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April 18, 2024
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Early life, family, educational background

Italian bassist and songwriter Victoria De Angelis was born on 28 April 2000, in Rome, Italy, making her a Taurus. Her father, Alessandro De Angelis is Italian, runs a travel agency and is the CEO of Måneskin Empire, the band’s managing company, while her mother Jeanett was Danish; her mom sadly lost her battle to cancer when Victoria was 15 years old; she taught Victoria Danish before she passed away. Victoria also has a sister who is three years younger, and they grew up in Monteverde which is a calm and chic Rome neighborhood.

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Victoria has said that rock music has always felt like a way for her to feel free. At eight years old, she picked up a guitar and had a natural talent for learning the instrument, and in the seventh grade, she added bass to her list of skills; Victoria can also play the piano. In an interview with Elle magazine, she shared that she suffered from severe panic attacks when she was 14 years old which lead to her missing a year of school, so she turned to psychotherapy for help, ‘… I found myself not wanting to leave the house… I lost a year of school. Something was broken in me, and I didn’t know how to fix myself. I used to feel ashamed of my panic attacks, but I don’t hide it anymore.’ She was enrolled at Scuola Media Gianicolo, and there she met guitarist Thomas Raggi. Victoria then attended Liceo Classico Virgilio from where she matriculated.

Victoria is now best known for being the bass guitarist for Måneskin. Along with Thomas, Victoria founded the rock band in 2015, and six years later, the band won the Sanremo Music Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest with “Zitti e buoni.”



Victoria and Thomas established Måneskin whilst in middle school, and when they moved on to high school, they met vocalist Damiano David, and drummer Ethan Torchio joined after seeing a Facebook advert stating the band need a drummer; he lived in Frosinone which is close to the other band members. Before settling on Damiano as their lead singer, they auditioned many singers, and had a female lead for some time, but she lived outside of Rome and couldn’t attend rehearsals. The band only adopted its name in 2016, when they wanted to apply to a local contest called Pulse, which was aimed at new musicians. While coming up with names, Victoria’s bandmates asked for her to throw around some Danish words, and they all liked Måneskin which means ‘moonlight.’

Måneskin performed in the streets of Rome as buskers, and frequented the Colli Portuensi district. In 2017 they entered the eleventh season of the Italian version of the music talent competition “X Factor” where they placed second, and on the 24th of November, they released their EP “Chosen.”

Their debut studio album “Il ballo della vita” was their breakthrough, released in 2018, and the band soared in popularity; they toured their album in 2018 and 2019. Their second studio album entitled “Teatro d’ira: Vol. I” was released in 2021, and in the November of that year, they went to Las Vegas to open for The Rolling Stones. In an interview with Variety magazine, she told the story of when she was 14, and wanted to see The Rolling Stones live at the Circo Massimo, ‘I didn’t have tickets, so I just went there and tried to sneak in from the barriers. It didn’t really work, but I saw them performing a couple of songs!”


While part of the Eurovision 2021 competition, they face controversy surrounding their possible drug usage – Damiano was seen learning towards a table, but it was an innocent and random movement. However, all band members were asked to agree to a drug test in order to remain in the competition and they all consented; their tests came back negative, ‘We really are against drugs and we never used cocaine.’

In January 2022, Måneskin announced that their indoor European tour would be postponed due to COVID; their new tour schedule was posted on 22 March, which stated that the Loud Kids Tour 2022/23 would start up on 31 October 2022 in the US. They went to California for a few weeks in March and April 2022 to record some new songs for their next album, and on 9 April, they posted a 15-second clip of their newer single “Dancing on Gasoline,” and on 13 May they released “Supermodel.” They performed their newest song the next day at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Turin, Italy, and once again performed it on 20 May 2022 on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, but Victoria was not there as she was ill. Instead, Jimmy ‘replaced’ her, and wore a blonde wig.

When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskly addressed the Italian parliament on 22 March 2022, Måneskin shared to their social media that they are in solidarity with Ukraine.

In August 2021, she appeared as an influencer in a Yves Saint Laurent commercial.

Personal life

Victoria has revealed that she struggled with gender identity from a young age, and didn’t relate to female stereotypes, ‘not because I didn’t like them, but to claim the chance to be myself,’. She kept her hair short, and enjoyed activities considered boyish such as skateboarding. She has expressed that she goes between having a femme image to an androgenous one, ‘Makeup and clothes help me feel better about myself, cool,’ she told Elle, ‘But I have times when I want to be in overalls.’


A few years ago, she had a boyfriend whose Instagram handle was @SMOS19, and they posted a lot of photos together, but they weren’t a couple for long. Some people think that Victoria and Damiano are dating, but they never have, ‘We’re more than brother and sister,’ said Victoria, ‘we’re more than friends.’ In several interviews, Victoria has shared that she is bisexual, ‘Once I got over the initial insecurity of having to question one’s own certainties, I lived my sexuality in a very natural and free way, as it should be for everyone… when for the first time I felt feelings and attraction for a girl it was a bit confusing, because I had never had the courage to go beyond the limitation I had imposed on myself, on her.’

Some pictures that Victoria posts to her social media is of herself shirtless, and while some fans love those posts, other commentators make remarks such as ‘Nudity was even outdated when Woodstock took place. If Victoria wanted to make a difference as an artist, she would have kept her clothes on,’ and, ‘She’s such a conformist.’

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

As a young child and teenager, Victoria loved football, traveling, and skateboarding.

Her inspirations are Kim Gordon, The Slits, Suzi Quatro, and Tina Weymouth. In an interview with II Corriere della Sera, Victoria said, ‘I admire women who did things in a field in which male attitudes prevail.’ Other musicians Victoria admires are Britney Spears, Harry

Styles, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne, Kurt Cobain and David Bowie. She spoke about Harry in an interview with Cosmopolitan Italy, ‘He’s stylish, he’s modern and wears ‘60s and ‘70s outfits, which I love.’

  • Victoria has a dog named Chili.
  • She is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Her favorite colors are pink and blue.


Victoria has blue eyes, and brown hair, stands at 5ft 4ins (163cm) tall, weighs about 110lbs (50kg) with vital statistics of 31-35-33; she wears a US size 6.5 shoe. She has a few ear piercings and a nose piercing, has a small heart tattoo on her left arm and possibly has more.

Net worth and salary

As of September 2022, her net worth is estimated at $3.5 million, thanks to her hard work and success as a musician.

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