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April 18, 2024
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The Slaton sisters from the reality television show, “1000-lb Sisters,” experienced a rollercoaster ride during their weight-loss journey which started in 2020. The sisters began their fitness quest with the help of a medical expert in Atlanta, but only one of them was successful in acquiring bariatric surgery, with the other dropped by her doctor as she continued to struggle to qualify for the same procedure by demonstrating commitment to weight loss. As their priorities shifted in the third season, Amy and Tammy made decisions individually that changed the trajectory of their lives, which could end up straining their relationship permanently. The show has become one of the most-watched reality-TV shows on TLC, and the Slaton sisters became two of the most recognized faces in the world of reality television.

The premise of the “1000-lb Sisters”

“1000-lb Sisters” made its TV debut on 1 January 2020 on Discovery Channel’s affiliate network, TLC. It featured the weight-loss journey of two morbidly obese women from Dixon, Kentucky, whose combined weight of over 1,000lbs, close to 450kgs, which has fascinated millions of viewers around the world.


They both seek medical intervention as they need to lose weight to be healthier, and at the same time be able to achieve their ultimate life goals. The TV show explored the difficulties that obese people deal with each day, the many reasons why they reached that unhealthy stage, and the options that are available to change their lives.

Who are the Slaton Sisters: Amy and Tammy

In 2014, the Slaton sisters attracted attention when younger sister Amy uploaded on her YouTube Channel a video of them having a grand time doing the “Chubby Bunny Challenge.” Two overweight individuals filling their mouths with a certain number of marshmallows and uttering the words, ‘Chubby Bunny’ was highly entertaining for a lot of people, and it went viral, gaining over a million views at that time. The trending video reached some of the TLC’s creative people, and they offered the sisters a chance to star in their own reality-TV show entitled “1000-lbs Sisters.”

Amy Slaton weighed 405lbs during the first season

Between the two Slaton sisters, Amy was less heavy at about 405lbs or 180kgs when the show started airing. At that time, she was already married to her high school boyfriend, Michael Halterman, who worked as a mill operator.


She relied on government assistance through the monthly disability program as she was born with an eye defect; one of her eyes was later declared legally blind. She was already taking care of her sister, Tammy, who was living with them. The sisters were bullied when they were young, due to their weight, and even their own mother called them names such as ugly, stupid, and fat; they only felt genuine love from their grandmother. The sisters made a vow as kids that they would forever take care of each other when they grew up.

Tammy Slaton, weighed over 600lbs during the first season

The older sister, Tammy, weighed over 600lbs or about 270kgs when she first appeared in the series, “1000-lb Sisters.” She already had mobility issues – couldn’t walk without the aid of a walker, and became tired after walking just a few steps. She needed someone to assist her with her daily routines, including taking a bath, changing clothes, cooking, and just moving around. Amy practically took care of her along with Michael every single day. Tammy didn’t have a good relationship with her mother, and after her grandmother passed away when she was 11 years old, things spiraled down.


Food was her major comfort, and she became an emotional eater. Since they didn’t have enough money to have food options, they mostly ate unhealthy junk food and fast food, although that can be more expensive.

Slaton Sisters Weight-Loss Journey

The TV series, “1000-lbs Sisters,” premiered in 2020, with both sisters apparently determined to get the help that they needed. Amy’s ultimate goal for losing weight was to become pregnant, and Tammy’s was to regain her independence. They also knew that they needed to live a healthier lifestyle simply to prolong their lives. While they were both determined to lose weight, they faced many obstacles. Problems kept popping up along the way, some of which were unfortunately created by the two of them, with the ‘help’ of some enablers.

The Beginning – Season 1

Tammy had several health issues even before she and her sister decided to seek medical intervention to ameliorate their obesity. She has hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, a problem with her gallbladder, and one of her lungs had a blot clot.


All of these issues had led her to be put on life support twice in the past, episodes she didn’t want to repeat. While Amy doesn’t share her sister’s mobility problems, she realized that if she didn’t do something about her weight, she might end up just like her.

