Josh Duggar Net Worth

March 24, 2023
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Born Joshua James Duggar on the 3rd March 1988, in Tontitown, Washington County, Arkansas USA, Josh is a reality TV personality, now best known to the world for his appearance in the reality series “19 Kids and Counting” (2008-2014), as the eldest child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, main protagonists of the aforementioned reality series. Josh has also come to attention through a number of controversies, including molestation and sexual assault.

Have you ever wondered how rich Josh Duggar is, as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Duggar’s wealth is as high as $3.5 million, earned through his successful career in the world of entertainment, while he has also worked as a used car salesman, and political activist, which have also contributed to his wealth.

Josh Duggar Net Worth $3.5 Million

Josh is the first child born to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar; he has 18 brothers and sisters. Josh received his education at home, as have all his siblings, and once old enough he successfully completed the general equivalency diploma test, but decided not to proceed to further education.

His first screen appearance was alongside his family in the first episode of the reality television series, “14 Children and Pregnant Again” in 2004, while two years later, he and his family were featured in another film “16 Children and Moving In”, and the same year had two more television appearances, while in 2008, they were finally picked up for the reality TV series “17 Kids and Counting”, which eventually became “19 Kids and Counting”. During his time on the show, Josh married and the wedding ceremony was of course showcased in one of the episodes. He now has five children.

Josh has also been active in politics; back in 2007, he was a part-time political consultant, running a political consulting firm called Strategic Political Service. The following year he was on the Mike Huckabee team for his Republican presidential primary campaign. Then from June 2013 until May 2015, he served as executive director of FRC Action, while also campaigning for Republican Senate candidates in Kansas, Mississippi and Virginia for the 2014 mid-term elections.

However, starting as early as March 2015, Josh’s past began to surface, and his life to crumble somewhat, after he was accused of molesting underage girls back in 2002 and 2003, four of them being his sisters. His father, aware of Josh’s actions, decided to discipline him at home and not to go to the police. Unfortunately, his actions didn’t go unnoticed, and police were eventually involved. Josh faced numerous consequences for his actions, including being excluded from the TV series, and the TLC on the whole.

Furthermore, in most recent events, he was accused of sexually assaulting pornographic actress Danica Dillon, and also it was discovered that Josh was cheating on his wife, as he had an online dating profile with the Ashley Madison Agency. He paid over $900 dollars for his profile subscription, and once caught in all of his wrongdoings, Josh stated that he is the biggest hypocrite ever, and said he would join a rehabilitation program, which he actually did.

Regarding his personal life, despite numerous controversies, cheating, and other wrongful doings Josh has been involved in, his wife Anna has remained married to him since 2008. The couple is parents to five children.

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