What is JoJo Fleites Famous for? Their Age, Height, Dating, Bio

April 18, 2024
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JoJo Fleites is an American actor known for their portrayal of Hunter Carlos Cervantez in the series “The Winchesters.” Their talent and dedication to the craft were recognised with the National Young Arts Award in 2015 for Musical Theatre, showcasing their prowess in the performing arts.

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Beyond acting, JoJo has made a lasting impact in the entertainment industry. Their distinct and stunning long, curly black hair adds to their unique presence. In addition to acting, JoJo is a highly skilled singer, showcasing their versatility by covering songs from legendary musicians such as Freddie Mercury.

With a combination of acting prowess, musical talent, and a striking appearance, JoJo continues to leave an undeniable mark on the entertainment landscape, capturing the admiration of audiences and industry peers alike.

So who is JoJo really, and how did they become this famous and gain so much attention? Join us as we find out and get to know them a little bit better.


Early Personal Life

JoJo Fleites, born on 1 August 1999 in New York, is an impressive young talent who has spent their entire life in the vibrant city. Born to loving parents, Onner Batista and George Fleites, JoJo also shared their childhood with a brother.

Unfortunately, details about JoJo’s early years beyond their family background are not readily available.

JoJo identifies as non-binary and embraces the pronouns they/them, reflecting their commitment to personal authenticity. While they are open about their sexuality, specific details about their relationships remain private.


JoJo, driven by a passion for musical theatre, went on a journey to enhance their skills. They chose to pursue their studies at the prestigious New World School of the Arts in Miami, under the guidance of the experienced Patrice Bailey.

There, JoJo dedicated themselves to a comprehensive curriculum, delving into disciplines such as jazz, ballet, ballroom dancing, and tap dancing.

Committed to continuous improvement, JoJo expanded their educational horizon by learning from renowned instructors including Steve Edlund, Cheryl Freeman, Travis Greisler, and Nancy Opel.

They also spent time learning under the likes of Deric Rosenblatt, Anthony Daniel, and Kaitlyn Shaw. This diverse training allowed JoJo to cultivate both their singing and acting abilities.

After five years of dedicated effort and skill refinement, JoJo took a significant step into the realm of professional acting. To further solidify their foundation, they enrolled in Moonamie Conservatory, undertaking a course in acting.

The cumulative efforts and extra work invested in their education paid off, propelling JoJo Fleites into the world of acting with a well-rounded skill set and a passion ready to shine on the professional stage.



JoJo has left an undeniable mark on regional theatres with their captivating performances. Their journey includes roles in renowned productions such as the timeless classic “Les Misérables, ” “The Phantom Unmasked,” “Hair,” and the Spanish-language execution of “Evita.”

Venturing onto the national stage, JoJo became the lead soloist in the National Tour of “The Birth of the Beat,” a pivotal role that opened doors to numerous opportunities following their outstanding on-stage performance.

This period of accomplishment culminated in JoJo receiving the National Young Arts Award in 2015 for Musical Theatre.

JoJo continued to showcase their versatility by taking on roles in well-loved productions like “The Little Mermaid” and “High School Musical.”

In addition to entertaining audiences, JoJo actively contributed to educational plays, including performances in “Fiddler On The Roof”, “Rent,” “Once on This Island,” and “Bat Boy.”

They also showcased their talent in the short film “Matilda,” a Moonamie Conservatory production.

The year 2020 marked another milestone for JoJo as they joined the cast of “The Chorus Line” and secured their first on-camera experience in a Wannado City Commercial.

A few years later, they secured a significant role in the “Supernatural” prequel, embodying the character of Carlos Cervantes, a demon hunter characterized by an easygoing and confident demeanour.

The Winchesters” is a dark fantasy drama TV series that serves as a spin-off from the very popular show “Supernatural.” It’s set in an alternate continuity and aired from 11 October 2022 to 7 March 2023. Unfortunately, the series faced cancellation after just one season, with the announcement made in May 2023. The narrative is set in the 1970s, with Dean Winchester taking on the role of narrator. The series delves into the backstory of his parents, John Winchester and Mary Campbell.


Viewers are taken on a journey through the origins of their relationship, exploring how they met, fell in love, and joined forces to combat supernatural threats while in search of their missing fathers.

Despite its relatively short-lived existence, “The Winchesters” provided fans with a unique glimpse into the untold history of the Winchester family, offering a fresh perspective on the beloved characters from the “Supernatural” universe. The show has many loyal fans.

JoJo’s journey continues to be a testament to their diverse talents and the impact they bring to both the stage and screen, capturing the hearts of those who enjoy TV shows as well as theatre production. Their fans look forward to seeing what they will get up to next.

Interesting Facts

JoJo’s hobbies include writing, photography,  golfing, and horseback riding.

Beyond their personal pursuits, JoJo is an active presence on Instagram, using their platform to discuss and raise awareness about important social issues. They have emerged as a strong advocate for the non-binary community, providing support for those navigating their own gender identities.

JoJo also addresses the complexities of sexuality on their social media platforms, offering understanding and encouragement to individuals facing challenges in understanding and embracing their own identities.

Later Personal Life

JoJo has not shared any news about their dating life and judging by their Instagram posts, they’re currently single. Of course, it’s impossible to truly say with the limited information available.


Physical Characteristics

JoJo is 5ft 11ins (180cms) tall and they weigh about 170lbs (77kgs). They have dark brown eyes and long, curly black hair.

Net Worth

JoJo has been working hard to achieve their dreams and become successful in their chosen career. As a result, their estimated net worth as of early 2024 is $1 million.

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