What happened to That Vegan Teacher? Age, Net Worth, Family

March 22, 2024
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Who is That Vegan Teacher?

That Vegan teacher – real name Kadie Karen Diekmeyer – was born in Montreal, Quebec Canada, on 24 September 1964; her zodiac sign is Libra, and she holds Canadian nationality. She has a YouTube channel, however, she is perhaps known best for her TikTok account, on which she became viral because of a song that she wrote entitled “Eating Animals is Wrong, McDonald’s” in July 2020. Today her TikTok account numbers more than 430,000 fans, and she mostly posts her songs about spreading awareness and veganism.

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Early life and education

That Vegan Teacher was raised in her hometown by her parents, about whom nothing is known as she respects their privacy. She hasn’t spoken of having siblings, and this is why she’s believed to be an only child.

That Vegan Teacher grew up being interested in music – her favorite genre was classical music, but she would later write her own songs. She attended a Catholic School, and upon matriculating in 1982, enrolled at Concordia University to become an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in Canadian schools, and subsequently worked as a teacher for nine years.

She also worked as a registered nurse at the Lakeshore General Hospital, near Montreal, for 25 years.


Most popular YouTube videos

That Vegan Teacher is known for a couple of things, including her singing videos and her reviews of videos, and as a spokesperson for veganism, promoting meat-free life. We’re going to mention three of her most popular YouTube videos, which have helped her gain many new followers.

She launched her YouTube channel on 21 July 2018, and it is today subscribed to by over 185,000 people, and all of her videos combined have gained over 60 million views.

Her #1 video “Yes, Pancho, I Ate Meat!” was uploaded on 2 February 2021, and has been watched over two million times – the title is quite self-explanatory.

That Vegan Teacher’s second most viewed video “ARE YOU RACIST” has been watched over two million times since 2 March 2021, in which she talks about racism.

Her third most viewed video “Why Are You A Veganphobic Animal Bully? @Gordon Ramsay” has been watched nearly two million times since 6 July 2021, and in it, That Vegan Teacher directs a hateful video towards the famous master chef Gordon Ramsay, all because he ‘duetted’ her TikTok video while eating a burger.


Presence on social media networks

That Vegan Teacher’s Instagram account has been followed by over 20,000 people, on to which she’s uploaded over 2,300 posts, mostly are about spreading awareness, and some from her everyday life.

She launched her Twitter account in July 2015, and it’s today followed by more than 100,000 people, while she has tweeted over 900 times. She also has a Facebook page, which is followed by over 1,000 people.


That Vegan Teacher is mostly active on her TikTok account, which has amassed over 400,000 fans, and more than 1.5 million likes. She mostly posts videos of her singing, and one of her most viewed videos is a song towards Gordon Ramsay, for which she attracted a lot of hate mail.

She even made a video about the famous YouTuber PewDiePie, in which she reacts to his video. Later on, PewDiePie responded to her video on his YouTube channel, entitled “Vegan Teacher is in Love with me” which has been viewed by over 8.5 million people.


Love life and relationships

There have been various rumors concerning both That Vegan Teacher’s love life and her sexual orientation, however, she prefers not to share many details of her private life with her fans, but it’s widely known that she is bisexual. She was in a relationship with a man known as Dave, the two married, date unknown, and they have three children together, whose names she hasn’t shared, nor when she divorced.

On 4 December 2021, she shared that she’d married an Italian, named Giorgio, with whom apparently she was dating for nine and a half years.

As of August 2022, the two are living together with his mother in Montreal – they’re all vegan.

What happened to That Vegan Teacher?

There have been several hoaxes about the death of That Vegan Teacher, and the most recent was news about her supposedly having a heart attack in April 2022 – she responded to bizarre rumors saying that she died just on Earth Day on 22 April, which many people commented was ironic, as she has been a strong activist who helps improve our planet.

That Vegan Teacher is alive, and busy sharing her TikTok posts.


Hobbies and other interests

In her spare time, she likes to go walking with friends or spend time in the woods with her dog.

Another favorite hobby is making music with her ukulele, about problems in the world such as homophobia, racism, Islamophobia, and mostly, among all of them, animal cruelty.

That Vegan Teacher has a separate channel, entitled Miss Karen English Teacher, on which she posts lessons about the English language, mostly for children and teenagers.


She likes to read books, and her favorite is “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows” by Melanie Joy. That Vegan Teacher also likes to watch movies, and her number one is “The Secret Life of Pets” featuring her favorite actor Kevin Hart, who is partially vegan.

That Vegan Teacher is also into traveling, and has traveled around the world. Her favorite destination is Jerusalem, Israel, which according to her is the best destination for vegans, because of the traditional cuisine which is rarely prepared with meat or dairy products. During her traveling, she likes to spread ‘veganism’ to as many people as possible.

Age, height, and net worth

That Vegan Teacher (Kadie Karen Diekmeyer) is 57 years old; she has gray hair and dark brown eyes, weighs around 115lbs (52kgs), is 5ft 5ins (1.63m) tall, with vital statistics of 26-32-28.

According to sources, as of August 2022, her net worth has been estimated at $135,000 – most of her money has gone towards a good causes such as “Animal Aid”, “The Good Food Institute” and “Vegan Outreach” charities.

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