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April 18, 2024
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Talented musician Joel Pimentel gained prominence as a member of the renowned American boy band ‘CNCO.’ Hailing from California, Joel’s passion for music blossomed from a young age, setting the stage for a promising musical journey.

The pivotal moment in his career unfolded in 2015 when he became part of the music sensation ‘CNCO.’ The band’s trajectory to fame began with their participation in the inaugural season of a Spanish music reality show, when they emerged as winners, solidifying their reputation as exceptional performers.

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As a reward, the group secured a five-year contract with ‘Sony Music Latin‘, and subsequently embarked on a tour alongside Ricky Martin and introduced two original shows, further establishing their presence in the music industry.

Delving into Joel’s life and career provides an insight into the journey that led him to success as a prominent singer. Join us on this journey!

Early Personal Life

Joel Pimentel was born on 28 February 1999, in California, USA. Joel’s roots trace back to Mexican heritage, born to Francisco Javier and Patricia.

Among the four siblings in the Pimentel family, Joel shares the familial bond with Gabriel, Israel, and Emanuel.

Emanuel is the eldest sibling, with Joel and Israel following in birth order, while Gabriel holds the position of the youngest Pimentel brothers.

While Spanish was his family’s native language, Joel initially had limited proficiency in the language, only grasping it more fully at the age of eight.


Inspired by his grandfather, a former musician, Joel received encouragement to pursue a career in music. At the age of 8, Joel embarked on singing lessons, fuelled by the support and inspiration from his grandfather.

Unfortunately, his early years were marked by bullying in school, where he faced taunts and was derogatorily called “potato” due to his unconventional appearance and Mexican heritage. This experience led him to adopt a shy and introverted attitude as a child.

During his time in middle school, Joel’s interests expanded beyond music to include theatre and acting. Despite exploring these new avenues, his passion for music remained unwavering as it continued to be the focal point of his creative pursuits.


Joel attended Oak Hills High School, but nofurther details about his educational background are currently unavailable.


Joel was always seen as very handsome and talented with his passion for music. so destined for success in the music industry, and possible greatness.

Elevating his status as a heartthrob, Joel rose to fame as a pivotal member of the band CNCO. The group was officially established in December 2015 during the finale of ‘La Banda,’ a show adjudicated by industry luminaries including Laura Pausini, Alejandro, and Ricky Martin.

In addition to their collective performances, each member of the band showcased their individual talents on the show, giving Joel a chance to shine and help him start to gain many loyal followers.

The band’s performance not only garnered immense praise from both judges and audiences, but also left a lasting impression on Ricky Martin, who was significantly influenced by their talent to subsequently became their representative.

The breakthrough moment occurred on ‘La Banda,’ leading to a shower of prizes for the band.

In addition to securing mentorship from Ricky Martin, CNCO inked a significant five-year deal with ‘Sony Music Latin,’ focusing on the promotion of emerging talents in Latin music.

After their victory on ‘La Banda,’ CNCO swiftly started a collaboration with Ricky Martin, joining him on his ‘One World Tour.’ In the early days of their touring endeavours, the band actively promoted their fresh singles, ‘Tan Fácil’ and ‘Quisiera.’ Taking the tour to diverse venues such as Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile, Florida, and San Juan, CNCO initially served as opening acts before Ricky graced the stage.

This exposure proved instrumental, providing the band with significant momentum in anticipation of their debut album. In January 2016, when the group unveiled their inaugural single, ‘Tan Fácil,’ the track made an impressive debut, claiming the 25th spot on the ‘Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay’ chart.


This achievement was particularly noteworthy for the youthful musicians, as the single also secured the 23rd position on the ‘Hot Latin Songs’ chart. Adding to their milestones, the band hosted their first solo concert in Miami later that same month.

In May of that same year, ‘CNCO’ unveiled their second official single, ‘Quisiera,’ making a noteworthy debut at the 29th position on the ‘Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. The same month, they were honoured with an invitation to perform the American national anthem at ‘Yankee Stadium, and

yhe next month marked the launch of their first music video for the song ‘Quisiera,’ which swiftly set records by accumulating millions of views within a short time. As of now, the video has amassed over 12 million views on YouTube.

