What is Adolfo Angel doing Today? His Age, Spouse, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Adolfo Angel: The Musical Maestro Behind Los Temerarios

He stands as a maestro in the Mexican music scene, revered for his role as the keyboardist, director, and second voice of the legendary musical group Los Temerarios. Adolfo Angel’s journey in the world of music spans over four decades, marked by unparalleled success and enduring contributions to the Latin music landscape. As a founding member of Los Temerarios, his artistry and creative prowess have shaped the group’s identity, leading them to become one of the most influential and commercially successful acts in the history of Mexican music.

Adolfo’s ability to craft emotionally resonant melodies and his multifaceted roles as a composer, producer, and performer has left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Beyond the stage, Adolfo Ángel’s personal and professional journey weaves a tapestry of triumphs, challenges, and a commitment to musical excellence. Let’s learn more about him.

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Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Born Adolfo Angel Alba under the zodiac sign of Virgo on 1 September 1963, in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, he holds Mexican nationality. Raised by his parents Julio Angel and Delfina Alba, Adolfo embarked on his musical journey at a young age.

As a teenager, he founded Conjunto La Brisa, which his brother Gustavo Angel joined as a vocalist. Their musical synergy quickly gained popularity, prompting them to adopt the name Los Temerarios, with Adolfo on keyboards and director, and Gustavo on guitar and second voice.


Rise to Prominence

Over the past three decades, Los Temerarios under the leadership of Adolfo and Gustavo, has become one of the most successful musical groups in Mexican history. With a remarkable ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with soul-stirring melodies, they’ve sold approximately 45 million records worldwide. Their achievements include certifications of gold and platinum for their albums, and captivating performances on prestigious stages including the Azteca Stadium and the National Auditorium.

Musical Legacy

Adolfo Angel stands as the creative force behind Los Temerarios, contributing as a founder, leader, musician, second voice, producer, arranger, musical director and composer for most of the group’s songs. Some of their timeless hits, including “I Love You”, “My Life Is You”, “The Woman of the Two”, “Your Last Song”, and “I Did You Wrong”, continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Recognition and Awards

In recognition of their unparalleled contributions to the world of music, the government of Zacatecas bestowed upon Gustavo and Adolfo the title of Distinguished Citizen, acknowledging their role in disseminating Mexican music globally. Furthermore, in 2015, Adolfo Angel received a Career Recognition Award from the Sociedad de Autores y Compositores de México (SACM) for his 25 years of outstanding contributions to composition.

Beyond Music: Filmography

Adolfo Angel’s influence extends beyond the musical realm. He’s ventured into the world of film, appearing in movies such as “Lola La Trailera III” (1991) and “Dream and Reality” (1993). The 1996 film “The Woman of the Two” also features Adolfo Angel, showcasing his versatility and multifaceted talents.

After four decades of uninterrupted musical activity, Adolfo Angel reflects on the remarkable journey of Los Temerarios, emphasizing the joy derived from the process itself. As ‘El Temerario Mayor’ (The Major Daredevil), Adolfo’s contributions have not only shaped the group’s success but have also left an enduring legacy in the annals of Mexican music history. His passion, creativity, and dedication continue to inspire fans, making Adolfo Angel Alba an enduring figure in the world of music.


Love Life and Spouse

Adolfo has had a colorful love life with connections to prominent figures in the entertainment industry. One significant chapter involves his past relationship with Mexican actress, singer and host Verónica Castro. Adolfo publicly declared his love for her on live television, serenading her with the heartfelt song “La Mujer Que Soñé” (“The Woman I Dreamed of”). Despite initial hopes of marriage, their romance eventually faded.

Alessandra Rosaldo, the lead singer of Sentidos Opuestos, also entered Adolfo’s romantic history. Their relationship, which started when he was 31 and she was 23, faced challenges and ended after a year and a half, with rumors of Adolfo’s alleged infidelity. Another notable figure in his romantic journey is Mexican singer and actress Mariana Alejandra Seoane García. They dated before her rise to fame, and even after their break-up, Adolfo played a pivotal role in producing her debut album, “La Niña Buena” (“The Good Girl”).

Lastly, Gabriela Ghilino, Adolfo’s wife and mother of his three children, marked a period of stability in his love life. The couple married in 2002 but divorced in 2010, and details about the separation indicate that Gaby received a portion of the musician’s assets. With Los Temerarios on their farewell tour, the current status of Adolfo Angel’s heart remains a mystery, leaving fans curious about the next chapter in his romantic journey.

What is Adolfo Angel Doing Now?

Adolfo is currently making waves in the music industry with the band’s grand return to touring after a four-year hiatus enforced by the pandemic shutdown. Known as a touring titan, the inability to perform live during this period was a significant departure for the group.


Their comeback is characterized by a robust 22-date tour across the US, hitting major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Houston. This tour not only signifies their enduring popularity but also celebrates their remarkable 40-year journey in music. To further commemorate this milestone, Los Temerarios are set to release a special edition vinyl entitled “La Colección”.

In addition to the tour and vinyl release, the group is gearing up for a highly anticipated album featuring 10 brand-new songs. The recording of this album is scheduled to take place after the tour concludes, promising fans an exciting new chapter in the enduring legacy of Los Temerarios.


How Rich is Adolfo Angel? His Net Worth

Adolfo’s accumulated his wealth primarily through his successful career in the music industry as a musician, composer and producer. As a founding member, keyboardist, and second voice of the renowned musical group Los Temerarios, Adolfo has been instrumental in the group’s commercial success. Their financial success is attributed to their extensive discography, consistent chart-topping hits, and successful tours that have attracted large audiences.

According to sources, as of January 2024, Adolfo’s net worth has been estimated at over $1.5 million.

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