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April 18, 2024
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Born under the sign of Taurus on 7 May 2003, in Virginia, USA, Julia Antonelli is a 20-year-old Caucasian actress and singer. She’s perhaps easiest to recognize thanks to starring in a few high-profile titles, most prominently “Beau Is Afraid” and “Outer Banks.” Aside from that, she’s also had a number of other professional engagements, enjoying a moderately successful career in the entertainment industry since 2015.

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Early life & education: An artsy academic

Julia was initially raised in her birthplace alongside her older brother Aiden, by her mother Caroline Daly, who’s a psychologist, and her father of an unknown name, a high school teacher. Being brought up in an educationally diverse environment had a profound effect on young Antonelli, as her artistic aspirations were mixed with a strong desire for academic achievement. An affinity for the stage easily set her apart from the rest of the family, and her parents did their best to support this infant talent. As a result, Julia was actively involved in her local elementary school’s drama club, and participated in several school plays, all of which ultimately led her to start attending auditions at the age of 12.

She was educated at Sparta High School in New Jersey, to where the family moved after her earliest years in Virginia, matriculating from there in 2021. While there, Julia also engaged in a number of physical activities through her newfound dedication to bodily well-being, participating in track and volleyball more than most of her peers. As part of focusing on her career, the young actress took up singing and dancing as well, managing multiple extracurricular activities throughout her school years. Following matriculation, she elected to follow her path in Hollywood, instead of pursuing a college degree.


Career: A rising Netflix star

Antonelli first sought employment as an actress through various agencies and auditions, ultimately landing a role that would prove to be quite a significant first venture in the industry. She found herself playing Jessie Novoa in 15 episodes of the TV family comedy drama series entitled “Every Witch Way” in 2015. This teen sitcom by Nickelodeon proved a great success among audiences worldwide, prompting the production team to create a spin-off show entitled “WITS Academy.” Meanwhile, the fourth season that Julia participated in was announced as the well-deserved grand finale, adding that much more prestige to her debut role. The spin-off came to the screens on 5 October 2015, featuring Julia’s character once more, but was unfortunately short-lived, having ended after only the first season’s 20 episodes.

Julia’s first appearance in a feature film came the following year, portraying Katie in Dan Lagana and Cody Blue Snider’s comedy entitled “Right Hand Guy.” She proceeded to go strongly in 2017, taking on the part of Young Maggie in “Trouble,” although the film wasn’t rated particularly as high, with only 4.5 on IMDb. Her presence in films seen as mediocre continued through to 2018, which saw her in the role of Grace in Eric Champnella’s family sport film entitled “Alex & Me,” with only a 5.5 rating. She went on an hiatus for a year thereafter, which seemed to do wonders for her career, as in 2020 she jumped right back in the saddle to portray Siena in an episode of Brian Koppelman’s highly acclaimed drama entitled “Billions.” She thus had the opportunity of sharing the set with the legendary Damian Lewis of world-renowned “Band of Brothers,” who plays the titular character.

More importantly, what is most often considered her breakthrough role came in 2020 as well, in the form of Wheezie Cameron in the award-winning TV action crime drama series by Shannon Burke entitled “Outer Banks,” which saw significant success on the world stage, with a 7.5 rating on IMDb, and its fourth season teased by various high-profile media outlets. Naturally, the lucky fans will be seeing Antonelli on screen in this very role for the foreseeable future, as the series keeps picking up steam well into its third year of running. She’s appeared in 16 out of its 31 episodes by the end of 2023, which marks her presence there as noticeably significant.


For the moment, her latest film experience was playing Teen Elaine in 2023’s “Beau is Afraid,” alongside the great Joaquin Phoenix. “Outer Banks” notwithstanding, another one of her upcoming screen presences is as Dani in 2024’s “The Satchel and the Pink Wig” – a short film. This amounts to nine credited roles for the aspiring actress, marking the start of a possibly prosperous Hollywood career.

Love life: Is she dating anyone?

Provided Julia’s young age and evident focus on her career in Hollywood, it’s not very surprising that she isn’t keen on sharing particulars regarding her romantic involvements, due to which the fans believe she is most likely single. Her social media platforms don’t reveal any potential beau either, which only further contributes to this idea. However, her brother has been married to a certain Caroline Haye for at least a few years.

The star of “Outer Banks”

The young actress’ talent apparently shone through in “Outer Banks,” piquing the interest of the masses enough for several media outlets to invite her for an interview. She sat down with IDS News on 26 March 2023 to relay her thoughts and feelings regarding the experience of filming the series, and more. Julia expressed immense enjoyment when queried about her emotions on the set, describing the atmosphere as akin to a large group of friends, emphasizing the welcoming and familial nature of the cast and crew.

Reflecting on her favorite moment from the series, Antonelli mentioned a scene from the first season, in which her character had to feign vomiting in a toilet. Despite the unconventional nature of the scene, the camaraderie on set turned it into a lighthearted and memorable experience. As for her interactions with an older cast, considering that she joined the show at a relatively young age, Julia likened them to older siblings.


She credited her passion for acting to her mother, who had a background in Broadway, which ultimately led her to pursue acting herself. The actress shared that entering the industry at a young age was surprisingly pleasant, highlighting how it helped her overcome shyness, allowing her to communicate effectively with adults.

When delving into her acting process, Julia revealed that she considers the character’s background in any particular scene. For Wheezie, she draws on her own experiences as an annoying little sister, to bring authenticity to the character. She added that it was also difficult to attend to her educational duties during the filming, but that the flexibility of online schooling, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, eased the process. Looking ahead, she expressed excitement about her upcoming movie, “Beau Is Afraid.”

Net worth: How rich is she?

Some of the most reputable media outlets have estimated the accumulated wealth of Julia Antonelli at close to $1.5 million, garnered over eight years of mostly recurring roles, to which her work in “Outer Banks” is a rather notable exception, and evidently the greatest single source of income she has had during her eight-year career in entertainment.

Body measurements: What is her height?

Antonelli is 5ft 2ins (157cms) tall, weighs about 100lbs (45kgs), with vital statistics of 30-22-30, bra size 28B, and shoe size 5(US). She has dark brown hair and eyes, with a rather fair complexion, and a body type most often described as slim.

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