What does Caleb Walker do? His Age, Height, Spouse, Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Paul Walker is unforgettable, not only to “Fast & Furious” fans, but also to his loved ones and anyone else who admired his talent and personality. His tragic death in a car accident in 2013 also caused lots of interest in the Walker family’s endeavors, especially when it comes to his younger brothers Caleb and Cody, who have done a great job at keeping Paul’s legacy alive.

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Unlike Paul, not everyone in the family is involved in the entertainment industry. In the case of Caleb, he’s a dedicated family man who’s built a successful career as an entrepreneur in the fast-food industry, on top of acting as a stand-in for his late brother in some recent “Fast & Furious” movies.

What else is there to be known about Caleb Walker’s career and family? What was his relationship with Paul? Stay here to know all about it.

Who Is Caleb Walker?

Caleb Walker was born on 4 October 1977, in Los Angeles, California USA. His parents are Cheryl and Paul Walker III, who were a model, and a contractor and boxer, respectively. Caleb is the younger brother of famous actor Paul Walker and has three siblings named Cody, Aimee, and Ashlie. The Walker family are Mormons and belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, except for Paul, who reportedly left sometime in his early life.


Caleb’s paternal grandfather Paul Walker II was a professional boxer who started his career while he served in the US Navy, but eventually became a factory racer for Ford. Later on, Caleb’s father also practiced boxing briefly, but retired when he and Cheryl met, with the former also abandoning modeling.

Although Paul Walker started his career as a model and TV actor at an early age, it’s unclear whether Caleb and the other siblings were also involved with the industry.


Though not much is known about Caleb Walker’s education, he’s managed to build a stable career as an entrepreneur. He’s known for owning several Los Angeles-based franchises of Chronic Tacos, a company founded by Randy and Wyner Daniel Biello in 2002. However, most of its shares were later bought by the entrepreneur Michael Mohammed.

Caleb and his brother Paul Walker watched the 2010 movie “Jackass 3D”, which has an immense Chronic Tacos AD shown to the audience. That’s what got Caleb and Paul convinced of buying a franchise for themselves, according to “Jackass” actor and comedian Jason ‘Weeman’ Acuna, who was one of the earliest investors in the company.

Although Paul supported Caleb through the process of buying their first franchise in 2011, the next franchises are Caleb’s alone.

Nowadays, Caleb owns three Chronic Tacos restaurants based in California, with locations in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and the latest one in Laguna Niguel, which has been described as ‘right in Caleb’s backyard’, due to its closeness to his house. According to Mohammed, Caleb’s restaurants are some of the most successful franchises of the brand, which now also has over 50 locations across the world.


Movie Appearances

Following the unfortunate passing of Paul Walker in late November 2013, he was in the process of filming “Furious 7”, and still had several scenes left to film. Given the important role of Paul in the car-racing movie franchise, producers came up with the idea of filming his character Brian O’Conner’s remaining scenes with Caleb and Cody acting as stand-ins. The production was completed in July 2014.

Some of Caleb’s scenes for “Furious 7” were used in the video for Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s song “See You Again”. Before that, Caleb was interviewed in shows such as “CNN Newsroom” and “Entertainment Tonight”. He also had a small role in the 2012 movie “The Ultimate Sacrifice”. His most recent screen appearance was in the 2018 documentary “I Am Paul Walker”.



In 2010, Paul Walker founded the nonprofit organization Reach Out Worldwide, which brings relief to disaster areas. This initiative was born from the Haiti earthquake which took place in 2010, and led Paul to organize a relief team to bring help to devastated areas, eventually inspiring him to start the organization.

Paul was deeply involved with Reach Out Worldwide until his final days, inspiring his brothers Caleb and Cody to continue his legacy after his death, with the latter taking the head of the organization. The pair have also organized funding campaigns for the Reach Out organization such as Game4Paul and the In Memory of Paul Car Hangout.


Relationship with Paul

Caleb Walker had a tight relationship with his late brother Paul. As an avid surfer and watersports fan, Caleb has affirmed that he always thinks of Paul while he’s out at the sea, and feels that he’s looking over him, as he told Entertainment Tonight. In the same interview, Caleb and his brother Cody insisted on the importance of keeping Paul’s legacy alive with his organization.

Caleb doesn’t shy away from paying tribute to his late brother, naming his firstborn Maverick Paul in 2017. Cody followed his example in 2023 when he named his third son Paul Barrett.

In commemoration of the ninth anniversary of Paul’s passing, Caleb wrote on Instagram about how he remembered feeling ‘like anything was possible’ when Paul was by his side, adding how much he misses his older brother.

Personal Life & Family

Caleb’s wife is Stephanie Walker, with whom he tied the knot on 23 October 2013. As seen in some Instagram posts from 2012, Stephanie and Caleb had been dating long before tying the knot in a private ceremony in Orange County. Caleb was 36 years old at the time and Paul was his best man, as seen in some online reports about the ceremony.

Stephanie and Caleb have welcomed two children together, named Maverick Paul, born in August 2017, and Everly Grace in January 2022. Caleb is also close to his brother Cody’s three children, and Paul’s only daughter named Meadow. As Caleb and Cody told Entertainment Tonight in 2016, they were very protective and supportive of Meadow following her father’s death.


Appearance & Net Worth

Caleb Walker is a man of White ethnicity. His hair is brownish-blond and his eyes are blue. He’s 6ft 2ins (1.88m) tall but his weight is unknown. Due to his and Cody’s resemblance to Paul Walker, the pair portrayed his character Brian O’Conner in the “Furious 7” movie, though computer-generated imagery was also used in the post-production process.

Caleb Walker has an estimated net worth of $1 million, resulting from owning several franchises of Chronic Tacos, and his brief career as an actor.

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