Where is Alma Cero Today? Her Age, Height, Appearance, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Who is Alma Cero?

Mexican actress, singer, ballerina and TV show host Alma Cero Delgado Quintero, was born under the zodiac sign Leo on 8 August 1975 in Mexico City. She has 14 acting credits and is perhaps known best for starring as Gigi de Quintana in all 106 episodes of the 2023 drama series “Minas de Pasion”, which also starred Anette Michel, Osvaldo de Leon and Livia Brito, and follows single mother Emilia who’s fallen in love with Leonardo, one of the wealthiest people in Mexico.

Alma’s today quite active in the film industry and is working on multiple upcoming projects.

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Education and early life

Alma was raised alongside her older brother in Mexico City solely by their mother Patricia Quintero, as their parents divorced not long after she was born; her father Enrique Cero abandoned the family when she was six and the two had no contact whatsoever in the following 10 years. Alma’s revealed that her brother suffers from bipolar disorder and was violent towards her and her mother while they were growing up; Alma has several younger paternal half-siblings.

She attended a local high school in Mexico City, and was into various activities during her teenage years as she took dance lessons, appeared in school plays and played sports. Alma matriculated in 1993 and then enrolled at Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura, at which she further honed her acting, dancing and singing skills; this was followed by her enrollment at the Centro de Educacion Artistica of Televisa.


Alma’s acting career

Alma’s debut TV series role was playing Modelo in the episodes “Trampa Mortal” and “Una Nueva Mujer” of the 2004 romantic drama “Wooden Woman”, which starred Maria Sorte, Jaime Camil and Gabriel Soto, and follows Marissa who’s just lost her father in a wild forest fire, and has become the owner of his ranch “Las Cuspides”.

The year 2005 saw Alma appear in all 18 episodes of the comedy series “Par de Ases”, which starred Luis de Alba and Alejandro Suarez, and follows the lives of two elderly men. The following a couple of years saw her appear in an episode or two of the comedy “Sabadazo”, another comedy “Parodiando” and the drama “Como Dice el Dicho”, and the year 2013 saw her play a supporting character in six episodes of the romantic series “The Tempest”; it starred William Levy, Ivan Sanchez and Ximena Navarrete, and follows Marina who’s been fired from her job because she helped a woman who claimed that she was raped.


From 2009 through 2014, Alma played Rosa Aurora Santacruz in 33 episodes of the comedy series “Maria de Todos los Angeles”, created by Reyna Margarita Chavez Escalante, and which starred Mara Escalante and Ariel Miramontes; it follows Maria who’s fallen in love with Albertano, while his family’s against their relationship.

Alma appeared in the drama series “Tumbaburros” in 2016, and the following year saw her star as Isabela ‘Chabela’ Bravo in all 129 episodes of the fantasy comedy series “Tres Familias”, created by Eddie Gonzalez Ibarra, and which also starred Carlos Espejel and Ingrid Martz; it follows two women who are in love with the same man.

In 2021, Alma appeared in an episode of two comedy series “Dr. Candido Perez” and “Perdiendo el Juicio”, and in 2023, she played Rosa Aurora in the episode “Una Hermana Mediatica” of the comedy series “Albertano Contra los Mostros”, which starred Alejandro Tommasi, Galilea Montijo and Rafael Inclan, and follows the feud between Albertano, the witch Casilda and businesswoman Lola D’Bo.


Alma’s only other acting credit has been playing Jarocha in all 14 episodes of the 2023 comedy series “El Principe del Barrio”, which starred Luis Fernando Pena, Violeta Isfel and Ariel Miramontes, and follows Albertano who’s moved away from his family and is now seeking fortune and love in Lomas de Chacaltepec.

Alma’s been focused on appearing in TV series since the launch of her acting career and is yet to appear in a movie.

Other credits

Alma starred in 197 episodes of the 2012 comedy talk-show “Estrella 2”, and the year 2016 saw her appear in two episodes of the talk-show “Noches con Platanito”.

Love life and relationships

Alma rarely talks about her love life in public, but we know about a couple of men whom she’s dated, in fact in 1996 she married a Mexican professional ballet dancer whose name remains undisclosed, and the following year saw Alma give birth to their son Bruno Vego Cero; the two divorced not long afterwards.

She was in a long-term relationship with Edwin Luna, a famous Mexican singer-songwriter, model and social media personality born on 6 September 1987, meaning that he’s 12 years Alma’s junior. The two met at a party organized by a mutual friend in 2014, and they went on to feature each other in many of their internet content.

Alma’s today engaged to Enrique Orozco, a Mexican businessman and CEO of Clinica Dreo – Trasplante Capilar; they often feature each other in their Instagram pictures and videos, and it’s widely believed that they’ll be exchanging vows in mid-2024.


Interesting facts and hobbies

Alma enjoys being active on Instagram, and over a million people are following her on the network today; she’s shared close to 3,000 pictures, with most of her newer content featuring her spending time with her fiancé Enrique.

Alma enjoys taking care of her physique, as she has several training sessions at the gym every week, while she also follows a strict diet.

It’s widely believed that Alma’s enhanced her breasts, as some of her fans have also posted ‘before and after’ pictures of her, but this hasn’t been addressed by the popular actress.

She’s into travelling, and has been all around South and North America, mostly for work but also for pleasure.

One of Alma’s favorite actresses is Melissa Barrera, and a couple of her favorite TV series are “Keep Breathing”, “Club de Cuervos” and “Vida”.

Net worth, height and age

Alma’s age is 48. She has brown hair and eyes, is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall and weighs around 120lbs (58kgs).

Alma’s net worth’s been estimated at more than $5 million, as of January 2024.

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