Before they made the huge step of consulting with a doctor for bariatric surgery, they went to their mother to discuss it. It was the first time Tammy traveled in eight years using a car, as the only time she’d been out of the house was in an ambulance. Since she tires easily, the trip to their mother was Amy and Michael’s gauge if Tammy could do it without significant extra problems. The only way for Tammy to comfortably ride the car was to sit on the floor at the back with all the seats folded. While she didn’t have any untoward incidents during the trip, meeting their mother was another story. Their mother, Darlene, wasn’t very supportive, and even told her daughters that she expected them to chicken out in the end. Darlene might have her reasons for saying that, but it wouldn’t have hurt to be a little more encouraging.


Amy arranged for an online consultation first, because the medical expert that they chose was based in Atlanta, Georgia. From the get-go, Dr. Charles Daniel Procter Jr. advised them that they both needed to get the procedure as soon as they could arrange it. When they came in for a face-to-face consultation, the doctor was able to examine both of them properly. One of the pre-requisites to avail of the surgery was to lose about 100lbs. They were given instructions on how to start their weight-loss journey, including eating right and doing some daily exercises. At first, everything seemed to be going great, but eventually Tammy started becoming grumpier, and the sisters fought most of the time. Before the first season ended, it was only Amy who was able to undergo surgery, because Tammy had a hard time sticking to the diet. Dr. Procter dropped Tammy as a patient, since it would be difficult for him to monitor her progress efficiently as they lived in Kentucky, which was about a five to six-hour drive from his clinic.

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New Doctor, New Problems – Season 2

The relationship between the Slaton sisters became a little strained, because of what happened in the first season. When Tammy had a setback, she became meaner and would lash out at Amy. She was frustrated with herself, and while she was happy for Amy, there was a tinge of jealousy as she witnessed her sister’s success. Amy, on the other hand, understood where Tammy was coming from, and avoided getting into confrontations with her. While she continued to lose weight in the second season, she placed herself in a risky situation by becoming pregnant. She and Michael were ecstatic with the news, since it was her ultimate motivation for wanting to lose weight. However, the timing wasn’t right, and the doctor told her that it could be dangerous for her since the wounds from her bariatric surgery weren’t healed yet. The doctor was concerned that her body wouldn’t be able to handle all the changes, and it would have been less risky if they had waited for two more years.

Due to Amy’s pregnancy, she couldn’t assist Tammy each day, and so their brother Chris Combs volunteered to help and monitor her.

Tammy moved right next door to Amy’s place so as not to be a burden to her pregnant sister. Chris, who was also overweight, was inspired to enter the same weight-loss journey while taking care of Tammy. With the new doctor, Dr. Eric Smith, Tammy along with Chris was determined to qualify for the bariatric surgery.  However, her new boyfriend, Jerry, proved to be detrimental to her plans as suspected by Chris. When they went back to the doctor for another consultation, instead of losing weight, Tammy had gained more, and now weighed 665lbs, over 300kgs. Jerry likes big girls and instead of encouraging her to limit her food intake, he enabled her to eat more; it was later discovered that she’d eaten her 30-day meal plan in just two days.

The second season ended with Amy delivering the baby without complications, but through a caesarian operation because of the baby’s breech position. They named the baby Gage Deon Halterman, and everyone was relieved that both mother and son were in good condition.


If everything went well with Amy, it was one problem after the other with Tammy, as in the final episode she was rushed to the hospital due to the Covid-19 virus.

Tammy’s Woes, Slaton Siblings Vacation – Season 3

The third installment of “1000-lb Sisters” proved to be one of the most engrossing, with all five Slaton siblings featured in it. There were many revelations, fights, and life-altering decisions.

Tammy was shown staying at a rehab facility to treat her food addiction, and that would mean more time for Amy to focus on her family. However, Tammy left the rehab center prematurely as she was terribly homesick, and Chris came to pick her up. It was unfortunate, as she was only about 40lbs short of completing her required weight loss to qualify for the bariatric surgery. To make matters worse, she has a new boyfriend, Phillip aka BBWKing, who only dated people over 300lbs, and was enabling her to consume more food; everyone around her was appalled by her choices of men.


