Who is Lovely Peaches? Jail, Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Dating


Who is Lovely Peaches?

Brittany Johnson was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn on 4 January 2001, in Louisiana USA; she holds American nationality, and her ethnicity is African-American. She is only known as Lovely Peaches, a controversial person from social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

Early life and education

She was raised in Louisiana, and according to some sources, her childhood was hard; it seems that her mother committed suicide when she was a teenager, and she was then living with her father, who was away from home almost all day, working to provide for the two of them.


There were some rumors that she dropped out of high school, and ran away from home, and then found two men who became her pimps, so she was a prostitute in her teenage years. In one of her videos, she talked about how she lost her virginity when she was thirteen with a man who was thirty-five years old at that time, and whom she met on Facebook.

She said that she called him into her house, and they were watching the Disney channel, and at some moment he started touching and kissing her, she said they were in love, so she took off her shirt, and agreed to have sex. Lovely Peaches said a shocking sentence after that, she’d said that she had sex with a hundred men by the time she was fourteen.


Why is she famous?

Certainly ‘celebrity’ or ‘influencer’ isn’t the right word to describe the presence of this girl on the internet, however, she is known as someone who did some disgusting and terrible things, sharing all that with her followers.

For almost five years, Lovely Peaches was a controversial social-media figure, although many people think that she is trolling – some of her videos proved the opposite.

She established her Instagram account, which is being followed by over 135,000 people, and although it was banned, she somehow retrieved it.

It was banned because she posted nudity and pornography content onto it, and had even hired a 30-years-old man to rape TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, and was making videos bragging about how she gives to married men sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), so that they can ‘pass it on to their wives’.

Another thing that is condemned is that she abused her four months old daughter, choking, spitting on and hitting on her, and even spoke about how she paid grown men to have sex with her daughter.

The internet user, known under the name Anna Veiden, started a petition on change.org to ban Lovely Peaches from social media, and there are over 10,000 signatures of people who support this petition.


Lovely Peaches’ TikTok account is banned, however, she still posts onto her Instagram, although she changed her moniker to ‘lovelypeachespopsinger100’, and still, you can see some pictures featuring herself in underwear in provocative poses.


In January 2021, Lovely Peaches started a live Instagram video featuring her abusing her dog Max, spraying perfume into the eyes of the dog, and then picked him up by its neck, laughing and saying that before all this she broke its legs.

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In another video she was saying ‘If this one dies too, I’ll eat it on live for you guys’, and then she said that she threw a dog through a window and that it died.

One of the viewers called the police, and they arrested Lovely Peaches on charges of animal cruelty – when they asked her why she did it, her answer was: ‘I knew it would get me attention on the internet’.

Love life and relationships

As we already mentioned, her love life is full of inappropriate content, although it’s unsure if these are all true, just speaking about a minor who has a sex with hundred men sounds bad.


Her daughter’s father is unknown, and after she posted videos of abusing the baby, Cora Miracle, back in 2020, people reported her to Child Protective Service, and the child’s custody was given to her grandfather, and Lovely Peaches was barred from visiting.

Talking about her relationship, it seems that, according to her Instagram posts, she is in a relationship with a 67-year-old man, with whom she lives now; she calls him ‘my bae’ and she posted some photos featuring herself and her boyfriend in the bed.

As of November 2021, she hasn’t been married or engaged, and has a daughter.

Other controversies about Lovely Peaches

Lovely Peaches gained fame with her songs “Burnin’ N’ Itchin”, “You Don’t Know Me”, “Walk It Like A Boss” among others.

She has a YouTube channel under the moniker ‘Lovelypeachesmusic 100′ launched on 26 June 2019, and all of her videos combined have over six million views. However, most of the comments under her videos are saying that she should ask for help, that she is mentally ill, and most people dislike her.

There were some rumors that Lovely Peaches is dead, as for a while, she wasn’t posting onto her social media accounts, however, it seems that she started rumors about her death just to increase the number of her followers.

It seems that she was under the investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for a year, because of her disturbing posts, saying in one of her posts that she sold Cora Miracle to sex traffickers, and then after that claimed that she killed her.


After taking her into custody, the official statement of the agent was: ‘The FBI has ensured that Peaches will no longer have access to hurting Cora or any other children. She is being prosecuted and will pay for what she’s done.’

Age, appearance, and net worth

Lovely Peaches is 20 years old, she has short black hair and brown eyes, weighs around 250lbs (115kgs) and is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall.

According to some sources, as of late 2021, her net worth has been estimated at $50,000.

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