August 2016 witnessed the release of the band’s debut album, ‘Primera Cita,’ a 14-track compilation produced by rapper Wisin. To bolster its promotion, the band introduced a ‘Pokémon Go’-inspired game, challenging fans to locate hotspots associated with songs from the album, which was also released with the English title ‘First Date,’ showcasing a blend of various American cultures, and languages. Additionally, it featured remixed versions of the band’s earlier hits.


Celebrating the album launch with a concert at the Miami International Mall, CNCO ensured widespread promotion during their joint performances with Ricky Martin. Released by ‘Sony Music Latin,’ the album, entitled ‘Primera Cita,’ achieved instantaneous success, clinching the ‘Pop/Rock Album of the Year’ award at the 29th ‘Premios Lo Nuestro’ awards ceremony.

Debuting at the pinnacle of the ‘Billboard Top Latin Albums chart, the album swiftly sold 11,000 copies within its first week in the US. Its triumph extended across various Latin American countries, marked by numerous concerts held throughout the American subcontinent, solidifying the album’s massive success.

This prosperous journey persisted for the following two years. In early 2018, CNCO excitedly announced their next album, simply entitled CNCO; unleashed in April 2018, the 14-track album proved to be yet another pivotal success for the band, debuting in the top spot on the ‘Billboard Top Latin Albums chart.

Emerging as one of the most popular young musicians of his era, Joel Pimentel along with CNCO, was acclaimed as the ‘Favorite New Latin Boy Band’ in a ‘Billboard’ poll. Their success reached new heights in July 2016 when the band secured five major music awards at the ‘Premios Juventud’ ceremony.


Joel has since left CNCO to pursue his own career.

Beyond his musical endeavours, Joel maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, engaging with his fans. His popularity extends across Instagram and TikTok, on which he’s amassed a substantial following. Presently, the singer boasts approximately 270, 000 followers on YouTube and an impressive four million followers on Instagram. He enjoys sharing news related to his music career and well-taken pictures on these accounts.

Interesting Facts

Maintaining a strong bond with his mother, Joel attributes his success to her influence and support. Known for his distinctive style, he favours accessories such as bandanas, rings and bracelets, with a penchant for the colour black. When it comes to food, his go-to favourite is tacos.

He wears two amulets, firmly believing in their protective qualities.

Beyond his fashion and preferences, Joel is characterised as a perfectionist, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to his pursuits without giving up easily. His focused and observant nature contributes to his commitment to excellence in all that he undertakes.

Deeply rooted in his faith, Joel is a young man with a strong belief in God, evident from a meaningful tattoo on his hand, featuring a cross accompanied by Philippians 4:13, declaring, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” providing a glimpse into his unwavering faith.

Expressing admiration (and a bit of a crush) for popular American model Kendall Jenner, Joel is an avid viewer of the shows she appears in.

Despite online rumors regarding him being gay, the musician remains private about his personal life.

A self-confessed shopaholic, Joel enjoys exploring the latest fashion trends, and has garnered admiration from both men and women who express jealousy for his impeccable style in numerous comments on his photos.

Demonstrating a commitment to physical fitness, Joel is an active individual who frequents the gym for multiple sessions each week, contributing to his well-defined muscular physique. During his leisure time, he engages in sports including soccer and table tennis. His preferred season is summer, offering opportunities for swimming, beach soccer, and beach volleyball.

Musically inspired by The Beatles, Joel holds them in high regard as his biggest musical influence.


He’s a dedicated film buff, with his favourite actors including Cameron Diaz, Al Pacino and Antonio Banderas. Some of his cherished films include “There is Something About Mary,” “Scarface,” and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.”

An enthusiastic traveller, Joel enjoys exploring new places. While performing with CNCO, he visited locations in the US, South America, and various European nations including France, Slovenia and Belgium.

Joel is an animal enthusiast, and shares his life with a doggy companion.

Later Personal Life

According to reports, Joel is described as a shy young man. Despite his prominence in the public eye, not much information is available about his personal relationships, maintaining a level of privacy in that aspect of his life.

Physical Characteristics

Joel is a young man of average height at 5ft 10ins (179cms), and weighing about 150lbs (68kgs). He has short black hair and dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

Thanks to a successful career, Joel has an estimated net worth of $800,000, as of early 2024.

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