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Who is Shoe0nHead?

June Nichole Lapine, professionally known as Shoe0nHead, is a social media personality and YouTuber, who gained popularity for creating interesting content on YouTube. She was born under the Zodiac sign Cancer on 22 June 1991, in New York City, USA. As of 2021, she is 30 years old and holds American nationality, and currently still resides in New York.

Early life and Family

Unlike most YouTubers, Shoe0nHead is very secretive regarding information about her family and background; it’s only known that she has a sister.

Shoe0nHead was brought up in New York, and from an early age became interested in films and TV shows, which inspired her to make her own short movies during her formative years.

She matriculated from a high school in 2009, and didn’t pursue a university degree, but focused on launching her career as a YouTuber.

Rise to Fame

With a great interest in social media, Shoe0nHead and her friends Andrew, Faith and Sarah launched the YouTube channel entitled “JAFSProductions” in 2008. However, her friends were not as invested in creating content as much as she was, and the crew fell apart.

While most YouTubers create video blogs, make-up tutorials, and gaming content, Shoe0Head creates sarcastic socially-related commentary videos ranging from pop-feminism, LGBT issues, to weird internet subcultures.


In 2010, Shoe0Head launched her eponymous channel, but remained inactive until 2014 when she posted the video entitled “Oppression Olympics”, which tackles some stereotypical feminist views and opinions.

Given that she was starting out as a relatively unknown in the YouTube community, she didn’t anticipate that her first video would attract a lot of attention. One of her fellow YouTubers, Thunderfoot, saw the video, shared it, and subsequently it went viral.


Since launching her channel, she has never been overly active, but her videos and interesting take on political, social and gender issues quickly amassed a huge fan base.

In addition to her lovable and funny personality, she has a very specific manner of editing and arranging segments of her video, with skits to fit the subjects, tone and express her particular view on the issue. Over the years, she has weighed in on various trending and sensitive matters, such as pedophilia, “heightism”, and misogyny. She is also very vocal and critical of the healthcare system in the US, which in her opinion is reserved for the affluent.

Her most popular videos are entitled “questions for men answered by woman” with over 10 million views, and “watching awful Buzzfeed-tier videos you sent me” with nearly five million views.


She has recently stirred a lot of attention with her video entitled “Exposing The CREEPY “Child Protection” Organization: ‘Prostasia”, which garnered over 400,000 views in two days. The founder of the organization was not particularly happy with her video, calling her an alt-right YouTuber, and a white supremacist who is chasing clout by ginning up moral panics.

Currently, her YouTube channel has 1.6 million subscribers, with over 127 million views.

Besides making YouTube videos, she has tried her luck as an editor, producer and writer, with her short comedy film entitled “Fragile Femininity”, which came out in 2017.

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In 2020, she wrote and produced an episode of the show “Armoured Media”, created by Armoured Skeptic. Shoe0nHead also appeared in several shows, including “#KillStream” and “Armoured Media”.

Social Media

She is very active on her Instagram account, which has nearly 150,000 followers. Her Twitter account has nearly 500,000 fans on which she mostly posts selfies, photos of her pet rabbit, and fashion inspirations.

Personal Life

Shoe0nHead identifies herself as bisexual, and over the years has been very open and vocal about it. In one of her videos, she disclosed that she became aware of her sexuality during her early teen years, as she was attracted to both women and men.


Regarding her dating history, in 2010, she dated the YouTuber and social media personality Lauren Southern, who also makes commentary videos on a wide range of subjects, including media, public issues, and political agendas. The then-couple met online, went on a date, and later started a romantic relationship, but broke up in 2012.

In 2015 she dated Gregory Fluhrer, better known as Armoured Skeptic, a German-Canadian YouTuber. After dating for two years, Armoured Skeptic proposed to Shoe0nHead for New Year’s Eve, and while fans were eagerly waiting for the wedding, in 2020 ShoeOnHead disclosed that they’d broken-up but remained friends. She also deleted her Twitter account, but returned a week later and opened up about her failed engagement and relationship with Armoured Skeptic. According to her Tweets, Armoured Skeptic did not cheat on her or do anything in particular, but they had to part ways due to some long-standing issues they never overcame. Currently, she is single.

Scandals and Controversy

In February 2021, an entire album containing over 150 pictures was posted on Imgur, a website for sharing photos, memes and videos, and quickly appeared on other sites such as KiwiFarms.net and 4chan. Reportedly, she posted them on her Snapchat, and wasn’t aware that the app saves the images. Some theories arose that her ex-boyfriend possibly leaked the photos as some sort of revenge, however, this was never confirmed, and Shoe0Head never issued any form of response or announcement regarding the leak of her photos.

As an individual who identifies as a left-libertarian, she was bound to attract some criticism from other YouTubers and people who don’t share her views or approaches to some issues.

She was previously called out for being a hypocrite, pretending to be an anti-feminist but has and supports a lot of friends who are feminists.


In 2018 YouTuber Brittany Venti posted a two-part video criticizing her paradoxical views, statements, and behavior. Furthermore, she also took a heavy blow for sharing intimate information about her relationship with Armoured Skeptic, which did not sit well with many of her fans.

Physical stats and Hobbies

Shoe0nHead is 5ft 6ins (167cm) ,tall  weighs around 127lbs (58kgs), with vital statistics of 33-26-34. Her natural hair is brown, further adorned with brown eyes. She has a very fit body, which she maintains by working out in a gym and following a diet.

Over the years, she has rocked various colors and hairstyles, including black and blonde. When it comes to fashion, she has a unique kawaii style, and likes to explore different make-up looks. Shoe0nHead is also a shopaholic and enjoys buying clothes.


Regarding her hobbies, she is a huge fan of cosplay, video games, and anime. She likes to play “Among Us”, “Fortnite”, and “Apex Legends”.

She’s very inclusive of non-binary identities, and has talked about it in her videos.

As a great animal lover, she has a cat and a rabbit named Ollie.

Her favorite movies are “Les Miserables”, “Dear John”, “Letters to Juliette; her favorite actress is Amanda Seyfried. Shoe0nHead prefers indie and pop music and listens to Marina and the Diamon, Ashnikko, and “The Living Tombstone”.

Would you like to know her net worth?

According to reports, her estimated net worth is around $240,000, largely acquired through her YouTube channel. She additionally earns through brand affiliations and sponsorships.

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