What is Kamaia Fairburn Famous for? Her Age, Height, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Who is Kamaia Fairburn?

British actress and social media personality Kamaia Fairburn was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio on 12 November 2003, in England. She has 11 acting credits and is perhaps known best for playing Julia in 13 episodes of the 2020 action adventure science fiction series “Endlings”, which J. J. Johnson created, and which starred Louisa Zhu, Michela Luci and Cale Ferrin. It follows four children growing up on Earth now that its last elephant has disappeared, and the series won two of its 19 award nominations.

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Early life and education

Kamaia was raised alongside her siblings Kai and Amoi in England, by their father Mitchelle and mother Christine Fairburn; Kamaia rarely talks about her family in public, but it’s known that they’re very close as she’s featured them in many of her Instagram pictures and videos.

Kamaia fell in love with acting while attending the local elementary school Wexford School, and she was 11 when she made her debut film appearance, playing Aaliyah in the 2014 biographical musical “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”, directed by Bradley Walsh, and which starred Elena Juatco and Alexandra Shipp. It follows the life of the late singer-songwriter Aaliyah who died in a 2001 plane crash.

Kamaia then focused on acting, and when it was time to enroll at high school in 2018, she chose to be homeschooled.


Roles in TV series

Kamaia’s debut TV series role was playing Young Girl in the 2016 episode “The Adventures of Supergirl” of the action “Supergirl”, and the year 2018 saw her play Agent Olina in two episodes of the action adventure comedy “Odd Squad”.

Also in 2018, she played one of the lead characters Diamond Brooks in all 20 episodes of the family comedy “Star Falls”, created by George Doty IV, and which also starred Siena Agudong, Dion Johnstone and Elena V. Wolfe. It follows Sophia who’s persuaded famous actor Craig Brooks to live in her house while she’s shooting for a movie in another city, hoping that he would fall in love with her mother; the series won three of its nine award nominations.


From 2018 through 2022, Kamaia played Piper Parish in 31 episodes of the family musical “Holly Hobbie”, which Sarah Glinski created, and which starred Hunter Dillon, Saara Chaundry and Ruby Jay. It follows the life of 13 years old singer-songwriter Holly Hobbie who’s dreaming about saving the world, and the series won five of its 52 award nominations.

The year 2022 saw Kamaia play Kayla in eight episodes of the popular comedy “Blockbuster”, created by Vanessa Ramos, and which starred Olga Merediz, Melissa Fumero and Randall Park. It follows the lives of people employed at a small business, and the series won only a single award.

Kamaia’s only other TV series role has been voicing one of the main characters Layla Fletcher in all nine episodes of the 2023 animated adventure comedy “Unicorn Academy”, created by Michelle Lamoreaux and Robert Lamoreaux, and which also starred Sara Garcia and Sadie Garcia. It follows a teenage girl and her five schoolmates who have to save Unicorn Island from being destroyed by a dark force.


Roles in movies

Kamaia’s appeared in only one other film besides “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B”.

She played Mia in the 2023 family comedy “Good Burger 2”, which Phil Traill directed, and which starred Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson and Kel Mitchell. It follows Dex who’s back at his job at Good Burger as his latest invention has failed; the film was nominated for a single award.

Other credits

Kamaia sang the song “Shine” in the episodes “The Hesitant Heroine” and “The Thwarted Thespian” of the 2019 series “Holly Hobbie”.

Awards and nominations

Kamaia’s been nominated for four awards. Her first nomination was a 2019 Young Entertainer Award for Best Young Ensemble – Television Series for her and her colleagues’ performance in “Star Falls”, and she’s since been nominated for two Joey Awards for Best TV or Webseries Ensemble and Best Actress in a Recurring Role TV Family or Comedy 13+, and a 2022 Canadian Screen Award for Best Performance, Children’s or Youth, all for her performance in “Endlings”.

Love life and relationships

Kamaia shies away from talking about her love life in public, but there’s a girl whom she often features in her Instagram pictures, that her fans believe to be her girlfriend.

Most of Kamaia’s fans believe that her secrecy about her love life means that she’s lesbian; some have claimed to have seen her spending time with her girlfriend at clubs in both London, England and Los Angeles, California, but no evidence has been provided to support these claims.


There are also those who claim that perhaps Kamaia isn’t interested in love as she’s currently focused on her career, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

The popular actress seems to be unattached as of January 2024, doesn’t have children and hasn’t married.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Kamaia enjoys being active on the internet, and close to 50,000 people are following her on Instagram; she’s shared a few over 220 pictures and videos and most of these feature her spending time with her friends, travelling around the world and acting in her TV series.

Kamaia’s vegan and uses her popularity on the internet to try and convince other people not to eat meat.

She likes to go shopping for clothes with her best friends in her spare time; Kamaia’s a fashionista as she reads fashion magazines nearly every day.

One of her favorite singers is Sting, and one of her favorite songs is “Englishman in New York”.

One of Kamaia’s favorite actors is Tom Hiddleston, and a couple of her favorite movies and TV series are “Loki”, “The Night Manager” and “Kong: Skull Island”.

Height, age and net worth

Kamaia’s age is 20. She’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs around 125lbs (57kgs) and has brown hair and eyes.

Kamaia’s net worth’s been estimated at over $250,000, as of January 2024.

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