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March 25, 2023
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Briana Latrise is a photographer and blogger born on 3rd August 1986 in New York, USA, and is best known as a participant of the “Growing Up Hip-Hop” reality television franchise. However, apart from this, she is the founder of “Tuesdays At Heart” band, and is a consultant for “With Love Productions”, plus she wrote the TV series “The People in the Back”.

Have you ever wondered how rich Briana Latrise is? According to sources it has been estimated that Briana Latrise’s overall net worth is $500,000, acquired after becoming a television star, mostly thanks to her appearance in the popular reality show “Growing Up Hip-Hop”. Since she is still popular, her net worth continues to grow.

Briana Latrise Net Worth $500,000

Briana is the eldest daughter of record executive Kendu Isaacs, who became Mary J. Blige’s manager and later partner. Latrice had a very difficult childhood and grew up constantly moving from one place to another. She claims that the movements were so frequent that she never had the chance to make friends, and would often make up new stories about herself when meeting new people.

In her early teenage years, Briana went through an extremely difficult period of her life, as she was addicted to drugs and kicked out of school several times. She said that it was when she was 15 that she decided to move to her grandmother’s place in order to “rehabilitate” and start a new life, so managed to regain balance in her life and eventually achieve a lot of success.

She proved to be a talented musician and founded the “Tuesdays at Heart” band, for which she is the lead vocal. Briana also worked as an event producer for DF Enterprises and as a consultant for “With Love Productions” photography and videography company. Being multi-talented, Briana even wrote the script for the TV series “The People in the Back”, however, she is probably best known to the public for her engagement in the reality television series “Growing Up Hip-Hop”, which features the everyday lives of Hip-Hop stars’ children. The show premiered at the beginning of 2016 and gained notable popularity.

When it comes to her private life, Latrise says little about a previous relationship with an apparently abusive boyfriend – she has a son but no partner.She dedicates all of her free time to painting which she considers her favorite hobby, and states that her favorite painter and inspiration was Bob Ross. She is a vegetarian and recently launched a series of natural products she makes such as teas, spices, natural body sprays, herbal foods, massage candles and many more.

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