What happened to Dylan Gilmer? Is He ALIVE?

April 18, 2024
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Who is Dylan Gilmer?

American rapper and social media star Dylan Gilmer – aka Young Dylan – was born under the zodiac sign Pisces on 4 March 2009 in the USA. He’s today perhaps known best for his career as a rapper, especially his YouTube channel “Official Young Dylan”, onto which he posts his music; Dylan’s channel was launched on 6 April 2016 and is today subscribed to by nearly 170,000 people. He’s shared 210 videos and all of these together number over 17 million views; most are his original rap songs, while others feature him spending time with his friends, talking about his life and taking on internet challenges.

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Education and early life

Dylan was raised in Annapolis, Maryland by his father Damon Gilmer and mother Deaundra; it’s widely believed that Dylan’s father’s a high school basketball coach and his mother a nurse, but this is yet to be confirmed by Dylan. He’s believed not to have any siblings, as he hasn’t talked about brothers and sisters.

Dylan began attracting attention when cast to appear in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, as well as at an NBA All-Star Weekend; this led to him being cast to star in the action family comedy series “Young Dylan”, created by Tyler Perry, and which today also stars Carl Anthony Payne II and Mieko Hillman. It follows Young Dylan who’s been sent by his grandmother to live with her wealthy son and his children, the series has been airing since 2020, and has won one of its seven award nominations.


Dylan’s also been cast to appear in an episode or two of a couple of other series, such as “That Girl Lay Lay”, “The Tiny Chef Show” and “Radio Play Revival”.

He became passionate about rap music while still attending a local elementary school, and it was his parents who launched his YouTube channel for him. He enrolled at a local high school in 2023, and Dylan should be matriculating in 2027; most of his fans believe that he won’t be pursuing a college degree.

Most watched YouTube videos

Most of Dylan’s fans seem to like him for his music, however, there are also many people on the internet who’ve claimed to like him for his personality and sense of humor. We’ll cover Dylan’s three most watched videos as these have contributed to his popularity.

His #1 video “Young Dylan – Get Litty” has been watched over 2.4 million times since 17 February 2023, and is his original song.

Dylan’s second most popular video “Young Dylan” has been viewed nearly two million times since 9 December 2018, and features him freestyling for a girl who seems to be his crush.

Dylan’s #3 video “Official Young Dylan” has been watched more than 1.1 million time since 3 March 2019, and features him freestyling in what seems to be his parents’ car.

Presence on the internet

Dylan’s active on various social media networks, including Instagram; he’s followed by more than 520,000 people on the network and has shared more than 1,200 pictures and videos, with most featuring him promoting his music, spending time with his best friends and travelling around the US.


Dylan’s also quite popular on his TikTok account ‘Young Dylan Squad’, as it’s today followed by more than 410,000 people, while he’s amassed over 1.7 million likes of all his videos combined; most feature him lip syncing to his favorite songs, singing his original songs, and spending time with some of his closest friends.

Dylan launched his Twitter account in December 2022 but hasn’t tweeted a single time, which is why the account’s followed by only 42 people; Dylan’s following back 31 and seems to be active on the network as some of his fans have claimed to have messaged him on Twitter, and that Dylan’s replied to them.

Dylan’s also active on Facebook, and has amassed over 21,000 followers on his page ‘Young Dylan’; all of his posts combined number more than 6,400 likes, most of which feature him attending various football events, promoting his music, and traveling around the US.

Love life and relationships

Dylan shies away from talking about his love life in public and many of his fans believe that he’s still too young to be dating, however, there are also those who believe otherwise.

A number of Dylan’s fans have pointed out the possibility of him dating a girl who’s been featured in some of his YouTube videos and Instagram pictures; in most of these, Dylan can be seen freestyling as he’s trying to impress her, however, this hasn’t been confirmed by Dylan.

There are also those who believe that he’s indeed begun dating, but is currently focused on his career, and thus isn’t looking for anything serious; this is yet to be addressed by Dylan.

The aspiring rapper and social media star seems to be single as of February 2024.


Interesting facts and hobbies

Dylan’s been passionate about football since a very early age, and played peewee football while growing up; he can nowadays be seen attending various sports events around the USA.

He’s into travelling and has been to various US states, as well as to several European countries with his parents; Dylan’s dream travel destination’s Los Angeles, California.

He loves animals and his favorites are parrots and squirrels.

One of Dylan’s favorite singers is The Weeknd, and a couple of his favorite songs are “Blinding Lights”, “Elastic Heart” and “I Was Never There”.

He enjoys being physically active as he plays various sports with his peers in his spare time, including basketball and tennis, while he’s also into running and cycling.

Denzel Washington’s one of Dylan’s favorite actors, and a couple of his favorite movies include “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”, “The Taking of Pelham 123”, and “The Pelican Brief”.

Net worth, height and age

Dylan’s age is 14. He’s 5ft (1.52m) tall, weighs around 110lbs (50kgs) and has dark brown hair and eyes.

Dylan’s net worth’s been estimated at over $100,000, as of February 2024.

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