Willie Edwards Net Worth

February 26, 2023
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William ‘’Willie’’ Edwards is an American alligator hunter, best known for starring in the reality television show ‘’Swamp People’’. Unfortunately, the date of his birth is unknown. He was born to Junior and Theresa Edwards, and is a Louisiana native.

So just how rich is Willie Edwards as of late 2017? Authoritative sources estimate that Edwards’ net worth is as high as $500,000 with his annual salary of $200,000, accumulated largely from his seven years-long career on reality television.

Willie Edwards Net Worth $500,000

‘Gator hunting is a family business to the Edwards’ family – Willie’s father himself is involved in it, and Edwards joined the cast of ‘’Swamp People’’ in 2010, the series developed by Dolores Gavin airing on History Channel. It is generally successful and receives positive response, and due to its big audience, has helped History become the #1 cable Channel. The show is focused on a group of Louisiana based ‘gator hunters and their hunting adventures. Besides alligators, the cast often hunts other animals or goes fishing. In the show, the cast is divided into several teams. Each team has a quota of how many ‘gators they need to hunt. Once the quota, also known as ‘’tags’’ is filled, the season ends. ‘’Swamp People’’ was originally focused on the Louisiana area, but eventually expanded and now includes an area of Texas. Willie made his debut in the episode entitled ‘’Big Head Bites It’’, although only credited as Junior’s son. As a matter of fact, his first appearances were connected to his father’s hunting trips, and in the episode, the audience was able to meet Willie’s family. However, Willie eventually joined the cast full-time, two episodes later, and stars alongside Troy and Jacob Landry and R. J. Molinere, among others.

In the first season, the audience was able to see Willie and Junior prepare the hand-made hooks for alligators. Edwards’ special skills include treble hooking, which he uses in the majority of his hunts. However, the audience agrees that Willie still has a lot to learn from his father. The two of them often pick the right baits for their hunts, choose the right areas and depths.

Despite working with his father, Edwards would often go separately, using his own boat. Until season six, Willie and his father were hunting partners, however, Junior left the show in season six, which featured Willie’s brother Randy. The duo then teamed up and established a hunting partnership. Willie has appeared in 70 out of 131 episodes of the show so far. During the sixth season, there were certain speculations that it was the final season of the show. Those rumors were later on confirmed. However, in April 2016, Willie’s colleague, Jacob Landry announced that the show would continue being filmed. The eighth season was announced on 28 April 2016 and aired on 16 February 2017. He has successfully filed 96 tags so far.

In his private life, Edwards is reportedly single and has no children.

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