Who is Fletcher Shears? His Age, Height, Gender, Dating, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Fletcher Shears is one half of the musical duo known as The Garden, a band from Orange County, California, consisting of Fletcher and his twin brother Wyatt Shears. They are known for their unique blend of punk, electronic, and experimental music. Fletcher Shears serves as the drummer and vocalist for the band.

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Fletcher Shears Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Fletcher Shears was born on 28 October 1993, in California USA, with his twin brother Wyatt who is also a musician. He hasn’t revealed many details about his parents, such as their names, while it’s believed that his father is a saxophonist, and his mother a retired professional dancer.

Growing up, he had many interests, including playing soccer, running track, and appearing in school plays, but his love for music prevailed. Even before high school matriculation, Fletcher launched his music career.

Career Beginnings

Fletcher and his twin brother Wyatt formed the band Ms. Hannah’s Victims – often styled M.H.V. – in the late 2000s, and released their first EP in 2010. This was followed by the release of their debut album “Smile” in 2011, but since then have departed from the band.


Success with The Garden

Fletcher Shears, alongside his twin brother Wyatt, is the co-founder and drummer-vocalist of the American experimental rock band, The Garden. The duo established the band in 2011, initially as a side project of their band M.H.V before fully committing to The Garden.

In 2013, The Garden marked the release of their first album, “The Life and Times of a Paperclip”, following earlier EPs. The band’s unique blend of punk, electronic, and experimental sounds caught the attention of music enthusiasts. In 2015, The Garden signed with Epitaph Records, releasing their second studio album, “Haha”, which gained critical acclaim.

The following years saw the band’s expansion, with extensive tours across the US, Europe, the UK, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. In 2017 they toured the US as an opening act for Mac Briare Samuel Lanyon DeMarco, a famous Canadian singer-songwriter. Notably, they graced the Coachella stage in 2019 and 2023, major events in their career.

The Garden continued to evolve with subsequent releases, including the 2018 album “Mirror Might Steal Your Charm” and the 2020 album “Kiss My Super Bowl Ring”, featuring production from notable artists such as Dylan Brady and James Bulled.


In 2022, The Garden released their fifth studio album, “Horseshit on Route 66”, accompanied by singles such as “Freight Yard”, “Orange County Punk Rock Legend”, and “Chainsaw the Door”. The album dropped on 8 September 2022, and the band celebrated their continued success with a performance at the 22nd Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April 2023.

The Garden has a dedicated YouTube channel on which a number of official videos are shared. Some of the most popular music videos include “The Garden – Chainsaw The Door (Official Video)“, which has over 565,000 views, and “The Garden – “Orange County Punk Rock Legend”, with more than 500,000 views.

Other Side Projects

In addition to his role in The Garden, Fletcher Shears has delved into various musical explorations through the solo project known as Puzzle. Launched in 2012, Puzzle served as an outlet for Fletcher to create distinct music outside The Garden’s framework. The project has undergone significant evolution while maintaining its authentic roots, and has seen the release of 22 albums and several EPs, showcasing Fletcher’s versatility and commitment to artistic expression. Notable albums from Puzzle include “That’s Fine” debut release in 2013, then “Mental” (2014), “Laying in the Sand” (2016), and the most recent album “The Rotten Opera” in 2023.

To speak further of his accomplishments, Fletcher has performed with the band Flipper live.

He’s also invested in modeling, and has campaigned for Yves Saint Lauren, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, and UGG, among others.

Fletcher has promoted his work in music and modeling on his official Instagram page, and is a star with more than 150,000 followers.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Fletcher Shears’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, as of early 2024.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single

Fletcher Shears is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity Danish girl, whom he met during one of his band’s performances. While he hasn’t disclosed her name and profession, fans speculate she might be a nurse. There are unconfirmed rumors of an engagement, and plans to marry in 2024.


Hobbies, Interests, and Trivia

Fletcher and his brother paint their faces, using white face paint and black lipstick during performances. They share a passion for physical activity, working out at the gym, and playing soccer and basketball. In his free time, Fletcher enjoys playing the video game “Fortnite: Battle Royale”.

The success of The Garden has allowed Fletcher to travel extensively. His dream destination is Kyoto, Japan, inspired by his admiration for Japanese culture.

AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and The Beatles are some of the bands he looks up to. Fletcher is skilled in playing multiple instruments, with the guitar being his favorite.

Heath Ledger is one of his favorite actors, and movies such as “Casanova”, “Ned Kelly”, and “The Brothers Grimm” are among his favorites.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Fletcher Shars has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 6ft 1in (1.85m), while he weighs approximately 170lbs (78kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, but he has a slim figure.

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