What are Alaskan Bush People doing today?

April 18, 2024
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“Alaskan Bush People” is one of the most popular series on the Discovery channel for a good reason- it houses a concept centered around the activities of the large Brown family in remote Alaska. The show premiered in May 2014, and has run for 13 seasons, chronicling their challenges and endeavors navigating through the off-the-grid lifestyle as they rely on their survival abilities.

Regardless of the fact that there are many rumors regarding whether the show is scripted and realistic, the Browns have certainly attracted the attention of numerous fans, who enjoy being a part of their life through the screen. So, what is the Brown family up to? What are they doing today?

Billy Brown

Probably the most famous member of the show, Billy Brown was the family’s patriarch and a visionary who gathered a faithful audience with his wit, wisdom and enigmatic personality.


Despite the mixed opinions concerning Billy’s way of living, he became the focal point of the show’s happenings.

Billy has a fascinating backstory that usually comes as a great surprise to his fans- he was born to a middle-class family and raised in a suburban area, having a very different childhood when compared later to his kids. Unfortunately, he was in his teen years when a series of tragic events struck – his entire family died in a plane crash, leaving him an orphan. His already sensitive and challenging situation was made even worse after he was tricked into signing emancipation documents, stripping him of his family’s fortune and inheritance. Forced to make a living, he worked various jobs, then later launched his own business, a small plumbing company.

This is how he met Ami; Billy worked as a plumber on her family’s estate, and they locked eyes on each other.


They married not long afterwards, and stepped into a new era of their lives, different from what they were used to, as after bouncing around several places, Billy convinced Ami to relocate their small family to the middle of nowhere. The rest is, as they say, history.

Unfortunately, the head of the family passed away in February 2021 at the age of 68, after suffering a seizure, leaving his numerous family and fans heartbroken.

Ami Brown

The family’s matriarch, Ami Brown, is a very intriguing person, not only due to her way of living but primarily because of her estranged relationship with her family. She was reportedly 16 years old when she married Billy, who was 26. Given the age difference, her family wasn’t inclined to support their union, which led them to sever their ties with Amy. After the show launched, some rumors circulated – according to the statements of Ami’s mother, and brother Lee Branson, Billy allegedly prohibited Ami from making any contact with her family.


They also added that he lied about his finances, intentions, and prospects before they walked down the aisle. However, despite the rumors, Ami has never shown any signs of wanting to reunite with her family – that was perfectly clear when she failed to attend her mother’s funeral in 2018. Her brother, Rene, also allegedly had severe renal issues, but she has never addressed it or acknowledged it.

Besides her complex relationship with the family, in 201, she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, which was documented on several show episodes. Despite the low possibility of recovery, after extensive treatment including chemotherapy, she beat down the nasty disease and received a clean bill of health in 2019. Since Billy’s unfortunate death, she has been working on continuing her life, carrying his memory with her. She reportedly plans to build barns and houses and expand the ranch, honoring her late husband’s wishes.

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Matthew “Matt” Brown

Matt has been a sporadic presence in “Alaskan Bush People,” owing to his personal life and his strained connection with his family in recent years. In 2016, Matt was admitted to a rehab facility to overcome his drinking problem, alarming his fans.

Even though he returned to the show the following year, and everything seemed to be in perfect order, he appeared to revert to his old habits, and attended a treatment facility in late 2018. His father Billy openly supported Matt’s decision at the time, but by early 2020, Matt had made the decision to leave “Alaskan Bush People” and relocate to California.

Although Matt’s choice was ascribed mainly to his desire to avoid Juneau, where he was reputedly most vulnerable to drinking, in February 2021, some shocking news came to light. First, it was revealed that Matt had been accused of sexual assault – he reportedly abused two members of the show’s staff in 2018.


The alleged incidents occurred while he was inebriated, and he was reported to the police. However, both cases were dismissed by the Los Angeles Police District Attorney’s Office.

In addition to these numerous troubles, in April 2021 Matt accused his parents of scooping his pay from the show, alleging that his father took at least $300,000 of his revenue, and that after Billy died, Ami refused to give any money to Mat, who found himself in a difficult situation, unable to afford food or housing. This situation is apparently yet to be resolved

Bear Brown

Solomon Isaiah, known as Bear Brown, is best known for his on-and-off relationship with Raiven Adams, whom he met in 2018. They began dating publicly in 2019, and announced their engagement in September of the same year. However, they broke it off two weeks later, and in 2020 Raiven asked for a restraining order against Bear, accusing him of erratic and volatile behavior.

However, she was pregnant with his child, and later chose to drop the restraining order. They managed to sort out their issues, and got back together, however, the relationship didn’t last for long, as they parted ways following Billy’s passing.

Then in January 2022, they shocked their fans after announcing that they’d tied the knot. Bear, who is very active on his Instagram, often posts photos of his wife and son. After his father died, he had trouble managing his life, as he shared a very close bond with Billy, but it now appears that Bear is focused on raising his son and building an harmonious relationship with his wife.

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown

One of the most popular members of the show, Joshua, known as Bam Bam, is mainly recognized for his expertise in the water, and interests in electronics and reading, which gave him a distinct personality.


