What happened to Allysa Rose on Graveyard Carz?

March 22, 2024
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Car flipping shows are undeniably one of the most prolific niches when it comes to reality TV. However, while the success of these productions isn’t necessarily guaranteed, the ones which actually make it to the top of their genre are those in which lots of time, money and dedication are invested, all of it to keep the show alive season after season.

The latter is the case of MotorTrend’s “Graveyard Carz”, centered in the Oregon-based car bodyshop of the same name which has gained incredible fame for making their most important mission to bring back to life the most gorgeous mopar cars.

That being said, while the show has wrapped up its latest season recently, it’s only fair to ask ourselves what some of its memorable cast members such as Allysa Rose have been up to since then.

Have you also wondered what happened to Allysa? Keep with us to discover it!

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Did Something Happen To Allysa Rose?

Once a TV show takes a break from TV or definitely ends, it’s quite usual for all types of rumors about its cast to spread on the internet. It’s no different for Allysa Rose from “Graveyard Carz”, but fortunately in her case it was just a misunderstanding.

As it happens, in April 2022 two women disappeared and were later sadly found dead in Ripon, California. The misunderstanding came when it was revealed that one of the young victims was identified with the name Alyssa Ros, hence why some people mistook her as Allysa featured in the TV show.

Needless to say, our Allysa is gladly safe, sound and lots of good things are happening in her life right now. Although it’s been a while since we last saw her on TV, Allysa’s personal life couldn’t be better due to the upcoming birth of her first son in October 2022. Prior to it, she gave birth to three girls, the youngest one born in February 2021.


Despite the good news about Allysa’s personal life, updates about her professional life are harder to get a hold off. However, it’s for sure that she keeps active in the automotive industry by attending events such as the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show with the rest of the show’s cast.

Who Is She Dating Now?

If you’ve watched “Graveyard Carz” earliest seasons, you might remember Allysa married Josh Rose back in 2012. Josh is remembered for being one of the original cast members in the show, appearing in it as a mechanic from 2011 to 2014.

Although Josh and Allysa dated for years before marrying, the marriage bliss ended quite too soon. After welcoming their baby daughter Emma in 2013, they took separate ways and Josh eventually left the show and his job in it altogether. On her part, Allysa reportedly briefly dated martial artist Anthony Johnson, before meeting his current partner Chris Wanke.


While not many details about Allysa and Wanke’s relationship are revealed, the couple welcomed their first daughter together named Brooklyn in 2015. Though the couple took six years to welcome their next baby girl, they finally tied the knot in a private ceremony in Maui, Hawaii in celebration of their eighth anniversary in July 2021.

While not much is known about Wanke except that he has a son from a previous relationship, his marriage with Allysa seems to be blissful as they wait for the birth of their first baby boy together in late 2022.

What Is “Graveyard Carz”?

Premiered in 2012, the crew of “Graveyard Carz” makes good use of its name by taking it upon themselves to resurrect every car which enters their shop. Based in Springfield, Oregon, the Graveyard Carz garage owner Mark Worman is often praised for bringing back to life even the most seemingly-irreparable Mopar muscle cars he could find.


However, there’s so much more than it meets the eye when it comes to the show. Here’s how “Graveyard Carz” came to be:

Concept & Production

While some stories behind TV shows are quite simple, you should always expect great stories from a man as creative as Mark Worman is.

Already a widely experienced Mopar restorer, in 2009 Mark Worman stepped upon a challenge to find a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda for a client, but due to the high prices of such a car, Mark tirelessly searched for a battered ‘Cuda which could be restored and save his customer some money. Right then, rumors about a ‘Phantom Cuda’ entered their radar, but the vehicle was quite beaten up and looked beyond repair.

However, having found one of the less than 150 units of 1971 Cudas ever made was enough of a miracle, so at that point Mark and his client weren’t going to just give up. That’s when the idea of filming the show restoration process came to Mark’s mind, completing the self-produced project by himself and making it a pilot in the end.


Regarding the name “Graveyard Carz”, the idea came up to Mark due to his love for horror movies, as he said in an interview with Rose Marie Machario: ‘(those) were the inspiration for bringing dead cars back to life from the grave, much like the old black and white film, Night of the Living Dead from 1968’, he confessed. With that cleared up, it makes much more sense why he named his crew The Ghouls.

Mark’s Beginnings

Unsurprisingly, the dream of dedicating his life to cars was something that Mark Worman envisioned even in his early life. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Mark started saving to buy his own car back when he was only 14 years old, getting money from delivering papers to flipping burgers while still attending school. Just days away from his 16th birthday, he bought an orange 1970 Dodge Charger, starting what became a decades-long passion for Mopars.

As he affirmed in an interview with Rose Marie Machario in 2016, the fact he and his cousin who owned a Barracuda were the only teens to own non-modern vehicles in their town didn’t bother him in the least: ‘Our cars were the oddballs, a lot like us. And we were different, and the Mopars were too, so it was a good match’.

