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April 18, 2024
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Harry Jowsey is a social media sensation, an entrepreneur and a model with an ambition in acting. He’s best known for winning the Netflix’s realty show n 2020, two years after he won the show “Heartbreak Island”, which earned him the nickname “Heartbreak Harry.” He is the co-founder of the sunglasses company “KENSNGTN” and also has a dating podcast he launched in 2021, called “Tap in with Harry Jowsey.” He has a large following on social media which accumulates to nine million on TikTok and Instagram.

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Physical characteristics

Harry stands 6ft 5ins (2m) tall), and weighs about 205lbs (95kgs). He has blue eyes and brown hair which he likes to style all the time. Harry is very particular with his looks so he commits to workout sessions six days a week, and invests in eating well.


Harry was born on 24 March 1997 in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia but now lives in LA in the US. He grew up with his family in Australia and spent most of his summer breaks on vacation to Golden Bay in New Zealand.

He attended the local Queensland high school, and completed his university education at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.


Personal life

Harry Jowsey didn’t have it all together at the beginning. While at the university, he felt things weren’t working for him, so to turn the story around, he decided to pursue his modelling career. This stripped him of all the money he had – in his words, “I signed up for the modelling agency, and they charged me $800 to sign up. They also charged me another $600 to do a photoshoot. I spent all my money trying to get to like Sydney.”

He wasn’t enjoying the process and school was as well taking its toll on him. In the midst of all that, he heard that his brother’s best friend had committed suicide. The news got at him in a way he never imagined. He became confused and sad because of the close relationship he had had with him while alive.

In a bid to convert the negativity around him into something positive and fun, he became inspired to do things to make people smile–whether as an escape from things going on in their lives, or from people viewing him as stupid. This he considered is his purpose, and which led to him taking part in the reality show– “Heartbreak Island” in 2018.


Before stardom, Harry’s entrepreneurial spirit had been in top gear. In 2017, he had started the company “Kensngtn Sunglasses”, with his friend, Kristian Barbarich.

His rise to fame started when he competed on New Zealand’s “Heartbreak Island” and won a cash prize of $100,000, which he invested immediately, launching a fitness app, his sunglasses business, and starting his own clothing brand “Naughty Possums” selling T-shirts, hoodies and other accessories.


In 2020, he again competed ion Netflix’s TV dating series “Too Hot to Handle”, and won the $100,000 prize award for the show. With the shows becoming bigger, he started seeing more opportunities with social media, especially after amassing quite a number of followers, totalling about nine million on all of his social media handles – now over 3.5 million on TikTok and 3.8 million on Instagram.

This motived him to invest around social media, infusing it with Tech.

It is therefore no surprise that he has leveraged on his popularity to establish himself further in the business arena. With the passion to connect tech and social media, he funded a start-up in Lolly, a dating app, made in the similitude of TikTok, with the idea to help strengthen healthy relationships.

In March 2021, he started his dating podcast called “Tap in with Harry Jowsey”, on which he answers questions on dating and relationships.

He’s been a model for men’s underwear brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.

Harry recently signed a deal with William Morris Endeavour, and is currently taking acting lessons to launch his career officially.

Due to his passion for fitness, he’s also planning on investing in a gym.



Harry started dating Georgia Bryer after their “Heartbreak Island” show in 2018, but broke-up six months later.

In 2019, he met social media influencer, Francesca Farago on the “Too Hot To Handle” show, and they fell in love – according to him, theirs was love at first sight, but things weren’t exactly smooth as they broke up after the show. After a while, they reunited when Harry sent her some of the videos they’d made together, and they confirmed their relationship on Instagram via a video in April 2020.


Harry proposed to her in a “Too Hot o Handle” reunion special held on zoom in May 2020–a proposal Farago later considered invalid, claiming it was supposed to be done in-person.

As Covid forced them to be physically separated during the time, they were quarantined in their different home countries– Harry in Australia and Francesca in Canada. With a decline in their relationship as a result of the separation and also as a result of their relationship being rocky for a time, they broke up that same year, about a month after Harry proposed to her on Zoom, despite plans being made by Farago to reunite with him.


Harry n ext started a relationship with Georgia Hassarati, a model who became popular in the 3rd season of the “Too Hot To handle” series. Their relationship started in April 2022 and they lived together at Harry’s place in LA before Georgia decided to travel to her home town in Brisbane. Harry said in an interview with Pagesix that the distance caused some problems in their relationship, as they both share the same love languages which is physical touch and quality time, but according to him, they are pulling through.

Net worth

According to Fame ranker, Harry Jowsey has an estimated net worth of over $4.5 million, as of late 2022.

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