Later on, she confessed to Amy that she broke up with Phillip because he told her that her main problem was her insecurities, and that she’s tired of fighting with him. Amy told her to use her experience with him as motivation to lose weight.

This was also the season in which the two sisters had one of their nastiest fights. It was when Amy and Chris suggested that they hire the services of a nurse to assist Tammy, but she was against it. They argued about it and Tammy went ballistic – she was becoming meaner and meaner when things didn’t go her way. Since Chris and Amy have their own priorities to attend to, they hired a nurse, Tisa, to assist Tammy. Initially it went well, and fans couldn’t help but love Tisa because she wouldn’t put up with Tammy’s manipulations. At that time, Tisa became the fan-favorite when you look at the online conversation of fans on forums and social media. They all agreed that the nurse was what Tammy needed to successfully lose the required weight before surgery. So, fans were curious as to why Tisa no longer appeared in the series.

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There were allegations that she was slapped by Tammy but no one can confirm it. Until the TV show explains what happened to her, fans will continue to theorise about it.

When all five Slaton siblings were about to go on a vacation together for the first time in their lives, Tammy said, ‘Oh boy a family vacation, I’m excited, I can’t wait, I want to travel, I want to be free.’ Apparently, they were dirt poor when they were growing-up, and they didn’t have the money to go on trips. So, everyone was shocked when Tammy had tantrums right when they arrived at the cabin. She didn’t want to go down in the car, and told them that she didn’t want to go on vacation in the first place. She even said, ‘I want to go home, I didn’t want to come, I bend over backward for you guys, I’m a homebody at heart.’ Michael and Amy then brought her to a hotel. Even if they understood her fears, no one wanted to do anything with her at that point.

On the next day, the siblings went to have a Western-themed family photoshoot. They called Tammy, but she didn’t want to join and so they let her be.


They again reached out to her so they can have lunch together, and since it involved eating out, she said yes. While they were eating lunch, their family photos arrived. Tammy complained that they were rubbing it in her face that they had a lot of fun without her, and started using abusive language. Amanda, one of her older sisters, put Tammy in her place by calling her out on her bad attitude and selfishness. Tammy almost ruined their vacation by not wanting to be with them, but her siblings had a great time without her. It was frustrating, as they’d all planned everything so that Tammy would be comfortable but she acted like a spoiled brat. Based on the social media and online forums reactions, Amanda had become the new fan favorite, even if she had the least screen time of all the Slaton siblings, but as she voiced all of the viewers’ feelings about Tammy.

How much weight have the Slaton Sisters lost so far?

Amy initially lost 100lbs to qualify for the bariatric surgery and continued losing more.


For a time, her weight went down to 270lbs but when she became pregnant, she stopped the diet, but after giving birth, she went back on track and kept on pushing to shed more pounds. In the third season, she mentioned that she lost 40lbs and she was 50lbs short of her ultimate weight goal so had joined a workout group for mothers with small kids. Initially she was reluctant, as the other members of the group looked so stuck up but later on she found out how warm and friendly they were. It was also mentioned that she used to wear 5XL shirts, and proudly claimed that she’s now down to XL.

Tammy’s weight kept going up and down since she couldn’t deal with her food addiction. There were days she was motivated, but more days when she gave up on her goal. Her brother was worried that her current doctor might drop her too, if she continuously sabotaged her own weight-loss program.


Tammy was close to losing it altogether, especially after Amy told her that her family would be moving out, as someone made an offer on her house. She was asked if she would be okay on her own, Tammy told her that she didn’t know, but they’ll all soon find out. She was sad that she was losing her best friend. A preview of the coming episodes showed her partying with boys and drinking alcohol.

The lives of the morbidly obese sisters led fans to debate on social media many issues such as obesity, food addiction, accountability, and being an enabler. The contrasting situation of the Slaton sisters and their life-changing decisions on the show for the past three seasons has opened many people to the dangers of obesity. If initially, every fan out there of the TV show was rooting for Tammy, many of them gave up on her after watching the third season. It seems that she’s simply not serious enough to really want to change her life, which may well mean that it’s cut short.

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