How old is NyannyanCosplay? Age, Dating, Net Worth, Real Name

April 18, 2024
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What is NyannyanCosplay’s real name?

NyannyanCosplay – real name is Kat – was born in the USA, on 1 January 1999 – her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and she holds American nationality. She’s a YouTuber and a social media star, who initially gained recognition for her YouTube channel which she launched on 21 August 2013. It was also around this time that NyannyanCosplay became interested in cosplay, and began uploading videos onto the network, which featured her wearing various cosplay costumes, both created by her and purchased on the internet. Her channel is today subscribed to by nearly 45,000 people, however, it appears as NyannyanCosplay has deleted all of her videos for unknown reasons.

Early life and education

NyannyanCosplay was raised in the USA by her parents but about whom nothing’s known, as she respects their privacy; she hasn’t spoken of having any siblings, which is why most of her fans believe her to be an only child.

She grew up as a fan of animes, and became interested in cosplay the very moment she learned about it. NyannyanCosplay was quite active while attending a local high school, as she was on the school’s volleyball team, and also practiced acting with the school’s drama club; some of her other activities included playing soccer, learning the guitar, and creative writing.

She was also into video games, and because of this had more male than female friends, as the majority of other girls weren’t into gaming.


NyannyanCosplay matriculated in 2017, and because she hasn’t spoken of her further education, most people believe that she hasn’t attended college.

Presence on social media networks

NyannyanCosplay is mostly focused on running her TikTok account, which is today followed by more than 1.5 million people, and numbers close to 21 million likes of all her videos combined. The majority of these feature her wearing her cosplay costumes, while she’s also into lip syncing, dancing and telling jokes.

NyannyanCosplay is also highly active on Instagram; her account is followed by over 420,000 people, and she’s uploaded nearly 250 pictures onto it, most of which have been taken during her everyday life.

She’s revealed a lot about herself in these pictures, including that she loves to dye her hair, mostly for the purpose of cosplay, while she also enjoys wearing contact lenses which change the color of her eyes.

NyannyanCosplay has also revealed that she enjoys spending her spare time outdoors, especially at a park close to her home. She’s also a shopaholic, as she goes shopping for clothes at least once a week, while she also often buys clothes on the internet.

NyannyanCosplay launched her Twitter account in October 2014, and it’s today followed by over 60,000 people, while she’s tweeted nearly 1,400 times; she mostly writes about her everyday life, as well as her opinion on various matters.

She has a Facebook page which is today followed by more than 600 fans, however, NyannyanCosplay isn’t active on it – her most recent update was on 30 December 2013.


Other appearances

NyannyanCosplay became popular on the internet in October 2018, when she uploaded a video onto her social media account, which featured her cosplaying as Nico Yazawa from the anime “Love Live! School Idol Project”, while singing the iLOVEFRIDAY’s diss track “Mia Khalifa”. Her video entitled “Hit or Miss”, was uploaded onto YouTube, and became a hit overnight; it had been viewed over a million times by the time NyannyanCosplay decided to take it down, alongside all her other videos. It was so popular, that even one of the most watched YouTubers, PewDiePie reviewed it in one of his videos.


On 4 February 2020, NyannyanCosplay was featured in the video “I spent a day with VIRAL MEME STARS (Kombucha Girl, Hit or Miss, Chocolate Rain)” by the American YouTuber and actor Anthony Padilla; it has since been watched close to five million times, and in it, NyannyanCosplay speaks of the attention which her video “Hit or Miss” has brought her, as well as about the negativity which also came her way with the attention.

Since 2020, she has been selling her merchandise on her own website, which is one of her main sources of income.

Love life and dating

NyannyanCosplay is highly secretive when it comes to her love life, and hasn’t spoken of any boys or girls whom she has perhaps been with; this is mostly why there are various rumors circulating the internet, related to her current relationship status and her sexual orientation.


Many of NyannyanCosplay’s fans believe her to be a lesbian, mostly because she hasn’t been seen in public with any boys, nor has she apparently been in a relationship with any. A fan has even claimed to have seen NyannyanCosplay spending time with a girl who could perhaps be her girlfriend, as the two were apparently seen kissing; no evidence has been provided to support these claims, nor has NyannyanCosplay addressed the rumors.

There are also those who believe that she’s today in a relationship with a non-celebrity American boy, but that she prefers to keep him away from the media’s attention because of how their relationship could affect her popularity on the internet; this hasn’t been confirmed either.

As of October 2021, NyannyanCosplay appears to be unattached, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

She prefers autumn and winter over summer and spring, because she likes cold weather; NyannyanCosplay still enjoys spending time close to the ocean, and sun tanning at the beach during summer.

She’s into travelling, and has already been to a couple of US states, mostly to attend cosplay events; she’s hoping that she’ll soon be able to visit a couple of European countries, including her two favorites – France and Spain.

She’s a lover of animals, with cats and dogs being her favorites.


NyannyanCosplay loves to watch animes in her spare time, and her favorites are “Cowboy Bebop”, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and “Death Note”. She also likes to watch Hollywood movies, and her favorite actor and actress are Daniel Radcliffe and Amanda Seyfried, while a couple of her favorite films include the franchise “Harry Potter”, “Letters to Juliette” and “Dear John”.

Age, height and net worth

NyannyanCosplay’s age is 22. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 2ins (1.58m) and she weighs around 121lbs (55kgs).

As of October 2021, her net worth has been estimated at over $100,000.

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