What happened to Casey King?

April 18, 2024
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While health-centered reality TV shows might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this genre has its own loyal following, which tries to keep up-to-date with their favorite show’s stars, even after their health journey ends.

That being said, the niche of shows focused on weight loss has been on the rise in recent years. “Family By The Ton” is undoubtedly one of the most successful series in the genre, as it followed families with serious obesity problems as they tried to change their lifestyle while also struggling with their own personal dramas.

Out of all the “Family By The Ton” cast members, Casey King is definitely one of the most memorable, due to his personality, lifestyle and backstory.

So where’s he toda,y and did he ever finish his weight loss journey? Keep with us to get an update of Casey King’s whereabouts, as well as other details about his life!

Where Is Casey King Today?

When Casey King debuted in “Family By The Ton” in 2018, his story became viral all over the internet.

Many people got to know about him as the overweight man who spent everyday eating and playing video games while naked, but Casey was definitely more than what was portrayed in the media.

Throughout the course of “Family By The Ton”s second season, viewers witnessed his struggles as the heaviest member of his family, his efforts to lose 100lbs or about 45kgs, and eventually taking back control of his life after undergoing complicated surgery.

Casey weighed less than 500lbs, about 230kgs by the time the show ended, but his journey hadn’t ended at all. According to his first following update in late 2019, he weighed 370lbs, down to about 170kgs, and had continued to lose weight, as seen on his social media posts. The latest update on his weight was a pic of a weighing scale marking 256lbs, or about 115kgs: ‘It feels good to show you all this number, I’m never gonna stop until I’m satisfied’, he commented on his Facebook post shared in October 2021.


All in all, there’s still a long way to go for Casey, but hard work and discipline have already evidently paid off.

How Was He Before?

Though the physical changes Casey King has gone through prove his determination and strong will, it’s not to forget the rough path he walked to get there.

Casey King started his weight loss journey when life wasn’t looking very promising for him. As “Family By The Ton” audience saw in the show, Casey struggled with his weight since childhood. Describing himself as always a ‘big kid’, he weighed 300lbs, 130kgs by his high school matriculation, and continued gaining weight over the following years. It got out of hand when he couldn’t work anymore due to his big size, which also resulted in him getting kicked out of his mom’s house.

Casey then went to live with his father, but both men’s unhealthy and uncontrolled eating routines only added more pounds to Casey’s scale.

When he reached the 700lbs or well over 300kgs mark, he was unemployed, and his life consisted of waking up, eating and playing video games all day. His habit of not wearing any clothes might sound excessive, but necessary, as his clothes didn’t fit him back then.

Still, while Casey admitted back then how his routine lacked physical activity, his internet persona provided him with solace and acceptance: ‘That’s my outside. That’s my world that I can be the Casey I want to be, not be judged on my weight’.

His Journey

Regardless of the apparent comfortability Casey found by finding his place in a virtual community, it was clearly not enough for him. His non-conformity with being physically limited to do the same thing everyday, having no job or money to sustain himself was evident: ‘I never would’ve thought at 34, I’d be living with my father’, he said in his introductory episode of “Family By The Ton”.

To be a good candidate for gastric sleeve surgery, Casey was asked to follow a strict diet and exercising routine, which was sometimes too hard to keep up with.

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Nonetheless, by the time he hit the 630lbs mark, he was entering the operating theater, but not without falling prey to his nerves first: ‘I’m losing it. I want to run out of the room, hop on a train, and never come back’, he said to “Family By The Ton”s cameras right before the surgery.

However, Casey stayed put, and bravely went under the knife with the support of his parents, who unexpectedly teamed up to support him throughout his journey. What happened afterwards was all up to Casey.

Did He Undergo More Surgery?

Casey lost a lot of weight following his gastric sleeve surgery, but no matter how much smaller he became afterwards, there was still something missing. As read on an Instagram post from December 2021, Casey’s transformation is still lacking skin removal surgery.

As he admitted, people bring-up the subject of his skin a little too often.


While that apparently doesn’t seem to bother him too much, removing that skin is still one of his unachieved goals: ‘sadly that’s something I haven’t had done yet’.

Nonetheless, Casey remains positive about it, and despite not having the ‘whole situation figured out’, he affirmed that his focus was still on achieving his weight loss goal.

A couple of months prior to said update, Casey told his Facebook followers about receiving $5,000 from a friend to help him with his ‘upcoming skin removal surgery’, meaning that though the procedure is still not a short-term possibility for Casey, he has clearly been working hard towards it.

Social Media

Although many reality stars disappear from the public eye after their shows end, Casey King’s fans are fortunate in not losing sight of him.

Though Casey’s Facebook account doesn’t have a large number of followers, his posts are always received with encouraging words.

It’s also not rare to find his fans posting pics of their own physical transformations in his comments section, forming a small but kind community. His Instagram page is more widely followed though, accumulating over 30,000 followers to date, even though his pics are not very elaborate.

Casey also owns a YouTube channel on which he updates his 50,000 subscribers about his everyday life. However, he admits being a rookie when it comes to creating videos, and describes his channel as a means to let the ‘much smaller Casey’ speak up in response to the hate and harsh criticism he has been receiving since his early days in “Family By The Ton”.

