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March 21, 2024
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Who is Shohreh Aghdashloo?

Shohreh was born in Tehran, Iran, on 11 May 1952 – her zodiac sign is Taurus, and she holds both Iranian and American nationality. She’s an actress and film producer, with close to 100 acting credits to her name, while she’s perhaps still known best for her portrayal of Nadi in the 2003 crime movie “House of Sand and Fog”, written and directed by Vadim Perelman, and which stared Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley and Ron Eldard. It follows an abandoned wife who’s entered a conflict with her house’s new owners; the movie won 13 of the 48 awards for which it was nominated, including three Oscar nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Ben Kingsley), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Shohreh) and Best Music, Original Score.


Early life and education

Shohreh was raised in Tehran alongside her brothers Shahrokh, Shahriar and Shahram, by their father Anushiravan Vaziri-Tabar, and mother Effie (nee alSadat).

She became interested in acting at a very early age, but as her parents weren’t supportive of the idea of her becoming an actress, Shohreh focused on other things instead.

Upon matriculating in 1972 at the age of 19, she began taking acting lessons and attending theatre workshops, even though her parents still opposed the idea; she made her debut film appearance in 1976, with her portrayal of Lady’s Maid in the mystery thriller drama “Chess of the Wind”, written and directed by Mohammad Reza Aslani, and which starred Fakhri Khorvash, Mohamad Ali Keshavarz and Akbar Zanjanpour. It follows the death of the first lady of a noble house, and the subsequent conflict for sharing her inheritance; the movie was nominated for a FOCAL International Award for Best Archival Restoration and Preservation Title.

In 1979, following the Iranian Revolution, Shohreh moved to England and enrolled at Brunel University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in international relations in 1983; she then settled in Los Angeles, California, wanting to continue pursuing acting.


Roles in movies

Shohreh played Azam Firuzkui in the 1977 drama “The Report”, and a couple of her following roles were in the 1978 romantic drama “Desiderium”, the 1989 drama “Guests of Hotel Astoria”, and the 1991 drama “Raha”.

She gained recognition in 1993, when cast to play Ghada Holiday in the comedy drama “Twenty Bucks”, directed by Keva Rosenfeld, and which starred Linda Hunt, Brendan Fraser and Elisabeth Shue. It follows the ‘life’ of a $20 bill, and the movie was nominated for three awards.

A couple of Shohreh’s most notable performances in the decade were in the 2005 adventure family drama “The Nativity Story”, the 2005 horror thriller “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, and the 2008 drama “The Stoning of Soraya M.”

The year 2013 heard her voice Oracle in the adventure family fantasy “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”, directed by Thor Freudenthal, and which starred Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson. It follows Poseidon’s son and his friends as they’re searching for the Golden Fleece; the movie won three of the eight awards for which it was nominated.

Three of Shohreh’s most recent movie roles have been in the 2019 drama “The Cuban”, the 2020 horror thriller “Run Sweetheart Run”, and the 2021 adventure fantasy comedy “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”.

Roles in TV series

Shohreh made her debut TV series appearance in the 1990 episode “Nowhere to Turn” of the mystery crime drama “Matlock”, and in 1993 she played Malika in the episode “Jerome’s in the House” of the romantic comedy drama “Martin”.


Her following role came in 2005, when cast to play Dina Araz in the action crime drama “24”, created by Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow, and which starred Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Carlos Bernard. It follows the life of counter terrorism agent Jack Bauer, aired from 2001 to 2010, and won 94 awards, including 20 Primetime Emmys, while it was nominated for 207 other awards.

A couple of Shohreh’s following roles were in seven episodes of the 2007 crime thriller drama “Smith”, three episodes of the 2009 mystery science fiction drama “Flashforward”, and seven episodes of the 2014 fantasy crime drama “Grimm”.

She voices Queen Janna in the 2019 animated action adventure “The Lion Guard”, created by Ford Riley, and which starred Max Charles, Joshua Rush and Diamond White. It follows Simba’s son Kion and his friends who’ve formed Lion Guard, and are now protecting the Pride Lands; the series has been airing since 2015, and has been nominated for 12 awards.

Three of Shohreh’s most recent roles have been in the 2021 episode “Zenobia” of the science fiction “The Expanse: One Ship”, 62 episodes of the mystery science fiction drama “The Expanse” since 2015, and five episodes of the 2022 mystery comedy drama “The Flight Attendant”.

Other credits

Shohreh sang the songs “In This Blind Alley” and “In This Deadend” in the 2014 movie “Rosewater”.

She’s received special thanks for three movies: the 2011 romantic science fiction thriller “The Adjustment Bureau”, the 2013 short drama “Please Stand By”, and the 2017 documentary “Intent to Destroy: Death, Denial & Depiction”.

Shohreh has three producing credits: the 2018 romantic comedy movie “A Simple Wedding”, in which she also starred, five episodes of the series “The Expanse: One Ship”, and six episodes of the series “The Expanse”.

She’s made a guest appearance in various talk-shows, most recently in “Home & Family”, “The Expanse Aftershow”, and “You Are Beautiful with Lawrence Zarian”.


Awards and nominations

Shohreh’s won 16 of the 30 awards for which she’s been nominated, with some of these wins having been a 2004 Film Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female, for “House of Sand and Fog”, a 2007 Arpa International Film Festival Career Achievement Award, and a 2009 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie, for her performance in “House of Saddam”,

Love life and husband

Shohreh was 19 years old when she married Iranian painter, author and film critic Aydin Aghdashloo in 1972, while he was 31; the two had no children together, and divorced in 1979.

She married her second husband, Iranian actor and playwright Houshang Touzie in 1987, in a small ceremony attended by only the closest of their friends and family members; in 1989, Shohreh gave birth to their daughter Tara Touzie.

She could’ve been seen appearing in many of her husband’s plays, on both national and international stages, but mostly in Iran.

Shohreh hasn’t mentioned any other men whom she’s perhaps been with, and as of August 2022, she’s married to her second husband Houshang Touzie, and they have a daughter together.

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Hobbies and other interests

Shohreh seems to be enjoying the attention which she’s receiving from her more than 500,000 Instagram followers, and is thus quite active on the network; she’s uploaded over 750 pictures, the majority of which feature her during her everyday life.

She was physically highly active during her 20s, 30s and 40s, mostly because it was important for her acting career to stay in shape, but Shohreh no longer works out.

She’s passionate about travelling, and has been all around the world for both work and pleasure, while her dream travel destination is Miami, Florida.

She has her own favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, while her favorite films include “The Fifth Element”, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, and “Bridges of Madison County”.


Age, height and net worth

Shohreh’s age is 70. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 120lbs (55kgs).

As of August 2022, her estimated net worth is over $2 million.

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