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February 17, 2023
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Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias was born on 28 July 1954, in Sabaneta Venezuela. He was a well-know politician, who became known worldwide as the controversial President of Venezuela in 1999. Unfortunately, Hugo died in 2013, when he was only 58 years old. During his career, Chavez gained a lot of honors and award, it only proves the fact that he was a very influential and respected person. Some of the award and honors include, Grand Collar of the Order of Prince Henry, Order of the Republic of Serbia, Honorary Doctorate from Kyung Hee Univeristy, South Korea, Honorary Doctorate from Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia, and many others. What is more, the popular magazine “Times” named Hugo as one of the most influential people in the world. Clearly, Hugo was an extraordinary personality, who influenced the lives of many people.

So how rich was Hugo Chavez? Sources estimate that Hugo’s net worth was $1 billion at the time of his death. The main source of this sum of money was his political activities, as there is no doubt that becoming the President of Venezuela had a huge impact on the growth of his net worth. During his career, Chavez made a lot of useful changes to his country and its people. Sadly, he will not be able to help his country any longer.

Hugo Chavez Net Worth $1 Billion

Hugo Chavez was not born into a rich family and had to work hard in order to achieve what he did. When Hugo was 17 years old, he started attending the Venezuelan Academy of Military Sciences. He was a very active teenager and was interested in many things, one of them being politics. After finishing military academy, Hugo began his military career. During this period of time Hugo was able to see even more problems in his country and wanted to do something in order to effect change. In 1977 Chavez founded a revolutionary movement, which was known as “ELPV”. Later he formed another unit, called “Bolivarian Revolutionary Army-200”. Although his intentions were only good ones, Hugo was imprisoned for two years for his actions in attempting a coup against the government.

Hugo soon became famous among the people of Venezuela. He began participating in politics even more intensively than before. In 1998 Hugo decided to participate in presidential elections, and this decision was really successful as Hugo was able to win the election and become the President of Venezuela. Later he was re-elected for three more presidential terms. This, of course, was the main source of Hugo Chavez’s net worth. During the time when he was the President of Venezuela, Hugo made a lot of changes in the country in order to improve the economics, social conditions, medical care and many other things. There is no surprise that he was re-elected for so many times as he had made changes which particularly helped the poorer people. Unfortunately, Hugo suffered from a serious cancer and died in 2013.

While talking about Hugo’s personal life, it can be said that he was married twice. His first wife was Nancy Colmenares with whom he had three children, and the second one Marisabel Rodriguez: they have a daughter. Both marriages ended in divorce, and in between Hugo had a nine year relationship with Herma Marksman.

All in all, it can be said that Hugo Chavez was one of the most interesting and active personalities. He has worked hard not only for himself, but for the people of his country and tried to give them a better life. It is sad that such an influential person had to die from cancer at quite a young age. Despite this fact, many will remember him as one of the most influential and acclaimed leaders.

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