his wealth and giving himself the nickname of ‘Money Mayweather’. This made him a polarizing figure in the boxing world, with some fans praising his skills while others viewed him as arrogant and criticized his brash attitude.

After retiring from professional boxing, Floyd opened a boxing gym and started a promotion company, Mayweather Promotions, which helped him to continue to make money.


However, Floyd also found himself in the news for a number of controversial incidents outside of the ring. He was arrested multiple times for domestic violence, and served time in jail in 2012 after pleading guilty to charges related to an altercation with the mother of his children. He also faced criticism for his public support of President Donald Trump, and for making sexist and homophobic comments in interviews.

Today, Floyd is still involved in the sport of boxing, although he is no longer actively fighting. He’s continued to promote fights through his company, Mayweather Promotions, and has also dabbled in other sports, including a highly-publicized exhibition match against Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Conor McGregor in 2017.

As of April 2023, Floyd’s net worth has been estimated at more than $400 million. Throughout his career, he has earned over $1 billion, making him the #8 highest-earning athlete and the #1 highest-earning boxer of all time.

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