All in all, Casey’s charisma clearly attracts people, but it’s his story and strong will which inspires them.

What Happened To The Cast?

While Casey King was probably the most famous star of “By Family By The Ton”s second season, his cousins Ed, Amy and Amanda also faced many hardships during their weight loss journey.

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Ed Long

Although Ed is the shyest member of the show’s cast when it comes to updates, we could still learn a thing or two about his life after “Family By The Ton”, thanks to his social media.

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in July 2018, Ed successfully worked towards his weight goal. By April he was under 300lbs, and though he didn’t reveal his exact weight after that, he was notably smaller in the following pics he shared on his Facebook page.

It’s unfortunate that his cousins and sister don’t share much about Ed’s improvement, and the fact that he’s been missing from social media for a long while doesn’t help. Nonetheless, if you want to be the first to see Ed’s posts when he eventually returns, you can find them on both Instagram and Facebook as Ed Family By The Ton.

Amy Long

While Amy was notably the one who weighed the least in “Family By The Ton”s second season, her worries about becoming physically helpless were undeniably relatable.


Starting at 400lbs or about 180kgs, and reducing to half that by the time the show ended was impressive, especially since she motivated the rest of her family to continue working towards their goals, by being the first to undergo gastric sleeve surgery. Though her current weight is unknown, her social media posts let us see how incredible her physical transformation has been, added to how evidently happy and confident she looks on every update.

As seen on her Facebook page Amy by the Ton, she’s done her best to not only become a good role model for anyone looking to change their lifestyle for the best, but has also been pursuing a career as a beauty blogger, sharing her knowledge about hairstyling, make-up, and building confidence to face the world.

Nonetheless, her weight loss journey hasn’t ended yet. As she constantly lets her followers see on social media, she maintains a strict diet and workouts: ‘When you’re goal motivated, it feels good to do what people say you can’t do!’, as she wrote on a late 2021’s Facebook post on which she revealed she was 30lbs away from achieving her weight loss goal. All in all, life seems to be incredible for Amy now.

Amanda Johnson

Out of all the members of her family struggling with their weight, Amanda Johnson’s case was definitely the most worrisome case. In 2016 she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, but despite being diagnosed early, she couldn’t be treated appropriately due to her 650lb weight, about 295kgs.

Seeing herself in that life-or-death situation, Amanda didn’t have any other option than to encompass herself in a hard but necessary journey: ‘Every day that I don’t do something about my weight is one second and step closer to the grave for me. Now it’s either surgery or death,’ she said during her introductory “Family By The Ton” episode.

Leaving behind the unhealthy eating habits she acquired from as young as when she was a little child wasn’t an easy task, but Amanda’s determination to become healthy was evidently stronger. Nowadays you can see the results of her efforts on her Instagram page, on which she often updates her followers about her surgery and weight, which is now around 200lbs, really impressive.

Notably, Amanda wants to help people with similar struggles as her, that’s why she’s made her routines, self-esteem tips and diets available on her Instagram and YouTube channel. Nonetheless, the current state of her cancer is unknown.

What About The Anderson Family?

When fans of “Family By The Ton” were told that the series was renewed for a second season to start in January 2019, they didn’t expect that the show’s main focus would no longer be on the Anderson family from the first season.

Nonetheless, viewers were relieved when the Andersons appeared later in the season, and showed their astounding improvements since we had last seen them on screen. At the time they had already undergone gastric sleeve surgery, but it wasn’t over for them by a long shot, as diets, exercising and keeping themselves motivated was still a struggle. As well, the then-new season introduced their cousin Shavonne, who at 650lbs or 300kgs was desperate to take back control of her life.


Fortunately for the Andersons’ fans, the family has kept active on social media, even after the show ended. In Drew’s case, his current weight is unknown but he’s evidently much smaller than the last time we saw him on TV, and was recently sponsored by the personal training program Challenge 2 Get Fit. For her part, Naomi has now established her beauty business Anointed Brows, while Chitoka Light is now a weight-loss coach. Even Shavonne is now around an almost svelte 200lbs or 90kgs, and hosts her radio show Konfident Miss Bling.

What Happened To Dr. Procter Jr?

Although “Family By The Ton” is a spin-off from the worldwide famous “My 600-lb Life”, the shows have different doctors guiding the cast through their weight loss process. For “Family By The Ton”, Dr. Charles Procter Jr. was the right choice due to his vast knowledge and compromise with his Bariatric patients: ‘To see someone’s life make such a radical change in a positive direction over and over again is the best job in the world!’.

Described by his clinic’s website as ‘an expert in minimally-invasive techniques and robotic-assisted surgery practices’, it’s not a question as to why Dr. Procter was chosen to be in the show. Besides treating patients in three different Georgian cities, the young doctor is notably popular on social media, accumulating almost 20,000 followers on Instagram nowadays.

What Happened To The Show?

Although the show hasn’t been cancelled, no further news regarding the return of  “Family By The Ton” has been released since the second season ended in March 2019, which isn’t a good sign.

Nevertheless, whether “Family By The Ton” has definitely ended or if a new season is in the making, what really matters is that the stories and struggles of the families showcased in it won’t ever be forgotten.

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