Roger Clemens Net Worth

July 15, 2023
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William Roger Clemens better known as Roger Clemens is former American baseball player. It has been stated that the current sum of Roger Clemens net worth reaches an estimate of 60 million dollars. This amount makes him one of the millionaires in the whole baseball industry. Roger has accumulated his net worth through playing baseball as a pitcher. Clemens is considered to be one of the best baseball players in the whole baseball history. William Roger Clemens was born on August 4, 1962 in Dayton, Ohio, U.S. Roger Clemens began his career and the accumulation of his net worth signing the contract with Boston Red Sox in 1984. Roger played in this baseball team as a pitcher for twelve years and placed the record of 192 wins for the Boston Red Sox.

Roger Clemens Net Worth $60 Million

While playing in the team, he was under the 21st number. In the honour of the great player none of other players in the team has worn this number since 1996. In 1997, Roger has signed the 40 million dollars contract for a season with Toronto Blue Jays. Needless to mention the fact, that this amount has raised Clemens’ net worth a lot. Later, Roger played for baseball teams as follows New York Yankees from 1999 till 2003, Houston Astros from 2004 till 2006 and finished his career with New York Yankees in 2007. Roger retired from the sport after getting a hamstring injury. Throughout his career Roger won The Major League Baseball All-Star Game eleven times, The Cy Young Award seven times, The World Series two times, Major League Baseball Triple Crown two times, The Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award which added much to Roger Clemens’ net worth.

In addition to all awards he became a Major League Baseball earned run average champion seven times, Major League Baseball strikeout champion five times, Major League Baseball wins champion four times. Despite being a great sportsman, Clemens has increased his net worth appearing on television series, films and commercials. Roger showed up in the episode of ‘The Sipmsons’, appeared as a guest on television shows ‘Spin City’, ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘Hope and Faith’ and others. Clemens took roles in films as follows a comedy films ‘Kingpin’ directed by Peter Farrelly, ‘Anger Management’ directed by Peter Segal. In addition to this, two biographical books were released as follows ‘Rocket Man: The Roger Clemens Story’ co-written by Peter Gammons and ‘The Rocket that Fell to Earth-Roger Clemens and the Rage for Baseball Immortality’ written by Jeff Pearlman which has also increased Roger Clemensons’ net worth.

Roger Clemens married Debra Lynn Godfrey in 1984. The couple has four sons together. However, in 2008 he was accused of adultery with singer Mindy McCready who at the time of affair was only 15 years old. Roger denied her age, saying that at the time of sexual relations she was twenty one and refused to divorce and marry a singer. It was reported in the mass media that Clemens has had not less than three other affairs but this did not break his marriage.

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