In 2016, he and his father Billy made headlines after being sentenced to 30 days in jail for submitting false residential information on their Permanent Fund Dividend application, to receive annual oil checks, available only for the permanent residents of Alaska. However, they often traveled and relocated to other places during those years, which rendered them ineligible to collect those checks.

Regarding his romantic life, while filming the show, he and one of the show’s field producers Allison Kagan fell in love and began dating in 2016. After their relationship went public, the show became fraught with controversy, given that many thought that their relationship might call for the show’s cancelation. However, Alison left the show’s production team to avoid any conflict of interest. So, in 2017, he followed Alison and left the show to focus on his relationship with her, and launch a business with her. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, and he returned to the show in 2019.


According to sources, they’re still together and going strong. After Bam Bam’s father died, he posted a very heartfelt note on his social media, saying ‘When I was a kid, my Mom and Dad taught me that this world can be a dark place, and that it’s our job to shine light wherever we can. When you want to fall to the ground and cry, when everything in you says give up, that is when you must keep going.

Bam Bam is very active on his social media, and often posts photos of nature, with an occasional selfie.

Gabriel “Gabe” Brown

Gabe Brown is also a family man, with two children. He and Raquell Rose Pantilla began a relationship in 2018 which wasn’t fraught with controversy or scandals. Gabe is a very elusive person, and despite having celebrity status, has kept details surrounding his relationship with Raquell away from the eyes of the public.


They had two wedding ceremonies; they officially tied the knot in January 2019 on top of the family homestead, however, they held a second ceremony for “Alaskan Bush People” viewers. They have welcomed two children, Sophia born in 2019, while Raquell gave birth to their second child in October 2021, whose name they haven’t disclosed. The couple first introduced their daughter to the show’s fans in 2020, appearing in an episode of the show. Unlike his brothers, Gabe likes to keep a low profile and does not use social media, so it’s harder to track his projects and current life happenings.

Noah Brown

Like most of his brothers, Noah has been married for quite some time. He and Rhain Alisha started dating in 2016, which was documented in the show. Over time, the viewers had the opportunity to witness their relationship slowly develop into a marriage, and they finally walked down the aisle in 2018, and welcomed their first child named Elijah in 2019.

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In 2021, Noah shocked his fans after he moved from the Brown homestead, where he had previously lived with his wife and son. In an Instagram post, he wrote: ‘The mountain is home, North Star Ranch is home, the only reason that we are not on the mountain right now is because Rhain and I personally lost everything in the Palmer mountain wildfire; so we are in a rented house until we can rebuild what we lost.’

In October 2021, Rhain gave birth to their second son named Adam. Gabe is very active on his Instagram profile which he shares with his wife; he often posts photos of his two sons and wife. Despite the loss he has suffered, Gabe seems to be focused on raising his children and building a safer home for his family.

Amora “Snowbird” Brown

Amora, known as Birdy, is the most reserved of all family members, and likes to keep a low profile. Yet, despite her reticent attitude, she has undeniable charm and wit, which has garnered a faithful fan base.


Growing up alongside five older brothers, she learned how to be fiercely independent, and later became a hunter in the Wolf Pack. During an episode, the late Billy talked about Birdy, saying: ‘All of her brothers talked about having a sister to watch over and take care of, but as she grew, even at a young age, it became more and more obvious this wasn’t going to be the case.’

She is a great fan of the outdoors, and was born a naturalist. Growing up, she collected many animals such as dogs and cats, which became one of her prominent features on the show. In the last seasons of the show, she shocked her fans and family after disclosing that she wanted to return to Alaska, and skip out on her duties at the North Store Ranch.

Unlike her brothers, she hasn’t disclosed any information about her personal life, and any romantic partners, and seems to be single.

Rain Brown

Fans of the “Alaskan bush People” have watched the transformation of the youngest family member Rain Brown, from a child to a young woman.

She made her first appearance on the show in 2014 at the age of 12, but despite being born into the off-the-grid lifestyle, from a young age Rain showed interest in urban and modern creations, such as make-up and fashion. Similar to her sister, Rain is also very secretive about her personal life, and hasn’t been linked to anyone, which has led some of the show’s viewers to question her sexuality. The lack of romantic partners has convinced some of her fans that she might be gay.

Additionally, she calls her fans rainbows, and often posts photos of rainbows, mistakenly interpreted as her support for the LGBTQ community. Currently, Rain is living with her mother Ami while they look into different housing accommodations. During the show’s last season, Rain tried to make her late father proud as she searched for gold on their mountain property in Washington State. Rain also shocked her fans after she revealed a new look – she dyed her hair blonde, and is now unrecognizable.


Rain has a massive following on her Instagram over 350,000 followers. She is a dog lover, and has a dog named Jackson. Rainy is also very religious, and likes to share her insights and belief through her social media accounts.

Will there be 14 seasons of the show?

Even though there is no official news regarding new seasons, as Discovery has yet to confirm or cancel the show, many fans are optimistic that the family will continue filming the series.

The family filmed the 13th season after Billy passed away, and Bear Brown disclosed that he intended to continue with the show, saying: ‘Final season in mind? Maybe when I’m like 99 on my deathbed, but then hopefully the show will continue with the next generation. That’d be pretty cool, a literal generational reality show, so a stopping date for me? Nope, as long as everyone enjoys watching it.

Considering their previous schedule of airing seasons, many believe that the new season might arrive at the end of summer 2022.

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