Wayne Carini Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Wayne Carini was born 13 October 1951, in Portland, Connecticut USA, and is a legendary  car restorer, known for his extreme craze for expensive and rare cars, and is a famous figure around the world as he sells modified and restored cars to celebrities, and collects rare model cars himself. He is the owner of three successful companies named Carini Carozzeria, F40 Motorsports and Continental Auto Ltd. He has also appeared on TV and in magazines as a car expert. His companies are famous around the world and are the reason for his significant net worth.

A car expert, car lover and master restorer, how rich is Wayne Carini? Sources estimate that the net worth of Wayne Carini is over $20 million dollars, mostly accumulated through his car restoration and selling business, as he has three companies which restore rare and potentially expensive cars usually at the request of rich and/or famous personalities.

Wayne Carini Net Worth $20 Million

Carini developed an interest in cars at the age of nine when he took a ride in a Ferrari, since when he has been a big time Ferrari lover. He was taught the art of restoring Ferrari cars by Francois Sicard, a former race mechanic for Ferrari. He worked at his father’s garage when he was a young boy, and became very interested in many different makes and models of cars, particularly rare and classic models. Wayne initially chose the profession of a teacher, but his destiny was really somewhere else, and so he followed in his father’s footsteps and dedicated his life to automobiles, eventually becoming one of the best restorers of cars, so that the world’s wealthy and famous people come to him with their ultra-expensive and/or rare cars. His abilities and his methods of finding and acquiring classic and rare model cars have been show-cased in the TV series “Chasing Classic Cars” on the Discovery Channel. These are the reasons for his steadily increasing net worth.

Being so rich, Wayne is still a very down to earth person; he has been interviewed by many magazines and TV channels, but he always replies politely and with a smile on his face. He never wanted to have media and television exposure, but the producers of the New York Times insisted for the show entitled “Chasing Cars”. He doesn’t have any instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts, and nor can anyone find much information about him through the usual web sites, but his show has a Twitter account which has many followers.

In his personal life he has been married since 1980 to Laurie, and they have two daughters, the elder of whom is Lindsay and younger Kimberley, who was born autistic.. He has his own collection of cars which will leave any car fan awestruck. He wants young people to develop an interest in designing cars and improving them both in performance and appearance. His charismatic personality and down to earth behavior are the reason that he is liked and admired in many parts of the world, and has a long list of clientele, thus in turn increasing his net worth.

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