While the road was surely hard and tough, Mark was always supported by the person whom he admired the most, his mother Ruby Jane: ‘she saw something in me that maybe I didn’t even see at the time and she encouraged me every day to do right and never quit anything’, he said in an interview with JP Emerson. In the end, it was the right choice to take his mother’s advice.

Where Is The Cast Doing Now?

While things fortunately seem to be going great for Allysa Rose, here’s also an update on the whereabouts of the rest of “Graveyard Carz” cast:

Royal Yoakum

Even if the main man in “Graveyard Carz” is definitely Mark Worman, there’s no denying that the show wouldn’t be the same without Royal Yoakum. Everyone who has ever watched the show knows he’s a man of many talents, bringing more than just mechanics onto the table with his skills in carpentry and painting.

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Regarding his current life, it’s important to point out how much Royal protects his privacy. He doesn’t have an Instagram account, while official Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2017 and his personal account on the said platform is barely updated as well. However, the most important event of his life in recent years was tying the knot with his long-time girlfriend Rhonda Garner-Wilson in November 2020.

Other than that, nowadays Royal is apparently still actively working for Mark, who needless to say appreciates his best friend quite a lot, as both have known each other since their teens.

Josh Rose

Despite his past bond with Allysa Rose and being a former reality TV star, there aren’t a lot of things to say when it comes to Josh Rose. Following his exit from “Graveyard Carz” and separation from Allysa, Josh took a step away from public life and deleted his social media accounts.

While there’s not a lot to say about his divorce from Allysa, online reports point out that the reason he left his spot in “Graveyard Carz” had to do with the apparent insufficient salary he was getting from it. These are of course nothing but rumors, but given how mysterious is Josh’s life nowadays, no one really has a way to know what’s really up with him.


Daren Kirkpatrick

If you watched the earliest “Graveyard Carz” seasons, you surely remember the car builder Daren Kirkpatrick. Despite being one of the original cast members, Daren’s presence in “Graveyard Carz” caused mixed opinions in the audience due to his intervention in some of the dramas which arise in the shop, on top of his not-so-fast way of approaching the projects he was given.

Back in the fifth season, Daren was one of the cast members left out of the show under the argument of making “Graveyard Carz” more focused on cars. That being said, whether you liked Daren in the show or not, it’s great to know that nowadays he’s doing well. Although not much is known about his current professional life or where he lives, according to his barely-updated Facebook page, Daren seems to have a great time going on trips with his family. That’s enough for us to know.


Holly Chedester

There’s unfortunately not a lot to say about Holly Chedester these days. The most loyal audience of “Graveyard Carz” surely remember her brief appearances in the show’s second and third seasons, but once the fourth one premiered in late 2014 she was nowhere to be seen and never returned afterwards.

Sadly enough, Holly hasn’t updated her official Facebook page since 2015 and her Instagram is private, successfully erasing any trace of her life online in the same fashion some of her former co-stars did as well.

Dave Rea

After four seasons on air, in late 2015 the fifth season of “Graveyard Carz” surprised its audience by completely revamping its concept. Not only was the show located in a different garage, but several changes to the cast were made, including the introduction of technician Dave Rea.

As an expert assembler and mechanic, Dave added to the show that professional factor it was allegedly lacking in the previous seasons. His past as a long-time fan of the show was also one of the reasons he got along with the rest of the cast very well.

However, while it’s unfortunate that Dave didn’t even last a season in the show, life had a lot of good things waiting for him. In 2018 he founded DB Restorations LLC, a business specialized in Mopars from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. His shop is apparently thriving and has taken him to appear in public car events and exhibitions and though not much is known about his personal life, it’s great to see a former “Graveyard Carz” star doing so well in life.

Will Scott

Introduced back in the fifth season, Will Scott was one of the then-newest additions to “Graveyard Carz” once the show went through its revamping. However, very few people knew that Will was actually part of the team from the start of the show, even if the audience didn’t know him.

A self proclaimed ‘number one painter’, it’s undeniable that Will was the perfect addition to the “Graveyard Carz” team and brought a lot of interesting body paint concepts to it. Nowadays, Will keeps working for Mike and even better, his most dedicated fans can get a hold of his whereabouts on his very active Facebook page.


Where Is Mark Worman Now?

As seen in the 15th “Graveyard Carz” season premiered in early 2022, Mark Worman is still as active and successful as ever. Though that’s only expected from a man as dedicated to his work as Mark is, it’s surprising to find out he’s also pursuing other projects on the side.

In 2021 he and his daughter Allysa started a mini-online series entitled “Driving Miss Crazy” on YouTube, which in her words serves to give their audience a ‘more intimate look at the cars we restore on the show’, though a second episode was never premiered.

That being said, for years Mark and his pal Cousin Dougie have continuously promoted “14th Street Wheelz”, an online series with an educational focus on cars and building. Although for the longest time the show was more of a hobby project, in August 2022 it was announced that the series had been picked up by a big network.

While no further details about the future of “14th Street Wheelz” are known yet, we can’t wait to see the many good things awaiting for Mark in the near future.

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